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good bye online

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so Therisa found the spell! but they have to transelate it! but the books gone, what happenes when it starts to snow????

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'this is pointless!' i thought as i bounced a small bouncy ball against the wall, back and forth back and forth 'like times! your memories come to ya, youlive them and then their gone!' i kept bouncing the ball till it came back and hit me in the forehead "ouch!" i said angrliy, "ugh, this isn't my day!" i said angrily, Rallie took the ball from me and threw it in the empty closet "hey!i was using that!" i whined "any chance i could help you?" she asked "yup! you can act as Persephony, you go and quiz me on different things!" i said "okey dokey, um" she flippedher long gold hair over her shoulder just like Persephony always did "Therisa dear, today we will have a quiz" Rallie said in a really cool british accent that cracked you up "what are you doing?" i asked between giggles, she flipped her hair again "Therisa! do not interut your teacher! i want to teach you and all you do is laugh at me! NOW SMARTEN UP!" Rallie said in the same accent "yes teacher" i said controlling giggles "okay, first what is the primary words we use while casting a spell?" Rallie asked, not giving up on the accent, i responded with some words in greek i was supposed to use "no! it's abra cadabra! have i not taught you anything?" Rallie was near laughing now as she corrected my right answer "your not heping me at all" i told her falling back in my bed "well try again, you were right, okay now what is the spell for reversing time?" Rallie said meaning how to go BACK in time "um, you thik about where you wnt to go, and say 'all over again' in greek" i told Rallie, it was correct, i knew it was "now to go forward what do you say?" Rallie asked, avoiding the final question " you think of what year you want to see then say 'before we were there' in greek" i answered correctly again "now after casting the spells how do you finish them?" Rallie asked 'your source of power is your heart, your spell will not bring you to where you were unless you are a very profissiant wizard or magician, so you must simply say the words ******* in greek, they will bring you to where your heart truely lies' i thought of what persephony told me. "home is where the heart is..." i said aloud, but quietly "that's it! home is where the heart is! but in greek, it will bring us back to where are hearts truely are, we will remember everything and nothing willhave changedinour time but we may be somewhere different!" i announced loudly "therisa your a genious!" Rallie said hugging me.

'the spell takes a lot of energy, you would have to have a group of people, magical or non-magical, at least 8 of you, otherwise you'd die with exhaustion' i heard Persephony's voice in my head. "we need to work all together...but i don't know the words in greek" i said "Dammit! me and Odie can go to the library, sinse there's no laptops and Odie didn't bring his" Rallie said "okay, i'll get mymagic coming again"i told her, Rallie raise an eyebrow "you know warm up, practice" i told her, she laughed and we walked down staires to tell the rest of the group.


"okay" i said breathing deeply "oh i don't know!" i said, i had been meditating, trying to remember soe of the greek words "here" Jay said, bringing a candel to me "flemais flame in greek...i think" he said holding the candel, i concentrated "flema" i said feeling the powers inmy vains, i pointed a finger at the the wik of the candel, i closed my eye asi said it. i flame came out of my finger and hit the wik, ligting it! "yes! i haven't lost them!" i said happily.

i had been meditating for at least and hour, it was now dark out and snow was falling "i'd pickthem upif i had me truck" Herry said, he had been fuming all day, he missed his truck more then anything "ya! all i have here is my mirror!" Neil said, he was looking at himself...again. "all you need is shampoo Neil, your hair will live" i told him, noticing how my ownhair looked dead "no it will not! my hair isn't as strong as me!" Neil said looking up from his mirror "he'sstrong? sinse when?" Herry asked laughing "it's new to me too" i told Herry, Neil huffed in anger "chill Neil, we were only messing with you! it's to easy to pass up on!" I told NEil laughing "urg" Neil growled.

"any luck?"i asked as Odie and Rallie cae shivering threw theback door "not yet, the librarian said that the greek book we were looking for was out" Odie said "it'll be back in a week" Rallie said "A WEEK!" Neil spat "MY HAIR CAN'T LIVE THAT LONG!" He cried running to his room, slamming the door "what bit his butt?" Rallie asked "Herry" i blammed it on "what! ewwww i would never bite his butt!" Herry said "were kidding big guy" Odie assured him.

"No Athena to make supper" Jay notted "well, i'll deal with that" Herry said "leave some for us!" I called to him as he left for the kitchen, the snow was coming down hard now "does it alwayssnow this much in Quebec?"Jay asked Rallie "in November 17 years ago it did, still snowsa bit in november, global warming" Rallie informed us, Rallie was apart of the green aliance along with Atlanta, though she was a vegetarian, while Atlanta loved meat.

It was a while before the meal was cooked, by then the snow was beyond! about 2 feet had fallen in the last 3 hours! "wonder if it'll snow all night?" Jay asked "probably, i hope theres no school tomorow, most of us are in different classes! Therisa, Jay and Neil are in one, Herry, Archie and Atlanta in another and me and Odie in another!" Rallie commented looking at our scheduals and map "oh jeez, the two most experianced in french in the ame class! were gonna die!" Archie announced "absolument" Rallie said in french, Archie growled.

they ate supper, which consisted of: hot dogs (herry as a great cook right! hot dogs! best cook couldn't have made them!) and macaroni. Rallie avoided the hotdogs and ate the macaroni. it was simple and good, though not good for you meal. We read over our scheduals and trie to memorize the map, till it was 10:00. i went to the room i shared with Rallie, listening to Rallie and Jay talking down staires:

"Jay you have to have faith in her! she knows what she's doing" Rallie said
"i know Rallie! that's not what worrying me! if someone dies from this spell, Crounos will have won, the world will die" Jay said
"you can only pray" Rallie said
"no, we can have faith...but prayings good too" Jay said
"go to bed Jay, i'll do the dishes" Rallie said, Jay thanked her and walked up staires, he stopped in front of my door, he knocked "you awake?" he asked "yeah" i told him sitting up, he walked in "Rallie told me about us having to do it all together, is it safe that way?" Jay asked "yes, i believe, if less then 8 try the spell, it will kill them,we have to try it" i told him "okay, i just don't know what i'd do if someone died" Jay addmitted "no one will die Jay, have faith in your team, okay" i told him "okay then, goodnight Therisa" Jay said leaving "goodnight Jay" i replied.

i knew i had feelings for Jay, the tingles i got when iwas alone with him, stuff like that, but tonight was an exseption, i was to nervous to think. i looked outsde and found a new 2 feet of snow "no school" i said quetly getting in my bed and falling to sleep.

YAY! okay, i got my english report card!i am at the english level of a grade 6 student! yay! so i am pretty good! well but i'm still terrible at spelling in french, it's a natural thing for me: sorry everyone that speaks french, je suis terible au grammaire!
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