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entry: Biscuit-a-gogo-land

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Atlanta has a plan to get Jay out of a sticky greek situation, and she catches mister england cheating!

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yo Gum

Okay here's what just happened to me:

I was walking with Jay, when Jay pushed me behind a tree i was like "what are you doing?" and he sushed me and pointed at mister england! He was making out with a blonde girl! "What an ass hole" Jay said, i stared at Jay "you never curse" i said "ya, well it's guys like that who piss me off" he said, we got up and walked up to him, Jay tapped him on the shoulder, we had a plan, i hid behind a table "Aren't you Atlanta's boy friend?" Jay asked "yeah, aren't you Jay?" he asked "yeah, so what are you doing cheating on her?" Jay asked (the boys good) "I'm cheating on her, but you aren't gonna say a word" he told Jay lifting Jay up by the scruff of his neck, Jay kicked him in the place where the light does not shine "I don't have to" Jay said, that was my que "you son of a B**" i said slapping him "very colourful choice of words there Lanta" Jay said "thank you" i said and we walked back to the soccer pitch where we were gonna play with the 'lads'.

So that was my experiance, i hate him, a lot. I haven't told Theresa yet, Jay wont, i know he wont. We faught some Gargoyle butt today, we haven't won yet, but Jay thinks that this will be one of our last missions, he says he doesn't know how heknows, but he just has a feeling....i guess it's that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you see a stone Gargoyle trying to bite your noggen off. I told Archie that me and mister England were threw, he seemed happy. So i guess being in Biscuit-a-gogo-land was a bit of a learning experiance.

I dug up a bit on what Jay told me last time, this is my conclusion: Jay is engaged. You may think 'what the hell' but i say 'yes, very much hell' cause, a lot of people in grece and other places have pre-engagments, bethrothed, and since Jay used to live in grece and his parents are greek, i suspect that he's engaged! So now i think i will go and ask him that.
Leaves room and goes to Jay's room

"I figured out what you said last night" i say
"ya, and what is that?" Jay asked
"Your bethrothed" i said simply
"You make it sound so un-important, like it's not something that's gonna keep me from being with people i really" Jay said unhappily
"i didn't mean it that way! I'm sorry Jay, this must be why you can't be all flirty and stuff with Theresa" i presumed
"Yes" he said
"Why don't you ask your parents to call it off?" i asked him
"Cause it's not that simple, i'd dishonor my family from our family name and our culture!" Jay said
"So not only do you have to think about saving the world but also about marrying the girl you don't want to marry" i said
"in a nutshell" he said
"what does she look like?" i asked, he held up a picture of a family, my eyes traveled to the girl in the front, she had brown crimppy hair, a wide smile and a small nose, she was quite pretty, not pretty like Theresa, but pretty nontheless.
"I really think you should tell your parents you don't want to marry her" i told him again, he sighed
"When i think about this that's when i start to think 'hey, Crounos, take the world, please end my life' i mean, the only way out of my culture and traditions is to die" Jay said
"Jay, there's also talking" i told him fearing he'd comit suicide or something
"I'm not suicidal Atlanta, and i might try to talk my parents out of it, but i can't just drop out" he said
"But if someone else were to try and get you out of it...." i said
"Then it would be fair" he told me
"Don't lose hope Jay" i told him
"Atlanta, don't tell Theresa" he said as i left
"Sure thing Jay" i said and walked back to my room.

Starts to write again

Well, i guess i have a mission, Jay cannot marry that way! He's my friend! I have to help him out of this hole.

well i must go walk Bay before he makes a puddle in the hotel room.
later Gummy!
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