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entry 1

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Atlanta gets a journal and spills her heart out! so what happens if somwone finds this journal *hint hint*. Read atlanta's journal to find out!

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okay guys, i got a diary from my mom to keep myenglish skills from dying, so i decided that our good friend Atlanta got one too!

hey diary!
it's your newest teen drama teen writter! no i am absolutly kidding! teen drama queen, ha! if you want teen drama go next door to my room, there you will find my best friend; Therisa, that is what we Canadians call: drama queen! if youwant someone smart, go hop yourself down to the bassment where you'll find our local genious: Odie, the guy has an afro, but i'm not sure if that's not just his brain...hmmmm (kidding!) or you could go for the wayyyyyto up-tight people; Jay, our oh-so up-tight leader, got a thing for therisa so it might be interesting. or you could b the dumb cool guy type in that case you want to go find Herry, he's probably in the kitchen....hey wait, who says Herry has the rain capasity to even write! (kidding!) there's also the way to full of himself guy; that would be neil and you will find him either downstaires lookig at himself in his mirror or in the bathroom doing the same thing but with a BIGGER mirror. there's also Archie, but you have to choose now! i am not going threw that list again!

you stuck with me i see, cool, i will name you Gummy, after Herry's teddy bear (sorry i love his teddy bear!). So i guess i will begin with the basics:

+my full name is Atlanta Ellen Hunt
+i am a decendant of Atalanta
+i fight to save the world from a power crazed maniac god named crounos.
+i live in a dorm with: Therisa, Odie, Herry, Archie, Neil and Jay.
+my best friends are defenatly Therisa and Archie.
+i love to hunt and run.
+i like archie...more thena friend
+and i will personally kill you if you run away to another person after this!

so now you know me! yeah, aren't i dull? Don't answer that. well today we had a crounos free day! yay! 'bout time he gave us a holiday, unfortunatly we had school and a math test, ugh. after school i jogged with Archie (i beet him back again!) and watche payper views with Odie and Herry (i didn't get any popcorn cause Herry ate it all). so now i'm in my room writting in you.
i am spilling my little heart to you, if you turn on me i will hunt you down and turnyou to dust! evil lagh oh man i'm starting to sound like crounos.

well i'm tired and i have to sleep, iam ocking you and hiding you till i'm sure i can trust you...and Odie, Neil and Herry that are rigt outside my door. *leaves for a minute,

'wack! wack! Ouch! ouch! stop it!' is heard in the distance

that was refreshing. anyways goodnight Gummy
-Atlanta Hunt


Well that was fun R/R pleasy!
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