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entry 3

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Mister Hops has been stolen! well he was found in the bathroom, but he is Atlanta's precious plushy frog! and Herry's gonna have a tea party with him!! AHHH

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yo Gummy
It's moi! unfortunatly, Hera placed me in (okay can we have a : DUN DUN DUN) FRENCH CLASS!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH! trust me je ne parle pas french! at all! whatever got into her skull that said 'put Atlanta in french class...she'll love it' has a serious problem.

well the reason for my ranting is this:
an 89%!!!!!!!! on my mid-term! AH! now my grades gonna be...97! well that was wayyyyyy to therisa for me to handel, sorry Gummy.

well okay back to this fine, dreary, terrible and cloudy tuesday in febuary, only a few more day till **** day. anywho, today was bad,
1. i didn't have gym (boo hoo hoo)
2. i didn't have my english homework done! (my teacher murdered me!)
3. Archie found my plushy frog in the bathroom!(oh the irony!)
4. Archie hasn't given mister hops back sinse he found him (mister Hops aka plushy frog)
5. he's blackmailing me with him (oh god, this ought to be good)
6. Herry thinks he'd make a good friend for Gummy!!!!!! (no offence or anything)

well that's about it, mister hops is in Archie's room, where i shall go and save him from a certain death!
run's out of room heroically, heard in the distance- "where is he?" "and i'm gonna tell you" (ohh the nerve that guy has) "yes you are" i say dangling a red book out the window "it's been good dealing with you, but he's in Herry's room...i think he said there having a tea party" well he coughed over the location, but my poor mister hops, tea party, BIG NO NO! I run out of room heroically...again

well i'm back, seems mister hops has been taken captive, it is my duty as a hero to save my unfortuante mister hops from a certain death...Herry's tea is deadly, it'll only take a minute for that poison to sink in (no offence Herry).

Leaves room, and goes down the Herry's room, distante begging is heard "please! please give him back! he's still young!" (i don't beg on a regular bassiss) "what? you mean the frog? oh him! yeah, Archie has him, i was gonna have him accompany Gummy to a tea party in Therisa's room, but Therisa said Frog isn't the tea loving type of reptile" Herry explained holding Gummy the bear in his hands "ARCHIE!" is now heard

Back again! well i am now going to go kill Archie, and get my mister hops back! Grrrrrr that guy has nerve, well i'd best leave you for this evening.

later Gummy!


hey guys, it's moi, well sorry this one is short, yet sweet, i'm on a slow computer today so i'd best not write much, well hope you guys enjoy it! later aligators!
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