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entry 5

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They got a dog! his name is Bay and he is wikked!

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hi Gummers

well today was the day i have anticipated! yes please drum roll! (dun dund dun) WE GOT A PUPPY!!!!!! YES a real living, breath stinking DOG! Well he is a golden retreiver/beagle! he is the cutest thing ever! (ugh, did i just say cute?) So me, Theresa, Odie, Herry, Neil, Archie and Jay all had to come up with a name (another drum roll please) we have named him...Bay! yes, his name is Bay. Named after my all time favorite place: Mahone Bay in Nova-scotia! I love it there, and for some odd reason, so does Jay (he had a sailing tournament there and won) so we named him Bay, it suits him to, since he has a blue staine on his fur from some dye that was in the pound. Okay so you might want the news now:

"today on the Atlanta's life report. Jay is trying VERY hard to convince our friend Atlanta to see if Theresa likes him! What a dimwit! No offence Jay, but isn't it obvious? Well next up is the dreaded day, ***day that is. Herry and Odie have dates and Neil has many. Archie keeps stutering when he's arouns Atlanta and he is always red! What's gotten into him!? Well as that awful day approches, Atlanta draws ever the more depressed (no not the wrist cutting type) so she may live with Artemis for a while, so she can recover from her **** day forced depression. And that is all for today, good night and have a good life"

Well there you have it, the news. Crounos attackd us again, this time we just got a good laugh at him! It was friggin hilarious! He took this thing and pointed it at us. But it was the wrong way! so the lazer thingy hit him! and he shrunk to the size of a seed! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! He made a seed sized portal and left us, we were rolling on the floor laughing as he cried as he left! HAHAHAHAHA! and i got it on tape! that's defenatly a grammy winner! Well i guess i should leave you Gummy, cause i get to walk Bay! well later Gummers!
Ps, it's a good thing you didn't leave! cause you would be dead by now.

sorry it's short! like really short, but i have to jet. So enjoy!
later aligators!
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