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i'm never gonna leave you again...i promise

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ONE SHOT! THerisa has become a singer and the gang is gone away onthere own! until Therisa finds all of them at her door the day before her movie premere..everyone but Jay. what happens? when the g...

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i never used to listen to Herry's music, until the year we all left, well they all left. i miss them so much, i wonder if they miss me? i wonder if they see me around their CD stores...where ever they may be now. I wonder if they still watch 'much music' and see my video's? or just listen to a local radio? I had acheived my dream, i was a singer, finally, i used my memories to inspire me, songs like: don't wanna say goodbye, let's beet this thing, keeps me breathing, gods above me, healen my heart.

where were they? why didn't they see me anymore? they must see movie posters and stuff? right? it has now been 2 years sinse everyone left, 2 long years. After Crounos left, back to Tarterus, where i pray he will rot. after only 3 months everyone had left, college and university mostly, Atlanta had finished school in the northwest territory's, Herry now owned a farm in Saskatchwan, Archie was in Peru studying the runes, Odie was in France learning French and designing machines, Neil was modeling, and Jay was...i have no idea.

I had moved to LA to get along with my singing, now the name Therisa Marks was tearing up the much music top 5 list and my numbers had hit ever chart in north america and even some in europe! lately i had just finished a movie called 'bring it on for the last time' it was the 4th 'bring it on' movie, which me and another girl stared in!

i loved how i was living, material wise, i had an extra hot boy-friend, that i would trade anyday for my extra hot old boyfriend...that i had no idea where he was. i had an amazing house in beverly hills and i was only 20!

I guess this all started one cold night before my big movie premere. i had closed my eyes, Nate was snoring next to me, my eyes had drifted to the closed cupboard in my bedside table. i reached over and opened it, there sat the ever working PMR, i sighed, maybe it was time to pay my old friends a visit...well after my premere.

i drifted off to sleep remembering the cold December night that we had all gone our seperate ways:

"i'll miss you Lanny" i had said to Atlanta before she got in the car for the airport, she had hugged me "diddo Terry" she had said getting in the car, i had cried as only me and Jay remained, Jay was waiting for a Taxi of his own "jay, i never really got around to telling you this but-" he cut me off "I know" he had said getting into the now present taxi, he had looked me in the eye "I'll miss you" he had said as the taxi started off.

'do i ever miss you now, you should be where Nate is" i thought to myself before drifting off to sleep.

the next morning i was at my tailors in Beverly hills, he was fitting me in a dress, it was gold, strapless dress, i wore huge golden hoops and golden bangels and i insisted i ware my ever present sun dial key for the doors to the secrete wing in new-olympia. It matched the dress well giving me a creative effect.

"good, take it off, go home, take a bath and put on the make-up i just gave you" he said, i nodded and thanked him before running outside, i caught a cab keeping my eyes covered with large glasses. Once home i ran upstaires, i walked in me and Nates bedroom to find him making out with another girl!

i raised an eyebrow, they broke "so, um, when will you start packing?" i asked "um" he started "how about i give you a deadline, out of here in one hour or i call security" i told him, i wasn't hurt, i wasn't in love with him! I never had been!

after an hour he was out the door silently, i smiled "been fun" and slammed it in his face. i went up staires and got my bath and stuff. i was in my bathrobe and had all my make-upon when the doorbell rang "arnold!" i called the butler "got it" he told me, i was inthe bathroom and i listened to Arnold open the door "state your business" he said politely "hi, i'm here to see Therisa, um, i'm an old friend" said a girls voice "well were old friends" she corrected, the voice sounded familiar. i walked down stares still in my bathrobe, with my make up on.

