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Fun in the Sun!

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In this chapter the whole gang go the beach and get into all kind of michief and mishaps & its really good so pls R&R J/T & A/A

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Chapter 2
Fun in the Sun!

A/N: Hey all its, me gemz101 (a.k.a gemma) again! This story is from a whole lot of different views and it may seem a little confusing & soz for not updating sooner. Hope you liked the first chapter and also a big thank-you to everyone who took the time to review my first chapter :) Anyways hopefully you'll enjoy the 2nd chapter...

Early the next morning everyone woke quite early and had breakfast. The always conventional Jay was looking through a map most probably planning the fastest and most convenient route to get to the beach. At around 10.00 everyone piled into Herry's truck.

When everyone got to the beach most of the guys had just worn bordies and chucked a t-shirt while the girls had opted to change at the beach. So while the girls changed Archie, Jay, Odie and Herry started setting up. (I.e. put up umbrella, spread towels & etc) Neil just laid out a towel for himself, put on some earphones, sun-tan lotion and promptly fell asleep. Atlanta came back from the change-rooms and Archie who was sipping from a can of soda from the esky they had brought almost choked when he saw what Atlanta was wearing; Herry, Odie and Jay also stopped what they were doing when they say her. Atlanta was walking through the late morning crowd looking very self-conscious, quite unusual for the usually confident huntress. And Archie could guess why, Atlanta was wearing a blue halter/tank top that showed off part of her toned stomach but what really caught your eye was the deep v-neck which showed off some reasonable cleavage, she was also wearing knee-length matching boardies.

"So... what do you guys think?" spoke Atlanta, breaking the awkward silence but nervously crossing her hands over her chest.

'Looks good' said Archie trying not to stare at her chest (at least not obviously).

In the end Herry and Odie volunteered to go get lunch, while Archie and Atlanta decided to race to the pier. Well Neil being Neil was still sleeping oblivious to anything and everything around him.

Jay was getting worried about Theresa 'I mean how long it takes to get changed?' he thought to himself and was just about to go looking for her, when he heard some wolf whistles, and some guys yelling

"Damn that chick is hot" Jay shook his head some guys just couldn't control them- all thought were thrown out the window when he saw her...

"She was a vision in red, with her long fiery hair being blown by the wind; she was wearing a revealing red bikini that left little to the imagination! And cute matching bordies that were very short. Jay couldn't help feeling a little protective of what he considered for some reason 'his Theresa' I mean she's my friend he silently justified to himself.

"Hey Jay been waiting long" asked Theresa casually,

'N-no not to long' replied Jay who could almost feel the envious glares of every male within a 20 metre radius. His eyes felt magnetised to her chest, whoa!

This was going better than I had hoped; I'll have Jay eating out of the palm of my hand in no time thought Theresa as she started putting on sunscreen.

"Jay..." said Theresa all of a sudden, Jay who had been staring out at the ocean thinking how it would've been a good day to go sailing, was startled when Theresa asked

"Hey, Jay can you put sunscreen on my back?"

'Uh, sure' replied Jay as Theresa lay down on her stomach.

As he started rubbing sunscreen on her back, his thoughts started to drift and he couldn't help imagining having his hands on her in a slightly different situation, her skin was so soft, softer than silk and who knew she had a Double DD rack... Bad Jay! Realising what he was thinking and giving himself a mental slap.

'There you go' said Jay slightly regretfully.

"Thanks Jay" smiled Theresa "Now it's my turn!"

'Wha-' said Jay slightly confused for a moment

"You have to go on your stomach" said Theresa holding the sunscreen expectantly.

Jay obediently lay down on his stomach. Theresa squirted sunscreen onto her hand and started to rub it in, Jay sure had wide shoulders, he was pretty hot and not to mention he was actually really kind and thoughtful just the way she liked her guys!

"Y'know your back is really stiff you should really let me give you a massage when we get back to the dorms" said Theresa,

'mm-hmm' replied Jay not really paying attention but just enjoying the feel of Theresa's smooth hands on his back.

'Well look what we have here, hope I'm not interrupting anything' said Archie suddenly with a suspicious look in his eyes,

"No I was just helping Jay put on some sunscreen" replied Theresa innocently but Atlanta caught the glint that was in her best friend's eyes. Jay was blushing slightly, "There you go Jay" said Theresa sweetly

'Thanks' Jay replied keeping his eyes down, and very aware of Atlanta giving him a questioning glare but choosing to ignore it.

'What's taking Odie and Herry so long I'm starving' whined Archie,

"Hey I heard about this volleyball comp this afternoon" announced Atlanta

"Sounds like fun maybe we should enter it?" said Theresa thoughtfully.

'Whatever I bet me and Atlanta can beat anyone" said Archie full of male confidence,

'Hey Theresa why don't we enter and give them a run for there money' asked Jay evenly.

"Sure why not!" replied Theresa just as confidently as Archie.

