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french, french and more french (didn't see that coming!)

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so they have school BLAH! it's terrible! no one has a clue what's going on! Odie alost burns himself with acid cause he can't read in french and Jay can hardly stay awake! what's gonna happen!?

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"ugh, school's on Terry" Rallie said as she woke me up softly "ugh, tell me this, why did they put you in a class with an english guy that understands french, and not with someone who really needs help!" i said angrily, it was the morning after our little truth or dare game, Rallie had ruined my moment! "what ever, let's just get dressed" Rallie said, i was up and dressed and down staires in a half hour "should i try the shower? cause i don't know, i mean they are old and stuff..." i said unsure "look in the future they are way old, but now, they're fine!" Rallie assured me, we were allwearing our normal clothes: me= blue skin tight jeans and a red tank top, though i put a blue sweater over. Rallie was in her dark blue jeans and a green hoodie.

there were moans up staires as people started getting up "3 days tillthe book id due to return" i reminded Rallie "yeah, i just hope this guy isn't a slaker and keeps books to long" Rallie said (don't take this in offence! i return my books late too!) "yeah, i wanna get home" I said, Archie came down dressed and yawning "is there french today?" he asked meaning school "yes, all day, fantastic" i said dryly, Rallie looked pleased "I haven't spoken french in a while till we got here!" she said, Rallie was always writting songs in french and poems, but never speaking it, i knew how much Rallie missed her old home. i understood her more then she knew "so who cooks?" Herry asked coming downstaires rubbing his stomach "go eat some of that fruity loops stuff" Rallie said, it was her morning to cook...and let's just say, cooking wasn't her thing "nope, your turn, you cook" Herry said "fine!" Rallie looked ticked.

I walked out of thekitchen and left Rallie alone to do her thing. The rest of the gang soon joined us in the living room "is something burning?" Odie asked as he came to the living room "that would be our breakfast" i said lamely "done" Rallie said grimacing at a burn on her arm, she left us, chew our rubber breakfast, we dare not swollow it for fear it might put us in the hospital with food poisoning! Rallie immerged from the bathroom with band-aids covering her burn "ready?" she asked putting on her coat and boots "anything but breakfast" I said, she grinned "i see you liked it" Rallie said smilingbraodly "loved it! it was so good that we had to barf it up so we could preserve it for future generations" Archie said sarcastically, Rallie smiled "why are youhappy?" i asked "i've gotten worse insults" she admitted. we got dressed and started down the street for the school.

"ugh, i hate this place" Atlanta said shivering at the look of the old musty school "come on" Rallie got us going again, "me Jay and Neil have to go this way, good luck guys and Rallie keep your PMR on so i can ask questions, all of you do the same" i said, they nodded then followed their maps to the class they had been assigned to. Me, Jay and Neil walked into a class room onthe second floor, the teacher stoppe and looked at us "oh oui! vous etes les eleve nouveau! entree! oh yes you are english, i am surry i do nut spek english munch" the teacher said in a terrible accent, what she really said was= sorry i do not speak english much. I was retaining laughs as i entered, all the girls looked at me like i was a monster! they should be the one freaked by each other! they were the ones after all with the massive hair doos! the boys smiled broadly though.

"um, okay, you must be Tessia" i stopped the teacher "what?" i asked "Tessia" she repeated "she means Therisa, that's how we say it in french! well most people do anyways" Rallie said, he head appeared on my PMR "thanks" i said clicking it back on my pocked "um yeah, that's me" i said "Jay and Neil" she finished (i would have used Neils name in french, but we really don't use it, so i'll use Neil) "yeah" they said "um dat seat over dere, by da window" she pointed to the 3 seats by the window "thanks" i said, Jay nodded and Neil...bowed! everyone started to laugh "Neil! that's for the queen of england! were in Canada!" i told him punching his arm "jeez, no need for hitting me" said checking his perfect skin for blemishes.