in the doorway stood Atlanta, Archie, Herry, Odie and Neil behind her. "at-atlanta?" i stuttered "Therisa!" Atlanta cried running past the butler "ah!" i cried as i hugged my old best friend "oh my god! i can't believe your all here!" i cried giving each of them huge huges. i was soon in tears, my make-up running "Arnold, do you have a klennex?" i asked the buttler foundly "yes Therisa" he said handing a kleenex to me, i wipped my eyes. "come on, well go to my room, don't mind the mess, Nate just moved out" i told them "Nate?" Herry asked "didn't you hear!? Therisa had a super hot model boy-friend for the last 6 months!" Atlanat said "i heard that!" nEil said, Archie and Odie nodded in agreament "how come i don't know these things?" Herry asked, we walked in my room and sat down on Sofas, catching up.

they had all been in a bit of cotact and wanted to suprise me and come to the premere "well you'll all walk down the red carpet with me" i told them, they smiled "what will we wear?" Atlanta asked looking at her clothes "Atlanta i can lend you something and guys i can probably get Arnold to lend each a tuxedo" i told them.

2 hourslater we were all ready, the guys had found tuxedo's and Atlanta wore my pink cocktail dress, it looked very good on her, she also had dangly silver earings and a silver neacklace, with high heals on as well she was a complaining baby!

"Therisa! your Limo is here!" called Arnold "let's go guys" i told them, we went down stares and into the limo, the guys and Atlanta were frakin out! we drove down town hollywood to the theatre that the premere was at.

a crowd had gathered outside the theatre and the carpet was layed along with the guards keeping people back "and here come Therisa Marks!" said the anouncer for some gossip show. we all got out, they crowd cheered even louder and oohed at the rest of us, the announcer came over to me "Therisa! now i think all the viewers at home want to know who these guys are" the male announcer said, his name was Frank, i had met him before "of course Frank, these are my best friends, we had gone our seperate ways 2 years ago and they suprised me today!" i said happily "so is it true that you dumped your biy friend Nate James?" Frank asked pointing the microphone from him to me "yes it is Frank, that jerk deserves his ass getting kicked!" i said angrily "good for you, now how about weget aword with yu and your friends and maybe even a picture?" he asked, i turned and smiled at thegroup, they looked nervous "sure" i said.

"so what are all your names?" Frank asked coming over to Atlanta and the guys "Atlanta, Archie, Herry, Neil and Odie" Atlanta said "how long have you known THerisa?" FRank asked "sinse junior year in high school" Atlanta said, Frank asked more questions then got a picture, we then walked to the theatre and back stage.

"wow! i know what you go threw!" Archie said "yeah, about time" i told him laughing, Clara my co-star gave me a hug, i introduced her to my friends "you got your speech ready?" she asked "yes i do" i said, she said she had to go cause her speech was first.

"now we will hear from Therisa Marks!" Said the announcer, the huge crowd in the theatre roared as i walked out. my speech had to be at least 5 minutes long so here goes:

"Most of you know me as the singing Therisa Marks, some now me now as Victoria from Bring it on for the last time. Today i was suprised when my long lost best friends knocked on my door, these guys have known me as Terry sinse we first met. as you well know i dedicated many songs to Atlanta, Herry, Neil, Archie, Odie and Jay. for the last 2 years i have not seen my lost pals till today, these guys know me better then i know myself an-" i stopped as i saw a boy in a yellow and purple sweater walk down the walk way to a seat, i tear ran down my face and my voice cracke somewhat as i finished "and they are the only reason a stand here today, these guys mean so much to me and i just want to say, i love all of you so much and i never want to leave you all again. well on with the thanks then" i thanked more people never leaving the figure of Jay in one of the front seats, when i finished i got off stage and walked down to the crowd, people were stairing, i went to the row Jay was sitting in "Jay" i said holding out a hand, he got up, tears were rolling down my face, i heard pictures snapping, he was soon right in front of me.

i hugged him for a while, then he let go and lifted my chin so i could look in his eyes "i wont leave you again" he said, we kissed, right there! Camera's clicked away for the 15 seconds that we stood there, when we seperated i took his hand and lead him back stage.

there the gang was back together, soon they moved in with me, they got jobs and stuff, but we lived as i group again, that was all that mattered. me and Jay kept our promise, we never left each other again...we just had to keep on going before and now...we just had to live it day by day.

My first one shot! yay! hope ya like it!
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