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let's all crash a wedding

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Atlanta confronts Archie about him being in her diary and Jay tells Theresa about the whole him being engaged.

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hey Gummy

I don't know what to think right now. Odie came up to me and said that Archie had read my diary, he said that Archie had found it open and kinda read the first page! I started to yell at him for lying, Archie walked in the room and was like:
"Guys! Stop it! Neil's right Atlanta, i had come in to talk to you and i found it andit had fallen and it was open....and my curiosity got the better of me....sorry" he said, i had slapped him and ran to my room. This is when i decided to tell Theresa everything, i've never poored my heart out to Theresa before, turns out that she listened the whole time and actually gave very good advice
"Archie read my diary, what should i do?" i asked her after spilling my heart to her
"Slap him" she said simply
"already did that" i to,d her, she smiled
"for the next 2 days, whenever you see he, give him a nasty look" she said
"Good idea" i said hugging her
"hey, have you noticed anythign weird about Jay?" she asked, if your wondering, Jay got a call, i haven't asked about it yet, but he looks really shooken up and threw up once.
"Other then the usual, No" i said
"I tried to talk to him and he said that 'it's nothing i can help, if i could, i would'" Theresa said, she left my room after that.

So, I am now going to ask Mister Jay, what the hell is going on!
Leaves room, walkes to Jay's room

"Jay" i call at the door
"come in" Jay says flatly
"What was that phone call about man?" i ask, getting right to the point
"Nice to see you too, and why should i say a word to you?" he asked
"The only thing you would never tell Theresa is you being bethrothed (engaged when your a baby) so it has to have something to do with that" i said
"It does" he said
"Then what?" i ask, getting fed up
"th-they decided on a date...for the wedding that is" Jay said looking at his shoes
"WHAT! When?" i asked hysterically
"5 weeks" Jay said quietly
"Jay" i sat down and hugged him
"We'll need to do something about this faster then expected" i said
"what? No!" he said
"Okay Jay, your gonna tell me that Theresa is just a phase, you'll get overher, but the rest of your life is a head of you man! What are you gonna do then?!" i asked him, he looked at the floor
"I-I'm gonna tell them...." Jay said
"But what about the whole 'family name' thing?" i asked
"I have to stick up for myself Atlanta, i'll go call her parents you mind going on the other phone and you me a bit?" he asked
"I think Theresa could do the most damage, i'll listen in with her" i told him, he gulpped
"This means we'll have to tell her" he said
"yeah, i'll back you up" I told him.
"let's go and get this over with" he said.

Atlanta runs in and graes diary, then runs to the living room part of the hotel room.

Jay- "Theresa, could we talk to you?"
Theresa- "sure"
Jay- "i haven't been all around truthful with you"
Me- "Jay has...some odd business at home that we need your help with, well he needs your help with"
Theresa- "what is it?"
Jay- "I'm bethrothed"
Theresa- gasp
me- "but, he's going to call it off now"
Jay- "but i think i'll need your help"
Theresa- "why?" (she looks very happy)
me- "Cause, there gonna want a reason, and since you two like each other, why not use you"
Jay and Theresa- "Atlanta!"
me- "what? It's true"
Jay- looks at his shoes
Theresa- blushes
me- "So, Theresa is going to be on the phone and back up whatever Jay may say"
Theresa- "er, got it"
Jay- "sure passes Theresa a phone, and starts to dial numbers Hello? Is this Mister Marina?"
m.marina- "yes, who is this?" (very greek accent)
Jay- "This is Jay, i am calling to speak to you about the arranged marrage"
m.marina- "Hello Jay! What is it?"
Jay- "i'd like to call it off" (that seemed easy)
m.marina- shockes and coughs"You know that doing this you have disrupted your family name?"
Jay- "If i did it i would be disrupting my life"
Theresa- "and mine"
m.marina- "who is that!?"
Jay- gives Theresa a questioning look, she nods in agreement "She's my fiancee"
me- falls to the ground laughing
m.marina- screames in greek, Jay tries to calm him down
me- still rolling on the floor trying to catch my breath threw my laughing...not working, this is incredably funny once you see there faces
Theresa- "Calm down for heavans sake! There's this little thing called free will you know!? And Jay has chosen free will over a name!" (you go girl)
m.marina- "you do not know what it is to have a name! You are a thilthy American!"
Theresa- "no, i'm Canadian buddy"
m.marina- "your all the same!"
Theresa- "you listen here! Your daughter would never love Jay! She would marry him and perhaps have children, but never love him! Is that what you want your daughters life to be like?"
me- laughs even harder, manages to grip Theresa's jeans and get to my feet
m.marina- "If it means keeping our family name, yes!"
me- falls over
Theresa- "you thilthy, thoughtless creature! Who under gods name would do such a thing?! No one of any pride"
me- salutes her like soldiers in the navy do
m.marina- "you know nothing of Pride!"
Jay- "a hell lot more then you do!"
m.marina- "I would not expect this from a man of such parents, you were always such a gentalman Jay, what happened to you?"
me- grabs the phone from Theresa "He met the real world!"
Jay- "This is a decition i made on my own sir, there is no need to blame this on my parents, goodbye and good luck" hangs up.

Jay looked at Theresa, she looked back, they both have that blushing cute gag worthy look on their faces, i look like i'm gonna blow chunks "gotta go" i run form the room.

If you wnated to know, i was writting this all down as it went along. Can't stay, i have to go and give Archie dirty looks, i still can't believe he did that! What a jerk!
byebye Gummy
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