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~!Chapter 10!~

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Amber is in her junior year of high school. Her curent boyfriend is not the best to have. She meets someone who will change her life for good at one point and better the next. I hope you like it...

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Sorry it toke so long, and soory this is so short. I just started new classes and getting used to them. So I will try to have more later on this week or next week. Thank you everyone. I love you all, and I need ideas about future chapters, if you have any I would love them, please.

The one person who I hoped I would never see in my door way was right there with a smug look on his face.

"Well, I see you don't have your bodyguard here." He just stood in the door way.

"Mom, Dad, ANYONE!!" I yelled hoping some one would be home.

"Oh, no. No one is home. Would you think your family would let me in here if they were home? You are on your own this time." He walked into my room, and turned his back to me and looked at all the pictures I had of the guys and Lindsay and me and Brendon. As he looked at all the pictures I picked up my cell phone and dialed Brendon's number and put it on mute. Once I knew that it called him I hid the phone behind me so Connor would not see it. Knowing by now that Brendon picked up, I decided to tell him who was here, with out talking to him.

"Connor, get out of my house right now. I am not the weak girl you beat up almost a year ago. Now, just leave please. I moved on and you should do the same. You were the one who almost killed me. So GET OUT CONNOR!" as I yelled at him, he had turned around to look at me, I knew the look on his face. It was a mix of pissed off, and sadness.

"Know what, I have not moved on because I have been in jail for a long time. You see when you are in jail, there are not girls to look at, and so my mind has been on you the whole time. Thinking about what I want to do to you when I get out, and how I was going to hurt Brandon, they way he hurt me by putting me in jail."

"First his name is Brendon, not Brandon. Second, I put you in jail. Hello, I was the one you almost killed. Oh and thanks for that. Actually it made my life a whole hell of a lot better. I got the guy I love most, and my best friends in the whole world. Oh and I loved how the WHOLE football team came to tell me sorry. Again I am not the little weak girl you beat on before. I have changed Connor, and for the better." I was really hoping Brendon was hearing this and on his way here. Connor started to come towards me, and seeing that I was still on the bed, I was not in good shape to get away. So, I decided to see what he was going to do. Also, I did the math, and I was on the phone for like maybe 5 minutes, and if Brendon was smart then he should be here in 10 minutes. Let's hope to god, he drives fast enough. So if I was right then I needed to hold my ground for about 5 to 8 minutes.

"Well, I am glad you grew up Amber. But, you are still mine. I never broke up with you. So how I see it you have been cheating on me, and I have the right to have you back. Also I have the right to do this." I knew what he was doing, so when I saw he was raising his hand I was faster and smacked him hard across the face. He was stunted for a minute and then realized that I did that. So, he punched my in the eye for smacking him. "You bitch. How dare you smack me."

"How dare you punch her in the eye." Came an angry voice from the door. It was Brendon talking, but the guys were behind him. I did not even notice that they were there. I was focused on Connor and not getting killed. I was happy they were there. They all came into my room, and Jon picked me up and carried me out. I sometime hated feeling like a fallen princess, helpless lamb. I could take care of my self. But, I realized that it was for the better, I knew Brendon did not want anything to happen to me again. As Jon carried me down stair and toke me over to the couch and sat me down. I could hear yelling, and once every few seconds something hitting the ground. After about 5 minutes, I heard nothing, and then 3 bodies were carrying another one, coming down the stairs. I knew right away that it was Connor and they beat him up. Now, what happens, will they go to jail for beat him up, or what?
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