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Theresa has and idea

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Follow the adventures of Theresa on her pursuit of Jay! Will Theresa succeed or fail miserabley? Read &find out! Pls read, review &/or rate!

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A/N: Hey guys thx for reading and this is my first story so pls tell me wat u think!

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Prologue: Jay, Theresa, Odie, Atlanta, Herry, Neil and Archie had just returned back to their dorms after fighting an exhausting battle with Cronus. This time he had used Harpies and Giants to kill them and they had defeated them but Cronus had escaped again through his portal! Archie had sustained a large scratch on his arm from one of the Harpies and went to the infirmary (hospital wing) as soon as he got back with Atlanta closely following despite Archie's protests that he was fine.

Infirmary: "I'm fine really" protested Archie stubbornly,

"Yeah but I just wanna make sure you're okay!" said Atlanta patiently. Secretly Archie was happy that Atlanta cared so much but he would've been the last one to admit it.

'Well it seems fine but I'll need to bandage it up and you shouldn't put to much pressure on it' said Athena finally after closely examining Archie's arm for fractures or further injuries.

Lounge: Theresa was sitting thoughtfully on the couch, between Cronus and school she barely had time to wash her hair let alone spend anytime trying to spend anytime with Jay who she secretly had a crush on. Well she would just have to make time! She thought to herself determined to find a way to show Jay that she was a single and quite stunning girl who lots of boys would like to date her, both facts which he seemed to be completely oblivious to. Also there was Archie and Atlanta they were perfect for each other but how to get them together?

Unbeknown to her Jay who was sitting at the table in the lounge trying very hard to focus on his maths which seemed to be proving hopeless as his thoughts kept drifting to Theresa and how hair smelled like roses and how it shined in the sun.

Jay and Theresa were both jerked back to reality when Herry who was passing through the lounge on his way to the kitchen remarked

'Hey you two what are you going to do tomorrow?"

'What do you mean' said Theresa she thought tomorrow was just gonna be another boring day at school.

Jay couldn't help think how nice Theresa's voice sounded,

"Duh tomorrow is a pupil free day, y'know no school" said Herry as if he was speaking to a toddler.

'I have a great idea!' said Theresa excitedly 'why don't we all go to the beach?'

"Sounds good to me" replied Herry and continued on his way to the kitchen, more specifically the fridge.

'But what if Cronus-' started Jay,

"Come on Jay Cronus is just as likely to attack us at the beach as at anywhere else" said Theresa starting to pout.

'I guess-' started Jay

"Fabulous I'll go tell the others" flashing him one of those smiles that made him feel all warm inside.

Jay shook his head, he could slay giants but he could not say no to 'that' girl.

Neil thought going to the beach would help him work on his tan and he would be able to grace the public with his presence this he said without taking his eyes off his own reflection.

Odie thought it was a great idea. Then Theresa finally found her bestie Atlanta in the gym with Archie.

'So what do you think of my idea?' questioned Theresa.

'I think it's great!' smiled Atlanta then turned thoughtful 'but I don't have a swim suit,'

"Don't worry you can borrow one of mine!" said Theresa with a wave of her hand.

'The beach that means the ocean doesn't it?' Asked Archie almost dreading the answer

"Duh" said Theresa and Atlanta together. Atlanta then gave Archie a curious look

'you aren't by any chance afraid of the water are you Arch?' in a fake innocently sweet voice.

"N-no" said Archie blushing nervously under Atlanta piercing gaze. "I am not afraid of the water!" said a flustered Archie.

"Then you'll come to the beach with us tomorrow" interrupted Theresa finally not waiting for a reply and making her way back to her room.

Theresa was relaxing on her bed imaging tomorrow; "Jay and her relaxing on the beach and the sunset in the background

'there's something I need to tell you I lo-' jay was saying" suddenly there was loud knocking on her door and for the second time today Theresa was jerked back to reality.

'Hey Theresa' started Atlanta,

'come in' said Theresa seeing a perfect opportunity to bring Archie and Atlanta together.

15 minutes later
Archie, Jay and Herry were sitting on the couch in lounge eating Nachos and watching football, when they heard Atlanta shriek and were instantly alerted for danger.

"No way!" yelled Atlanta running down the stairs like her life depended on it. 'Wat's wrong?' Asked Archie,

"Nothing" replied Theresa slowly walking down the stairs with a battle-ready look on her face.

'No, no and definitely no!' said Atlanta,

"O, come Lanta you could so pull off a bikini with your figure" said Theresa reasonably.

Jay, Archie and Herry who were sitting there watching the girls as if it was a ping-pong match looking from one girl to the other. Archie however was finding concentrating very hard with his head swimming in wat Atlanta would look like in a bikini.

'I just won't go then' said Atlanta with a slight blush on her face from trying to imagine Archie's reaction to her the 'tomboy' in a girly bikini.

"Oh common Lanta, even Archie's coming and he's afraid of the water!" was Theresa's sharp reply.

'You're afraid of the water?' asked Herry incredulously,

"I am NOT afraid water!' said Archie in a defensive voice. Atlanta's resolve was deteriorating

'oh I'm sure we can come to a compromise' said Theresa gracefully.

"Fine" said Atlanta letting Theresa drag her up the stairs.

Half an Hour late and Atlanta had finally found a swim suit that both she and Theresa agreed on and left Theresa's room thankfully and filled with relief.

Now that was done all she had to do was find a swim suit for herself that would certainly make Jay notice she was a very single and hot girl! Theresa thought to herself.

A/N; Hey guys pls read and review and this is just the start so if you didn't like this chapter wait till the next chapter where Archie nearly chokes when he sees wat Atlanta is wearing and one of the girls nearly drowns and has to have mouth-to-mouth resuscitation! Also I heard rumours of a second season of CotT if you can confirm this can u send me a message thx & till next time. gemz101
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