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entry...lost track i think it's 8

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Atlanta went on another date...and Archie reads the diary...and Atlanta has no idea...

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yo Gum-myster
this has been the oddest and weirdest and most terrifying day of my life!! I went out with little mister england again, he was all cool and we went for lunch (oh right, i've now been in biscuit-a-go-go-land now for 4 days) he is really nice, we went to the park after and we played "football" aka soccer with some "lads" aka boys, for at least an hour till Jay seen us and joined in (he's the Olympia high 'A' soccer team captaine). It was me, England boy (my date) and a bunch of other guys vs. Jay and some guys. Well i'll put this lightly...WE HAD OUR REAR ENDS KICKED!!!! This is what one of the guys said to Jay:
"I thought we were the soccer capital of the world, you've got game" Jay was delighted, and i have a feeling, so will Theresa.

Oh, right, mister England walked me home (Jay had gone to the library with Odie) ans once we had reached the hotel (aka home) we kissed and got to a number 6! Oh right, if you don't know what that means, i'll show you the levels:

1. Hand holding
2. cheek kiss
3. kiss goodnight (peck on lips)
4. sijple kiss (peck, it may come at anytime, it means he doesn't mind people knowing he likes you, no tung)
5. open mouth kiss (no tung! just let some oxygene intheir mouth)
6. tung tied kiss (french kiss)
7. upper body touching (not in bed, meaning they might not have a shirt on and stuff, but it is still...PG)
8. upper body touching (indoors, not in bed, but they're may be no outer clothes on, but not naked!!!)
9. Bed stuf (not the whole thing, just touching in bed...ewwwwwww am i sick minded?)
10. The whole deal! Absolutly R rated!

there you go, this is Theresa's list by the way, though she swears it's not by experiance...i don't believe her..KIDDING! Well i'm in my room (that i share with Theresa) and i am writting, i REALLY like mister england!!! YAY! But i think i still like Archie...but he can't know that! I'm only in England for a while, Archie's always gonna be there, i don't want this all to fall like the london bridge! (when in england do as the english do! so Sing 'london bridge is falling down').

well i guess i should Vamoose, Theresa may come in and read ...BITE HER IF SHE DOES!!!!

well Later gummers!

(Atlanta stops writting and leaves the room, Archie comes in looking for Atlanta "Lannie? you here?" he says, he looks on the bed and finds the small diary/english notebook. "what's this?" he says, he opens it and starts to read...)

It has just gotten interesting!! SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!!
luv ya
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