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Journal Entries 1-15

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Another parody/humour fic! Ice writes in a diary. I know, sounds stupid. Please ignore the other "Diary of the Ice Queen", it's being stupid. Thanks Panda for your advice, lol. Story just begun!

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Journal Entry #1

Notes to self:

-Take away Delilah's bobby pin- small, but deadly.

-Keep windows and doors locked at all times when having captives. They're not dumb as they look, they'll escape.

-Always make sure the enemy is dead. I swear to God, Delilah and Julius are immortal!


Journal Entry #2

I'm flipping channels through the boring television.

Click. Click. I pause at a show-

"How could I-"


"Fuck you!"


"With friendship, we can..."




You asshole, you just-"


"-screwed yourself!"

I smirked at the tv and what it was saying as I flipped through the channels. I suddenly felt violent.


Journal Entry #3

My sister's name is Sunshine. My name is Ice. My mother or my father must have had split personalities.


Journal Entry #4

Who the hell name their kid "Sunshine"?!? I mean, God help us all, she's evil, for heaven's sake!

Oh, yes, blowing things up to flames is sunshine. Yep, now I understand the meaning of life. Everyone's a fool but me.


Journal Entry #5

Note to self- I looked at my skin today, it was so pale. I'm making a tanning appointent at the tanning salon.

I'm so pale that I look like Casper's twin!

WAIT...I just made a simile...I HATE POETRY! Exuse me while I go cry in my room.


Journal Entry #6

"Breath, Ice, breath!" Cried out my counsellor.



Journal Entry #7

"HA! I told you, Dr.Dismay that Wednesday Kurtzfield and Miss. Deeds are lesbians. You owe me $10."


Journal Entry #8



Journal Entry #9

"You're telling me since my name is Ice, you think I'm actually made out of ice? This date's over."

Now-go home and to the anger management exersises that my counsellor gave me.


Journal Entry #10

"You can't kill me, I'm immortal! I'm not afraid to die, my soul with travel on, you can't kill me, I'm immortal!"

"Henchmen! Turn that blasted radio off! I'm trying to kill Delilah and Julius here!"

(That song is "Immortal" by Adema.)


Journal Entry #11

Man, I'm so evil with ice and stuff. Never have troubles finding ice cubes!


Journal Entry #12

"I'm going to take over the world with ice! Mwahahahahahahaha!"


Journal Entry #13

I turned on the t.v. to find a show called "Delilah and Julius". I was pissed. They didn't tell me they were taping my life!

Ooooooh, I'm so sueing!


Journal Entry #14

I'm not talking about Julius flashing Delilah and me. He said his "shirt and pants was on fire", but that's just an exuse.


Journal Entry #15

Wait for it...wait for it...

"You, ma'am, have an appointment with justice!"

You, sir, have an appointment to the mental instution. How'd you like that?


That's it for now, thanks for reading!

xxDarkness' Kidxx
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