Herry and Odie finally got back with Lunch Odie's excuse being he had to basically drag Herry away from the surfer girls and that was no easy task considering Herry was almost 3x Odie's size not to mention had Herculean strength. So they had a relaxed lunch and Neil even woke up at the smell of food, had a light lunch and fell asleep again. After lunch Herry decided to go find those surfer girls he had been chatting to, Odie was going to the nearby internet café and the rest of them except Neil were entering the volleyball comp.

Atlanta & Archie easily won there first match as did Theresa & Jay. However in the second round Archie & Atlanta made it through but...

When Jay and Theresa were playing they were leading and it looked like they were going to win, they were up against these siblings that both had identical looks of contempt and Theresa didn't trust them for some reason. On a particular hard shot Theresa had dived for the ball and got it just over the net but got a mouthful of sand and as she was getting up "WHACK!" Something hit her really hard on the head...

She woke up a few minutes later with Jay and Atlanta very close to her with concerned expressions.

"W-what happened?" asked Theresa finding a large bruise on the back of her head.

'Thank God you're okay' was Jay's relieved reply.

"That little bitch that was on the opposite team saw you were on the ground and frickin pelted the ball at you, and then she was all like 'it was an accident, it was an accident' like she cares" said Atlanta with a fire burning in her eyes.

'I think we should go sit down for now, you got a pretty nasty bruise' suggested Jay kind-heartedly. Theresa nodded acceptingly but a bit sad that they had to withdraw from the comp.

Archie and Atlanta however had made it to the next round with Atlanta more determined than ever! That bitch is so goin down; I'll teach her to mess with my friends thought Atlanta venomously.

'Are you okay?' asked Archie slightly worried about Atlanta

"Oh, I'm fine" replied Atlanta lightly.

Back at Towels:
'Are you sure you're okay' asked Jay feeling totally responsible for Theresa getting hurt even though he couldn't have done anything to prevent it.

"Yes. I'm fine Jay, actually I feel like going swimming,

' Actually I don-' started Jay.

"Look Jay I'm going swimming so you can even come with me or stay here" interrupted Theresa.

In the end Jay agreed to come with Theresa swimming. They were Splashing about in knee high water with Theresa's giggling and smiling, Jay seeing Theresa smile made him smile and they had a water fight splashing each other until they were both thoroughly wet. Suddenly Theresa felt dizzy I guess that volleyball must've hit me harder than I realised, thought Theresa but just shrugging it off she went back to splashing Jay. Suddenly a really big wave caught her off guard. I went underwater and seemed to go to this strange world where everything was floating, hold on a minute wasn't I just with Jay...

Jay meanwhile saw Theresa get dunked but when he didn't see her come out of the water he instantly got worried. He quickly dove into the water but he couldn't see her, he tried again and found her body on the sea bed and quickly scooped her up. With her in his arms he swiftly came to shore.

Oh my God if anything happened to Theresa I won't be able to live with myself, dammit I knew we shouldn't have gone in the water! Were some of the thoughts that raced through in his mind. As soon as they got back to where they had set-up he gently laid her on a towel. OMG she's not breathing, think back to CPR (a/n: wat the hell does that stand for anywayz?) 2 breaths 30 compressions.

'Okay you can do this Jay' thought Jay aloud.

He took a deep breath and opened Theresa mouth breathing oxygen into her lungs and again, okay 30 compressions

'no time to be embarrassed Jay, Theresa's life hangs in the balance' said Jay while putting his hands on her chest and pressing down, he took another deep breath and put his lips to Theresa's and feeling her move ever so slightly stopped.

I woke up feeling dizzy and really weak and I couldn't see properly for a moment but then I saw Jay and he looked really worried. I felt so weak, so I wrapped my arms around his neck, wanting, no needing his strength and his warmth when I felt so weak. My throat felt really dry but I had to tell him;

"Thank-you Jay, you saved my life."

When she had opened her eyes I felt such a massive relief but seeing her lying there so weak made me want to crawl under a rock but Theresa, oh sweet Theresa put her arms around my neck and I held her protectively, and securely in my arms. Sending a prayer of thx to every God I know of and making a silent vow I would never ever let anything happen to her.

So they stayed in each other's arms, Theresa laid her head against Jay's chest and Jay tightened his grip around Theresa's waist as they sat in a comfortable silence watching the sunset over the ocean and the sky turn into a array of beautiful colours. (A/n: they make such a cute couple!)

"Theresa! Jay!" Atlanta yelled as she was running toward them with Archie following closely behind.

"We Won! We Won!!!" said Atlanta holding a large gold trophy triumphantly.

'Congratulations' was Theresa's cheerful reply.

"Like there was any doubt we were going to lose" boasted Archie

Soon Herry turned up also in high spirits as he announced he had gotten the numbers of not 1 but 3 surfer chicks. Odie was with him and said he had spent a productive afternoon playing cyber warships and becoming Supreme Ruler of Cyber-space. And to everyone's amusement, it turned out Neil had gotten sunburnt and was as red as a tomato and was freaking out, naturally. They packed up all there gear and headed home.

'So... what did you and Jay get up to this afternoon?' asked Atlanta when they got home.

"Oh, not much" replied Theresa mysteriously.

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