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Entry 2

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Therisa is bugging the heck out of Atlanta, so Atlanta seeks refuge in Archie's room, she gets kicked out, how did her saturday gone? bad> or simply horrible? well i guess you'll just have to read ...

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yo Gummy (Herry teddy bear, haha)
well today sucked, Therisa's been fliping for Jay for well....sinse she met him! but she'd never tell him! no, she tells me! Joy! i love being told how 'amazing' Jay is! oh i just adore it! for once i think i would rather take on a few giants then listen to her! and that's saying something! well actually, i love kicking giant/crounos butt, i love it when he says "i hate those kids" it makes me feel...complete. So after about an hour of putting up with teen drama, i ran to Archie's room telling Therisa that i had to borrow a pen!i know, i suck at lying! well he was compltely sympathetic...NOT:

"help, Therisa's talking about boys! hide me!" i said running into Archie's room
"oh poor you, go hide somewhere else" he said, i dove under his bed "no,i like it here! anyways, she'd never come in here even if her life depended on it" i told him, as i said it, Therisa walked in "i find myself corrected" i said quietly, Archie pulled a huge smile, i was still hiden "well speak of the devil, it's Therisa, Atlanta! the girl we were just talking about! well i wont hold you both up, from what Atlanta says, it was quite exciting" Archie said walking out the door with a book in hand. Well, that's the last time i ever ask Archie Waters for help.

so, my saturday was full of drama (Zzzzzzzzz) suspence (that was when Therisa left for lemonade, and i sat, anticipating her return...NOT!) and hard-core fun! (NOT AT ALL! who's writting this garabage? oh right that's me, oops)So you ask, "is it even possible to have that much fun in one day?" well trust me, it is....if your dead! other wise, it's a big drag!, well enough of me ranting about all this Gummy, how about i tell you the best news ever!

(drum roll please) i got a 100% on my test! yay me! suprised? i know me too! okay is it just me or did i just sound like London Tipton from the suite life of Zack and cOdy? Oh god, my life has gone to the dogs! speaking of dogs, i convinced Jay and...well...Neil (he's terrified of all animals, for sure dogs after the cibirus insident). so i convinced them (puppy dog face!) to allow me to get (another drum roll if i may) I DOG! yes a real dog! no, not the furreal friends dogs, i real barking dog! well i have to study, tommorow were going to get it! yay!

oh and by the way, i'm writting each day, so you know that yesterday was friday the 5th of febuary! and today is saturday the 6th of febuary! only i few short days till the worst holiday ever! Valintines day (ouch, there should be a law against that holiday). well i'd best go, Herry's wondering where i put his frosted flakes. anyways later!

beybye Gummy.


well there! it's a bit of a classic twist, and so not that original, but i am getting there, i just started school in an english school here in Newfoundland, unfortuantly, the french teacher sucks, so it's gonna be a long and painful year. R/R! pleasy!
luv FrenchFish
it's real short, sorry!
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