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entry 7

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i suck at summaries, just read it guys, it's good

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yo Gummster!

listen to this! i wrote it for England! Land of the good looking lads! (lol):

Over the sea
far away from home
i want to see
i want to explore
where i have never been before
i want to be
i want to hear
i want to see
and explore
where i have never been
searching out the new
in the land
acrossed the sea
will you come with me
or will we just wait and see.

haha! it sucks! i think i'll work on it! anywho, i think Archie is ignoring me...or avoiding me, either or! anyways, i have not the time for this! Listen to this!:

okay i went on a date with waiter guy! He told me to call him Bob, why? don't ask! But we went to this festival across the river and we went on a walk and he kissed me goodnight! Unfortunatly, Theresa, Neil and Archie walked in on us! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Theesa took a picture befor ei could notice and she threatning to blackmail me! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! what does Jay see in that girl? Well on the other hand, Bay went pee-pee on the floor! the maid refused to clean it uo so we are now debating which of us will do it.

All in all, (if i don't have to clean up that wee-wee on the floor that is) i had a fantastic day! Crap, nope, my day shall end badly, cause Theresa said if i didn't do it she'd blackmail me! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Well i am overly hyper right now and i could write a thousand words but i guess i must go clean up doggy wee-wee.

later my home gee Gummy!

short? i know! SORRY!!! i wanna update all my stories, by the way, the ending of 80's all over again (groovy baby) is up! not many people have read it! BOO HOO HOO! well it's sad so if you don't wanna, i have no objections! Well i must go train my mother in 'the english' as she says it. haha well byebye
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