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entry...oh give it a rest! it's an entry!

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Atlanta is getting mixed feelings about Archie and mister England, and Jay seems to have a secrete and Atlanta wants answers before she heads home! detective Atlanta's on teh case! lol (it's dorky ...

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Hello Gummey

I feel like crap, no not poops crap, and not like i feel sick like crap, it's more emotionally that i feel like crap. Archie has been almost avoiding me, and Jay is giving me aqward looks, okay, if it weren't for that fact that other then Archie, Jay's my best friend, i wouldn't get so weird! But whenever somethings up with me, the first person that talks is either: Archie or Jay. And now suddenly, Jay is just giving me weird looks! FOR GODS SAKES ALIVE! So i have decided right now that i will go ask him what the hells wrong with him! HUMPH!

leaves room, heard in the distance

"What's wrong with you?" (me)
"me! What's up with you!?" (jay, the dumb ass he can be at times)
"what the hell Jay! You've been giving me weird looks all day!" (me, duh)
"that might be because you've looked consitapated all morning, seriously, looking the mirror before Neil sees you and makes it a joke" (Jay, well i guess i shouldn't call him a dumb ass....but he can be)
"WHAT! I did not look constipated all morning!" (me, wtf)
"yes, this is what you looked like all morning) (jay, he then made a constipated face)
"Really?" (me, i was seriously biting my lip so it sounded like 'melly')
"yep, what's up with you?" (Jay asked, he pointed at me to sit on the bed)
"I don't know, Archie's avoiding me and Theresa' know...out of it right now" (me, no kidding)
"I know, Theresa just needs time to get back on her mental feet, but Archie, that guy i cannot explaine" (Jay said)
"Jay have you kissed Theresa yet?" (me, that was out of teh blue!)
"no, she doesn't even like me, i just know it" (Jay said, looking back at his book)
"What! You just 'know' this do you? Have you ever considered telling her?" (me, of course)
"And what about you? You haven't gotten around to telling Archie" (Jay, dang that boy makes a good fight, too good...humph)
"Ya, but that's..." (my voice trailed off)
"Different? Hardly" (Jay said all the while reading)
"i guess your right....what should i do? I mean i like mister english and all but..." (me, Jay interupted me)
"You reallly like Archie, i know" (Jay, dang that boys good)
"Now, how do you know all this?" (me, that bo is a mystery he is)
"Cause, been there, done that, got the t-shirt as a keepsake" (Jay said, it was a horrible joke, but he was just saying that he's been where i am)
"What happened?" (I asked)
"nothing good" (that would be Jay talking, the secretive bugger that he is)
"But i got it a lot worse, just think, there's a lot worse things inthe world" (Jay continued, not quite helpful)
"Great, so i get to think about all the girls who are engaged when their born?" (me, asking, bad idea, Jay went red)
"Ya, but there were also the guys they have to marry, but that's enough for now, i have to call Hera" (Jay, he was just distracting, i am sure)
"Thanks for the help....i think" (me, a he left, he nodded and left)

Run's back to room and continues writting

I don't know what's up with Jay, but he seems to know a lot about kids getting engaged, maybe he wants to be a kid version of a justice of the piece! haha! Wouldn't Theresa love that! NOT! Well i will be looking at this further in the future, that boyhas to fess up sooner or later....preferably sooner then later. Well i went out with mister england again and he is really nice, but i'm having seconde thoughts....i don't know what i'll do about the Archie thing. Well HO-HUM! haha, well i have to go and fight so stone gargoyle butt!
later Gummy!
your friend
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