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A sense of function but a disregard

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Andy is creepy. Read on.

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"A sense of function but a disregard"

You said you we're going to conquer new frontiers

As the bus rolled on, Patrick sat peacefully on the couch at his Mac Book Pro, tinkering away with his Garageband. He let his eyes shift to the inspiration he was currently feeding off of, his napping girlfriend. She looked so beautiful and serene, her eyes lightly shut, her brain obviously at work on some kind of dream.

After almost two hours had passed, Patrick listened over the half completed work, thinking about ways to improve it already. His girlfriend let her eyes open, sleep hadn't left her yet, but she smiles softly, the look on Patrick's face when he was working on a new song always made her pulse rise. She scooted herself over a little, throwing her left arm over his waist and resting her head on his upper thigh, trying to get a peak at his new masterpiece. Patrick quickly shut the laptop, his gaze on the sleepy calm in her eyes. She groaned as the laptop disappeared, Patrick never let anyone see his work until he was almost positive of it. Slowly, she sat up and ran her fingers through her sleep tossed hair. She smiled at him, and then leaned forward to kiss him. Apart from sex itself, her favorite thing in the world was to make out with Patrick. He was never anything short of passionate when it came to physical contact with her and she never felt abandoned or unwanted when she was in his presence. She carefully lifted her body to strattle Patrick's frame; he placed his hands on thighs, running them up and down the material of her pajama's. Soon, the kiss became entrancing, and clothes were no longer necessary.

Patrick moved her off of him and gently laid her down, admiring every curve and every soft spot on her body. He leaned down to kiss his way from her neck down her body. She moaned; Patrick never failed to please her. He kissed his way back up her body, stopping at her breasts to lick them. She ran her slender fingers through his hair, groaning as he continued. She let her eyes roam, and then something caught her eye.

The door separating the common area on the bus from the bunks was open slightly. The area was dark, so she couldn't see exactly if someone was there. She kept her eyes on it, still raking her finger through Patrick's hair as his kisses came back up to her throat.

She grinned to herself as the figure standing in the doorway became visible to her:


She wasn't sure if Andy could tell she was looking at him, but she could certainly see him. He was watching her, Patrick's body practically invisible to his eyes. Pete had told her Andy found her attractive, but she couldn't help but be creeped out by him. But, there was no harm in giving him a show if he wanted a show.

She reached her hands up to Patrick's shoulders and pushed him backward, until he was lying down on his back and she was on top of him, facing the doorway. She leaned down and took Patrick into her mouth, sucking on him while he groaned, totally oblivious to the peeping in the doorway. She smiled to herself, she adored hearing Patrick's approval of her actions, but she loved knowing someone was watching them.

She sat up and placed her body over Patrick's. She smiled at him and leaned down to kiss him softly, as she slid him inside. She sighed with satisfaction as he filled her. She began to moan and gasp, partly because it felt on the other because well, she was putting on a show. She leaned back; making sure her onlooker had a good view of her body as she fucked Patrick.

She made her best sex faces, Patrick's eyes were shut so tight, she knew she wasn't making them for him. She threw head back, the front of her body completely visible to eyes watching them fuck in the dim light. She leaned forward, feeling Patrick at a much more pleasing angle; he was hitting a perfect spot inside of her. She began to sweat and shiver, digging her nails in Patrick's flesh and she crashed her body down against him. Patrick grabbed her hips and thrusted up one last time, letting him fill her completely. She gasped as her own orgasm sent waves shivering down her spine. She sat upright for a minute, catching her breath and running her fingers through her hair as Patrick ran his hands up and down her thighs.

After a minute, she climbed off of him, digging around for her clothes. Patrick kissed her bare shoulder after she pulled her tank top back on. She pulled her pants up as Patrick slowly got dressed. She lay down and snuggled against her blankets. Patrick lay down beside her, wrapping his arms around her tightly. He kissed her neck as she sighed, satisfied.

"I should get to bunk. I really have to get some sleep sometime," Patrick said, sitting up. She frowned.

"Stay with me. Why do you have to get sleep somewhere else?" she asked him. He smiled and kissed her lips.

"Because you are too distracting. If I stay here, I'm going to stay up all night just looking at you," he replied. She ran her palm over his side burns and shrugged.

"Well, that's okay..." she said softly.

"Maybe for you, but I need my sleep. I love you," he replied kissing her nose. She grinned at him and watched him saunter off. He opened the door and Andy came out, acting like he was just waking.

"Hey man," Patrick said as he walked passed him. Andy nodded, and walked over towards the kitchen area, grabbing a soda out of the fridge. She faced the couch and listened to him. She looked over her shoulder at him across the comforter,

"Hey perv," she said. Andy turned around to look at her, "enjoy the show?" she asked him. Andy's eyes widened.

"What are you talking about?" he asked innocently. She sat up and brought her knees to her chest, resting her chin on them. She smiled.

"I saw you looking at me and Patrick. Or at least, looking at me," she said. Andy shook his head.

"I would never do such a thing..." he replied, sitting down at the table next to the couch. She nodded with her smile still evident.

"Uh-huh," she mumbled, laying back down and getting comfortable, the smile on her face carrying over into her sleep...

If it can be fused, then it can be split
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