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entry 4

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mister frog's back, Atlanta's lad no one is bugging her about ****** day dance. so see what happenes!

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yo yo my home slice Gummy man (sorry, gangsta slang is adictive!)

well it's the day after the last day i wrote, Theresa was over excited for one reason or another, i don't see why! she got a 88 on her english exam! Phooey! I got a remarkable....wait for it....wait for it...99! yes! oh yes! I have just returned from a very interesting episode of Delilah and Julius! So i think i will discribe it to you:

I sit on coach (no not the human kind) and is watching as Julius is holding down mister evil man (doctor dismay) and I say to Archie "wait for it...wait for it..." and at the same time as Julius (on TV) i say "you doctor have an appointment with a medical doctor" well no, Julius says 'justice' but i say he's retardedly challenged, so i have booked him an appointment with the local mental doctor! laughs like Crounos Man i might as well myself an appointment while i'm at it!

Well that was a very interesting time in front of the TV with Archie, it took a while t convince him to watch cartoons...actually i couldn't convince him, i wrestled him for the remote! It worked. Well how about i tell you what is SOOOO right with today:
1. I was defending Archie today against some weirdo popular guys and i said "i like his hair" and Archie blushed! Do you know how much teasing abilities that gives me! he'll be at my merci all week!
2. Jay is thinking about asking Theresa to the *** day dance! And i have been told that i will be murdered if i tell Theresa....oh man, it sounds terrible on paper (note to self, put that on terrible things about today)
3. Theresa hasn't attacked me yet about the ** day dance! Yay! it's only a matter of time...before she strikes.
4. I got mister frogs back! WOOTNESS!

So there you go, today rocks it's colourful soks and i am happy. Though Crounos attacked, he's evil if you know what i mean (that was retarded) and so we fought him and the giants, i saved Archie's butt (again) and he said 'i ow you one' (again). Aren't we repetative!

Oh crap...NO! NOT AGAIN! I noticed just now that i have a massive tere in the butt of my jeans! AHHHHHHH! And tTheresa didn't even tell me! AHH! And i have to borrow her jens! AHHHH! FOR ZEUS' SAKE! SOMEONE SAVE ME! So iam about to go and borrow jeans from Terry (can i hear a ; DUN DUN DUN).

leaves room to see theresa "oh my god! you poor child! POh that is rich!" is heard from Theresa, Archie comes outsdie Theresa's door "what's so funn- oh my god!" Archie says seeing the hole in my pants, i put my hands over my pink undies, he blushes and leaves "no, that was rich" i tell Theresa

I'm back, Theresa gave me a pair of blue jeans, their simple, but still tight! man how does that girl fit in this stuff? Well i have to go and watch Herry ask out a girl over the phone (he stutteres like a lunitic!) so i will be enjoying myself! well later Gummy, have i nice evening! 5 days till the...**** day! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH jeez i feel like Neil right now.

later Gummy!


hey guys, it's moi again, hope you like Atlanta's new log! well it's about to get interesting! YAY! later aligators!
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