"so how's your first class?" Rallie asked threw the PMR "oh it's...french and i am not french, so yeah, it's good" i told her, Jay looked freaked out as we were listening to the teacher speak a very fast lecture in french "uh..." they were saying quietly "i see, well gotta go, we have science and were in the lab and Odie's trying to touch acid" she said. her face dissapeard from the screen. i lookedover at Neil who sat by the window looking at himself in the window, Jay had his arms on the desk and his head in them "you asleep?" i asked quietly "i wish, this is even more boring in french" i knew very well what he meant, Jay's worst and most hated subject was math. he sucked at it and he hated the lectures, it was not my best subject, but i could at least tolerate it.

itwas a long hour and i half till we got out and wen on break "this sucks!" Atlanta said coming up behind us, "yeah, these peoples hair is really making my hair feel dipressed" Neil said sadly "i think he'll manage" Archie said coming to Jay's side. Neil took out his mirror and started checking his reflection. "this sucks!" Atlanta said again as we reached outside "we know" the rest of us said in unison "where's Rallie and Odie?" i asked "here" came a voice behind them, Odie and Rallie were trudging threw the snow to the rest of the gang, Rallie looked angry and Odie looked upset but calm. "what's wrong?" i asked seeing their expressions "seems black and white are 2 very different people in the 80's i thought it was resolved in the 60's!" Rallie said angrily shoving a piece of paper in my hand:

Dear Odie
I would probably put 'welcome' on this note if it weren't that you aren't! we would lie you to go back to your country where the rest of you dirty folk live! please leave ourcountry! before things getting even dirtier then you already are!

"that's horrible! who would do this!?" i asked angrily "Jaque Martin, that little twirt" Rallie said, then continued some insults in french. i looked atOdie, he looked still a bit upset "chill Rallie, it's good" Odie said calming her down. i passed the note to Jay, as he read it Rallie informed me of a talent show that was on thrusday "so you have 2 days till the show! what are you gonna do?" i asked her, she smiled "the music room is open for anyone, any chance you guys wanna sing a song...all together?" Rallie asked "sure!" Odie said quickly, "um, okay" i said trusting Rallie that she'd make my part easy "alright" Atlanta agreed "fine" Archie said after some urging from Atlanta "what the heck" Herry said nodding "i can show off my good looks!" Neil said, obviously agreeing, Jay nodded. Rallie smiled "i'll start working on them right away after school" she said excitedly.

therest of the day was dull, full of french, french, and even more french (didn't see that one coming!)so once we finally left for our new 'brownstone' we were happy that we could understand each other, i'm gonna have nightmares for ages after this, is all i could think about. Once home we startedthe impossible homework that Rallie had finished and allowed Odie to copy, then she'd helpe me and let Jay and Neil copy, she did the same for Herry, Archie and Atlanta.

soon, i was bored and left to listen to Rallie, i walked to the door to listen, earlier she had asked us how much we'd like to sing and how good we were. we had all answerd and shehad left for our room. now i will let you listen:

"sinse when
do friends
ignore each other
like we are
and sinse when
have we ever been
as close as we are
how can all this
just be so far
yet so close
right under neath
our nose!

it has been!
a long time
sinse we've had a good time
stuck in each others past
we all now that this shouldn't last
cause we are
this is more
we are here
together we are
more then enough
lets take a chance
learn how to dance
we may fall
but we make it threw it all
were friends
that's all that matters in the end" Rallie finished, it was a rock/pop number like her normal ones, she had stopped i knew she was writting more, i was wondering more where i'd have to sing.

"how does it sound?" Odie asked as i walked down staires "beyond" i said simply "it's got real complecated's kinda simple plan meets michelle branch" i told him "cool" he said getting back to copying answers.

after a while Rallie came downstaires humming the up-beat tune i'd heard her sing "this is gonna be good" i said, Herry snorted "what?" i asked "well, Neil singing is never pleasant" he said laughing "oh" i didn't know, i didn't sharea nathroom with Neil, Herry did though.

this was gonna be interseting....
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