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She has every right to hate me...

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This should say enough: Rallie looked at me, she seemed close to tears "i'm best friends with the girlfriend of the boy that broke my heart" she told me and walked away.

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If you have ever heard Herry's snoring before, you know what i am going through. I can't sleep at the moment, so i am going to listen to what's going on downstaires (this is my worst disition EVER though it is quite useful)This is what i hear:

"I need to know" Came Rallie's beautiful and delcate voice
"why do my feelings, mean so much to you?" came Jay's voice (swoon swoon)
"Because! there towards me friend!" Rallie replied, her voice was more distraut this time.
"Fine, you know very well that i like her" Jay said
"No kidding Jay, how about something i don't know?" Rallie suggested sarcastically.
"Look, i just don't think i could ask her out...not till he's gone" Jay told her, Rallie sighed.
"Jay, I don't want to see my best friend get hurt...not like i did" Rallie said gravely.
"Look! i said sorry about that a long time ago! it's the past! It was a miss understanding!" Jay defended himself, Rallie cut him off
"You don't see it Jay! Boy's break girls hearts everyday cause they can't see it! I thought you were different! i was wrong! so be it! But if you break my friends heart...i- wont be getting away with it. So you'd better be sure about what your doing....You've already hurt me..." Rallie ranted, she started off angry but she finished sounding hurt.
"I-I didn't want to hurt you" Jay said, Rallie laughed
"well that plan back-fired! Jay just think before you act, your smart, i know you are! Just think..." Rallie finished, I heard her coming up the staires.

I pretended i was sleeping, as she walked in i saw her eyes glissened with tears, she was crying softly as she got in her bed...we both soon fell asleep 'I wonder what that was all about?' i thought as my mind drifted off...

"Therisa, get up" Rallie woke me, she seemed the same as ever! what was going on here? "school Terry, come on, we have to get dressed and it's your turn to cook" Rallie told me, she was already dressed, the tears she had in her eyes were gone, and she looked normal again. I dicided that i'd confront her about it...wait, i was eavesdropping! I can't say anything! ARGH! I got up and got dressed, then i walked quickly down staires 'Jay and Rallie have never really gotten along, everytime Rallie stayed the night, Jay would either go somewhere with one of the guys or stick around the school helping the gods with something...maybe there's a bit of a conection???' i thought as i fried eggs over the stove, i was deep i thought "THERISA!!!" Rallie screamed, the smoke alarm went off "oh god!" i yelled seeing the fire in my over cooked egg. Rallie put it out with water, I picked it up "want it?" i asked her "i do" Herry said walking in and snatching it, he put it in his mouth then spit it out "eurlick!" he spat in disgust "this is worse the Rallie's!" Herry announced " that sucks, i have competition for 'worst cook ever' title" Rallie said sarcastically.

I managed to cook 10 good eggs and a whole wack of toast, after that we were out the door. I decided i'd ask Jay about it, he'd understand...i hope. So in our first periode (French, as if were gonna listen) i asked him quietly:

"Jay, what were yo and Rallie talking about last night?" I asked him, Jay looked at me, he looked shocked,
"old stuff" he said, looking at his book, i was not taking that as an answer,
"no, really Jay, what was it?" i persisted, Jay sighed,
"must i tell you right now?" he asked, i nodded.
"I'm sorry Therisa, i can't" he said, i gave him the look that said 'please puppy dog face',
"sorry" he said and turned away to look at the teacher. I wasn't happy..AT ALL! I had no idea what was going on! Then i had a vision:

"Therisa" said the voice, i was all small "hello!" I called out "the truth must be told, heed my words, they will prove useful, Therisa, remember who you love, and who you'd die for, remember! please remember!" the voice was almost screaming! "remember what!? who!?" i screamed back "remember your friends...remember who you are" and the voice left! Suddenly a picture came into my head "no..." i said as i saw it "she wouldn't...she's my friend! this is all wrong! all wrong! she would never do that to me!" I screamed, the picture showed two people kissing, you couldn't tell their age, but i knew who they were... Jay and Rallie.

"therisa!" came a voice in my ear "what?" I saw a hand waving in front of my face "you were like in a transe" Jay said, I saw him and got up "see you later Neil" i said and left. I walked out of the classroom, and i ran swiftly to Atlanta's locker. "Hey, Therisa!" she said, then she saw my face "i had a vision...." i told her everything, Atlanta was in a state of shock "but they never stay in the same room as one another for more then 20 secondes!" Atlanta said "i know, i just can't believe she'd do this to me" i said quietly "why don't we talk to her?" Atlanta suggested "no! you can, but i am not" I told Atlanta and ran off to my next class.

