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entry 6

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Atlanta meets mister le cuty at a restaurant in ENGLAND! YAY! well the team is in england so read and review!

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hey Gummer!
i am happy, ho-hum, so don't you start ruining it! well not that you can....but if you can, i'd advise you not to! So i guess you are wondering fullfledgedly (is that a word? with my vocabulary knowingness, probably not) what the hell is making me so happy? well i guess it might be cause...WERE ON A MISSION! BOOYA! (i watched kim possible, don't ask) Like this is vry good, you see, were in the home of Willy Shakespear himself! Not that i know who the hell that old fart is! Theresa seems to know though...ho-hum. Soif oyur a slowslug like Archie (hahahahahahaha) i will tekll you where i am...BRITAN! and if you are still slower, like Herry (hahaahahahahahaha) then i will say it this way: I. Am. In, England!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alrighty then, if your slower then that, you must be a two year old, which if you are, i don't know how you are even reading this! Hey wait....this is a diary, no one is gonna open up and read this! No duh Atlanta! jeez man, took long enough!

well back to why we are in the land of the wait, that's Scottland, we are in David Beckam's country! sweet! no wonder Archie's so giddy! wel anywho, were here cause there have been, um, er, this mat sound stupid, but there's been gargoyle attacks. Okay laugh it up! but it's true! sure we haven't seen them, but w have footage of them! Well there's Jay calling me, he says there has been an attack that is going on right now! well got to go kick some gargoyle butt from here to texas!

*****3 hours later******

it was a smashing time! (that's what the english folk say! smashing! HA!) we smashed up gargoyles! There's like an army! and they just kept coming! so we had to retreat, but once we retreated, they ...left! like flew away! i think they're on tea break (tea break, coffee break! HA! i crack myself up!) so we went back to the motel for a supper! Okay this is what happened in the restaurant:

"they have frog legs on the menu! EWWW!" Theresa said, that gave me and idea
"shhhh, watch this. Waiter!" i called, a british waiter (very cute might i add) came over
"what can i do you for?" he asked in his oh-so awsome accent.
"do you guys have frog legs?" i asked, he smiled
"yes" he said
"well then hop back tot he kitchen and get me a number 4" i said, Theresa laughed, the waiter pounded me on the back
"you lot's full of rubbish, though you both are quite smashing" said the waiter laughing. and just to be funny he hopped back to the kitchen! AHHHH and he was only maybe a year older then me! Theresa was flipping out
"you should get his number!" she said
"i might have to Terri" i told her, she laughed "froh legs, ha!" she said again. I didn't find it that funny myself, but i sure liked making others people laugh (for sure if it was a hot guy!).

well the rest of the night went smoothly, once he brought over our food, he slipped a number into my hand while giving my plate to me! YAY! i am going out with a smashing looking guy! i'm turning into an english girl! this is so cool! I LOVE ENGLAND! Though Archie hadn't seen me and little sir cutesy so it was pretty good! The paper has:

mark is his name! sweet, well i have to go talk to madame le drame, (Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) well later Gummy! please try to hide yourself from Bay, he was nibbling at you this morning, yes you heard me, Bay is with us, he was cooped up all day though, so i think i'm gonn atake him for a walk tomorow! well see ya gummy!


well another chapter of Atlanta's secretes, if you wanna know i'm getting to the climax (i think that's what you guys call it?) so keep reading! and i'll keep writing!
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