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caught kissing

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truth or dare! how will it turn out? who will do it? and who wont? is it just me or do i suck at summaries? well hope ya'll enjoy it!

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"morning sunshine!" laughed Rallie "ce si!" Rallie said in french opening the curtaines to display 5 feet of snow "s'est ma monde!" she finished (transelated: this is my world). i smiled "thanks for the unnnessicary wake-up call Rallie, it was so kind of you" i said sarcastically "your welcome, well i have to go wake up Odie!" she said, i followed her into the room that Neil and Odie sharred "Odie! reville toi! on a plus de neige que tu as de taille!" Rallie said happily (transelated: we have more snow then you have height) "holy crap!" Odie said hopping out of bed "neil! on a la neige!" Rallie said, Neil swtted her hand "oh! no you didn't!" Rllie said, she ran down staires and came back up with snow, she dumped a bit on Neil, "AHHHHHHHH!" he screamed running around the room, she gave me some snow and we went around the house sprinkling snow on everyone. when Jay caught me in the act he grabbed my arm "it was Rallie's idea!" i blamed it on my friend who was still in Odie's room talking to him, Jay looked ticked off "urg" he said, i listened as he went up staires "AH!" came a shreik from Rallie, there was some bumping around, i ran upstaires into Odies room to find Jay give Rallie a massive noogy "Therisa!" she called, Odie was trying to get Jay off of Rallie "come on Jay, she's still young and careless, she doesn't know better!" i told him, Jay got up. Rallie stood wearily rubbing her hurt skull "control your boy-friend Therisa" she said, knowing it would end in blushing...she was absolutly right! me and Jay started to blush massively!

Herry came running up, killing our aqward silence "who did it?" he aked showing the snow in his hand "therisa" Rallie said, Herry threw the snow at me. the rest of the morning was spent making breakfast, teasing me and Jay and many other things. after breakfast we went outside, though we had no snowpants we took jackets and mittens and wondered into the 5 feet of snow, you could only see a bit of us as we pounded down some snow so we didn't have to suffocate in the snow.

"snow ball fight!" Archie announced throwing a snow ball at Jay, we soon were on teams: me Jay, Archie and Atlanta VS. Rallie, Odie, Herry and Neil. it was worse then attacking crounos! we were killing each other with the pounded snow! we had played for at least an hour when it started to snow again "in guys, no good freezing" Odie announced. we went inside where Rallie and Jay started a fire.

we went to the living room and sat by the fire, enjoying the heat "hey guys, wanna play truth or dare?" i suggested "sure!" Rallie agreed, soon everyone had agreed, we took out a fork and placed it on the ground "okay rules, you have 2 chikens that you can use at anytime but you have to get up and do the chiken dance. the words you ask are 'truth, dare or double dare' meaning you can dare to people at the same time" i explained, i got serious "rallie spin the fork" i said, Rallie spinned it, it landed on Herry.

"hmmmm" me and Rallie conferanced with Atlanta, the boys looked scared as we whispered. "truth, dare or double dare?" Atlanta asked "truth" Herry said bravely "okay, is it true you can't take your eyes off of Rallies butt?" Therisa asked, Rallie looked shoked, Herry blushed "i'll use a chiken" he said, he got up and did the chiken dance. we all knew why he did it, we were rolling over laughing as Rallie and Odie looked shocked.

"Herry spins it" i told Herry, he spinned it, it landed on "truth, dare or double dare?" Therisa asked "um, i'll stay safe here, how about a truth" Neil said, the winp that he is "hmm, have you ever had plastic surgery?" i asked "i'll be a chiken" Neil said getting up and dancing, we laughed again "okay spin Neil, okay no more chikens guys!" Atlanta announced, Neil spinned, it landed on Archie "truth dare or double dare?" Herry asked "dare" Archie said, Herry smiled wickedly, he whispered something in Archie's ear. Archie looked pleased, Archie ran upstaires out of sight, he returned with a smelly sock "here Neil" Archie said giving it to Neil "ah!" Neil squeeled "look in it" Archie told him, Nil did so "AHHHHHHHHHHH!" he squeeled even louder, he removed his mirror! it was covered in wipe-cream and lint from the sock. Neil ran from the room into the bathroom.

"Archie spins" Rallie said, it landed on Jay "truth, dare or double dare?" Archie asked "let's try something new, double dare" Jay said "fine then, Therisa" Archie called my name "no way! your making me come into this!" i said angrily "his fault" Archie said, i stood up and went to stand next to Jay "what do you want us to do?" i asked irritably "kiss" Archie said sitting down "CHIKEN!" we said at the same time "nope, no more chikens" Atlanta reminded me, Rallie was smiling broadly, she knew how much i liked Jay, me and Jay leaned forward, we were and inche apart when Neil came in "wow! oops!" nEil said, we turned at full speed inthe oposit directions, hitting each other! "ouch!" we said "not done! were waiting" Archie said impasiontly "we need popcorn" Herry said "shut up, this is a good part" Rllie said "exactly we need popcorn!" Herry complained, Rallie pocked him in the stomach, but recoiled as she had a hurt finger "god! abs of steel" she moaned "i'm not a decendant of hercules for nothing" Herry addmitted "shhhh" Atlanta hushed them.

I leaned forward again, our lips touched, i guess that's when you officially callit a kiss, right? we stood there our lips touching (kissing) fro a few secondes, not wanting to let go, we pulled away at the same time as Rallie moaned "herry stop pocking me!", everyone laughed at the aqward moment. me and Jay sat down, "well this has been fun, but i think i'm good" Rallie said, i stopped her "you haven't gone yet missy" i said "alright give it to me quick" she said "kiss Odie" i said simply, she turned red.

She walked over to a sitting down Odie and kissed him on the lips! they stayed in that position for a while, then Rallie got back up and sat i her spot, she had a smile spread across her face along with Odie "happy?" she asked "very" i told her, we ignored Atlanta, who still hadn't gone and i counted me kissing Jay as my turn "yes!" Atlanta cheered that she didn't have to go.

we ate supper quickly that evening and returned to the fire place, i sat down, Jay came and sat beside me, he smile at me "Jay, would you have kissed me anyways?" i asked "oh sorry aqward" i said realizing my mistake, i go tup, but Jay caught my hand "Archie read my mind time yes i absolutly would have...if you had agreed to it" Jay said, i melted in his gaze "i defenatly would have agreed" i said letting go of his hand, letting my words sink in...
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