It was a long, french, day without Rallie's help, i had turned off the PMR so that she couldn't call. Jay had protested, but i refused to talk to him at all, i wouldn't till i know why they didn't tell me and why he acted like he did towards me, but he was going out with my best-friend! It was soooooooo retarded! Once school finished i walked home with Odie, he had the right to know "you know that Rallie's going ut with Jay right?" I asked him, he looked shocked "she hates him! Can't stand him! She told me!" Odie said "i had a vision of them Kissing Odie! And my visions are always right" i told him, he gulped, he knew i was right, i had almost saved him once after i had a vision of him being kidnapped. Odie stayed silent, i knew how much he liked Rallie, and i knew that he was as hurt as me.

"What do you mean 'she turned off the PMR and wont talk to me'?" came Rallie ticked voice from the street corner,
"i don't know! She just dazed out for a while in class and the next thing i knew she wasn't talking to me! Why is it everything i do you get upset?" Jay's voice asked Rallie's.
"I don't know, perhaps you could ask yourself that" Rallie seemed really angry,
"what is that sopposed to mean?" Jay was angry now,
"I'm just asking if you let something sli-" she stopped as she saw me and Odie come around the corner "if she's right she has now told Odie, thank-you very much Jay, you save me again" Rallie said angrily finishing the conversation, she had tears in her eyes once she saw the angry look on me and Odie's face. Jay didn't move from his spot,
"What do you know?" Jay asked me "what am i supposed to know?" i asked, Jay sighed angrily.
"God Therisa! You've got me upset, and Rallie now cause you told Odie whatever it was that you think is going on! Now if you tell me, maybe i could straiten things up!" Jay looked angry, I shook my head. "alright, then i'll just tell you everything" Jay sounded defeated as he said this.

Jay walked behind us, he looked deep in thought "i wonder if he's gonna lie?" Odie said quietly "he'd better not" i said simply. Once in our dorm, Jay lead us to the living room, where Rallie sat staring at a piece of paper in front of her "we have to tell them" Jay told her, Rallie glared at him, then at me, then back at the paper "i don't think i've ever said this...i don't want to write music anymore" her voice was hollow as if she had just lost something very important to her.

"okay, Me and Rallie met in 8th grade, we were friends for a bit, then we started to go out, we were going out till i was taken to new-olympia, I didn't write or anything to her so she thought i had left her all together" Jay started, Rallie took on after Jay "Jay's mom told me where he was and stuff, she showed me pictures and everything. I was sure that Jay had broken up with me in that manor, and everyone found it mean. It was only when he called his mother and told her to tell me it was 'over' that i believed he hadn't forgotten me, his mom said that he had found someone he really liked...she showed me who it was that he liked...and i saw you Therisa. after a half year, i got a music scolarship to new-olympia, where i met you and became your friend, me and Jay ignored each other. That's why we get mad at each other" Rallie finished, Rallie's voice was still hollow and not like her, she picked up the paper and placed it back with the rest of the paper and the pencil in it's case.

I was amazed "It-it's just i had a vision of you two i thought-" Rallie cut me off "you thought wrong" she got up, put on her coat and went outside. I followed her "Rallie!" i yelled after her, i caught up to her, she ignored my presence "Rallie! why are you mad? I'm the one that should mad" i told her, i couldn't wrap my head around it, 'Rallie was Jay's girl friend? no wonder he wasn't asking me out! I was best friends with his ex!' "no, perhaps if you were in my position you would think differently...MERDE!" she swore in french as a splat of bird poo landed on her shoulder. She walked faster. I jumped in front of her "why are you so angry!?" i asked her, she looked close to tears "cause, Therisa, your my best friend, your the girl that caused me and Jay to fall apart, and for that i am grateful! i wouldn't have met Odie any other way! But when i remember what it was like before...i don't miss it, and i don't know why, but i blamed it on you and Jay once you were mad at me" she took a breath and finished "i'm best-friends with the girlfriend of the boy who broke my heart" she said, looked in my eyes "And i wasn't about to let him hurt you" Rallie left me there, frozen in my position...i think i finally understood...
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