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mister time and miss frnch

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Crounos is in the school! he found the kids and put a spell onthem that brings them to 1980 in quebec canada! no one understands anything, until Rallie (who was there when the spell was cast) tells...

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"Therisa!" called a voice as i left the music room, i turned, it was Hera! "hey Hera, what's up?" i asked trying to sound happy (very hard!) "get the group here! there's soething i want you all to see" she said walking back, i knew right away how to get all there minds off exams. i took out my PMR and pushed Jay's button "yellow" he said, his face appearing on the screen "Jay! it's Crounos! he's at the school!" i cried into the PMR "on my way, i'll get the others, you run and get Odie" he told me, i nodded and turned off the PMR, i went back to the music room, Rallie and Odie sat there "Odie, Hera wants to see us, Rallie you come too, Apollo would probably be glad to help you while Odie is with us" I suggested, Rallie smiled brightly "cool!" she said grabbing all the sheets, she followed me and Odie out of the room.
soon enough everyone was outside the janitors closet, "where is he?" Jay asked "oh right, Crounos left" i told him, he looked at me not believing me at all "okay fine i just neede you all here, Hera wants to see us" i said "could have said!" Jay told me, though he smiled as he said it 'jeez he's cute!' i thought.

Odie placed his pendant in the thingby the door, the door opened with a click "wow! cool!" Rallie said, she'd never gone in with us, and was stocked to meet her ancestor! so we quickly walked threw the blue water portal thing and down the hallways to Hera's solarium, ignoring Rallies constant "ohh, ahhh, wow! look at that!" you get it i hope. "what's up Hera?" Jay asked as we sat down, she turned and showed us a medallion, it was Medea's medallion! "hey, we know that necklace! it's from Medea!" Atlanta said, Jay shuddered at the sound of the pretty girls name. Hera's attention turned to Rallie who was still staring at the room with a open mouth "Apollo wants to meet you Rallie" Hera said "oh! me to! i need his help!" Rallie said "i'll be right back, i'll go tell Apollo of you presence" Hera said leaving the room.

"i like her" Rallie comented "hope so, she's the queen of the gods, you don't likeher and you're in crap" i told her, she bit her lip. there was a bang which made everyone turn around "Crounos!" Jay said, that was his catch phrase 'crounos!'. "yes Jay me again" Crounos said some words in Greek then left in his portal "i hate that guy" Atlanta said "who doesn't?"i asked "no one..." Atlanta said "that was a retorical question" i told her. there was a buzzing sudenly, we all clapped our hands over our ears, soon we were forced by invisable arms to the center of the room "ahh!" Rallie cried, the rest of us were use to weird thing happening so we remained close to calm "MY HAIR! MY HAIR!" Neil screamed at the top of his lungs "shut up Neil" Archie bellowed over to him.

suddenly we were falling, falling very fast, very very fast! until we landed then our heads were spinning ver very fast. so we sat, all of us green, Rallie was the first to gather her stomach and get up "hey...were in a bathroom" she said, we allgot up "your right! so he like teleported us to a bathroom..." i said "that isn't like Crounos" Herry commented "not kidding" Archie said sarcastically. Behind us we heard a scream that escaped a girl "ah!" she screamed and ran "i do believe that were in the girls bathroom" Jay commented "yup" i said, we left the bathroom quickly, walking down the halls we noticed the total change in clothing these people have! "wow, weird" there were bell bottom pants on girls and boys, people had lots of plad and and pokadotted stuff, and they wore they're hair puffy and weird looking "i think it's an alternate universe!" Neil said looking at one womens clothes "ah!" he squeeled as the weird haired girl winked at him.

we walked threw the halls "looks like a school" Odie pointed out "yeah, but what's with the people?" i asked looking at another girl with big hair and plad pants, i shivered at the sight of her.

we walked till we found the office, we walked to the desk "hello"i said walking to the front with Jay "oh, comment appeler vous?" the desk lady asked in french (translated she said: what's your name?) Rallie came forward "je m'appelle Rallie et les autre son me amie, um, s'est Jay Marrow, Therisa Johnson, Odie Smith, Neil Goodheart, Herry Marine, Archie Waters et Atlanta White" Rallie said in her home language was french (translated she said: my name is Rallie and these are my friends, all the names of the gang). The women smiled "of course! your the transfer students! welcome to Quebec! um, i don't have you onmy list?" she told Rallie "um yes, i am, France! and i should be there, but i am, um, Therisa's cousin and i'm here to help with translations" Rallie said, she was a very bad liar, thank god she was french and couldn't tell the difference "well then, i will have someone show you to your dorm, and give y everything you need!" said the desk lady kindly "merci madame" Rallie said, she told us to sit and wait.

we sat down in the office "he teleported us to quebec! but you don't dress this way and your from Quebec!" i said in Rallies ear "i don't know, it seems as if we went back in time!" Rallie said "like the 80's or something?" i commented "i'll ask" Rallie said "madame, s'est quoi la date aujourd'hui?" Rallie asked (transelated: what's the date today?) "s'est, Novembre le 13 1980" she told Rallie (translated: it's november the 13th 1980) "merci" Rallie said, she told me the date, i almost cried "oh god, tell Jay will you Rallie" Rallie nodded and went to tell the leader her discovery "1980!" he almost yelled "oui" said the desk lady, she looked almost frightened "shut up" Rallie told himand returned to her seat, Rallie explained to us that we were on a list for the school, it was a french boarding school in Quebec and she was getting us a guide to show us to our dorm.

"bonjour tout le monde! on y va" said a older boy, Rallie transelated aloud "he says hieveryone, let's go" she said "ah! on a un francais!" said the frrench boy smiling, his hair was parted in the middle like they didat the time "um, oui" Rallie said "he says, wow we have a french one here" she said almost annoyed. they walked out of the school into the freezing cold, we all were wearing summer clothes! so we went back in and to the lost and found, he got us all coats and we started again.

At the dorm, he handed us each scheduals "ici s'est tout t'as besoin pour savoir pour lecole, aurevoir et bonne chance" the boy said and left. "he said everything we need to know is in that there" Rallie said pointing at a file that lay on the table of there kitchen.

we all went to the living room and sat down "i'd take a million Exams just to get out of here" Jay said "agreed" i said, "okay, so Crounos must have sent us here, but how?" Odie brainstormed "it's a spell, so it must wear off at some point! or it may not..." my voice trailed off, i renched threw my brain for a spell from my spell book that Persephone gave me..."time travel is almost never used, and very difficult say the word*** in greek" i remembered Persephony saying, but the word lay hidden in my memory's "i know how to get us back...but it will take some time to remember" i told them all "well we haveall the time weneed, we have a how'll 26 years before Crounos gets out" Archie said "it'll come to you Therisa, we have faith" Jay said, that cheered me up slightly, bu the though that we were now living in a time before we were even born bugged me a lot. "i'd trade anything to get back" i said "wouldn't we all" Rallie said putting a hand onmy shoulder.

we were stuck in the 80's...and i cdidn't know how to get back...not yet.
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