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Helpless and hopeless

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Rallie's gone! she was taken by Crounos! And nobody noticed till it was almost to late! Rallie doesn't want them to risk their lives for her...they have to save the world...not her...

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Intro! (not told by Therisa)

"hey world
what cha lookin at?
i can see right threw this act,
sometimes i'm slow
and i like to keep it low
but in the end
i'll get back up again
so you know,
i'm not that type of girl
but i will let you see my world
you'll never wanna leave my place
but it's my space

Please, believe me
i don't wanna hurt you baby
you was my everything
and i gave you all of me
and now you go, and throw it away
this is all i have to say,
it's over
and i know i am right
this is the saddest i've ever been
you was my boy
and you left me behind
and then you came back and cried
'please forgive me, i didn't mean it'
don't be a baby, i know what you are up to

so please leave me,
i don't wanna hurt anymore
please forget me
i can't stand you in my life
i can't
forget what you have done
I can't believe you
not after all of this." Rallie was singing to herself, she sat on a bench in the park, she was thinking about the old days, when it was her and Jay 'i don't miss him...i don't know why?" she thought to herself, she didn't miss Jay at all! She didn't miss her parents, or her old life, she liked where she was...but she had to make it right with Jay and Therisa...and Odie.

"ah, young Apollo, well a girl version, you are quite beautiful" came an evil voice from behind Rallie's bench, she bolted up "hope you didn't come here for a phone number" Rallie said, sounding braver then she felt. There was an evil laugh and a dark figure came out of the woods "Crounos, what do you want?" Rallie asked the evil god "I want you to come with me...without a fight" he said, two giants appeared at his sides, Rallie was breathing in rasps as she saw the terrifying monsters "sorry corny, i can't do that" Rallie said, still sounding braver then she felt, the evil man laughed "why do you want me?" Rallie asked, her fear showing in voice, that lovely voice was distraut with fear... she was terrified. "It has come to my attention that i accidentally pulled you back in time. So i did my research and found out that one of the boys on that stupid team has quite...interesting feelings for i not correct?" he asked meaning Odie "Odie would never be stupid enough to come after me Crounos! he is smart! He knows that the world needs him, more then he needs me!" Rallie said angrily, her own words were hurting her, she felt her vaines go hot as if someone else had said it, instead of her. "he will not come for me...i wont let him" she finished "you are stupid, he will come for you, and i will trap them, you are hopeless unless you can beet both me and my giants" Crounos said, Rallie got up "i can try" She said, but a voice at the back of her head, told her that this battle would not turn on her odds...

(Therisa's point of view)

"where's Rallie?" Odie asked as i walked in, Rallie had kept walking, i think she was going to the park "she went for a walk" i told him, he looked ashamed, i knew why, he had gotten so mad at Rallie, and yet he knew he should have had his facts strait before blaming people. I went to my room and sat on my bad "this is so messed up!" i screamed in my pillow, I felt bad for the same reasons Odie did, Rallie was my best friend! And i had jumped to conclusions so fast! I was laying on my bed for ages before i heard a knock on my door "ya" i said dryly, the door opened and closed, i could hear the footsteps "Rallie, i'm really sorr-" i stopped asi raised my head to find Jay, i jumped up "My names Jay" he said smiling, he lightened my mood a bit, i wasn't getting the tingly feelings that i normally did "well i ow you an apology to" i said looking at my white and gray socks "And i should have told you before now, but you have to understand...i don't feel that way about Rallie anymore" Jay explained and left "jay..." i started, my tingles were back and i was brave at the moment "ya?" he turned around, i walked quickly over to him and bent forward and kissed him! Just like that! we stood there for a while kissing, "oh, man, guys get a room next time!" is what Rallie would have said if she had saw us, but Atlanta did this time, we pulled apart at once, Atlanta stood in my doorway looking grossed out beyond belief! Me and Jay thought the same thing, i went back into my room and we walked swiftly to his, Atlanta was looking at me strangly "what?" i asked, she just shuddered.

I went back to my bed and started to copy homework, i sat there for a long time, I didn't know HOW long i'd been there till i walked downstaires and gasped at the clock: 8:00pm! Rallie had bveen out for 4 hours! "Jay!" I yelled "what?" came Jay's voice as he came to my side "Rllie's not back yet" i told him, he looked at the clock "let's go team" he said, we called everyone "where was she going?" he aksed me "the park, off brodway street" i told him, we ran out the door and to the park.

"RALLIE!" we called, we reached one of the benches and i had a vision:

Rallie was sitting singing, Crounos came up behind her, there was a flash and i saw Rallie on the snowy ground, blood running from her nose, mouth and various other places.

I came back to the real world "Crounos has her!" i cried, everyone came running :"what?" they asked "Crounos took her...i'm not sure if she's alive..." my voice trailed off as i picked up a sticky-note from the bench, it read:

Dear kids
If you haven't noticed the dissapearance of your dear friend Rallie, i will tell you she is with me, though i will not tell you whether or not she is still alive. I am at the abandoned Restaurant at the edge of the city on main street, be there by 9:00 o'clock or i will kill her...if she isn't dead already.
lots of love
Oncle Crounos

I sneared at the note, i passed it to Jay "to the restaurant" Herry said, we started the walk to the abandoned Restaurant, i was walking with Atlanta wheni saw Odie's face, he was as pale as death! "odie, are you okay?" i asked him, he shrugged, he was wooried and scared, i could tell.

It was a ratgher long walk, but we made it to the abandoned restaurant on time "Crounos!" Jay called into the warehouse like restaurant, we walked in "I think there in the basemant" i said sencing a presence under us. We founf the staires to the basement, the walls were beat up, like something big had passed threw them. once down staires we saw a cage, in it stood a very bloody Rallie, she looked at me and shook her head and muttered 'leave' i shook my head, Odie looked at Rallie, Rallie and Odie suddenly had a look on their faces "you alright?" i aksed quietly "we have to bust her out somehow" Odie said. There was a sudden laugh behind us "And Rallie said you wouldn't come" said the deep evil voice, There before me stood the man i hated the mostin the world, and beside him, my helpless best friend...
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