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Clubs, masks and true that's gay, let's try again...crap no more space!

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The gang goes to a club! And Jay seems to have loosened up since the phone call, Theresa loves it! But she thinks it's all an act, what can Atlanta do to get Theresa to understand= This is Jay!! TH...

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hey Gummy

I am sooooo gonna sound like that host from E-talk Canada, aren't I? Well, what teh hell! You hAVE to know! Okay, last night Theresa came to my door and asked if i would come with her and the rest of the gang, i was like 'sure thing' so we ll started to walk down the street and we came to this club! Yes a club! Theresa handed me a fake ID, we got passed the bouncer and into the club. It was full of lights and music and college people. We started to dance to the band, it was so much fun and i felt like such a bad girl just dancing there! Theresa seemed to be thinking along the same lines as me, caue we went to the middle of the dance floor and started dancing with some other girl, i have to hand it to Theresa: the girl can dance! At one point she was dirty dancing with some girls and then she's back with me doing some hip hop stuff! After and hour the boys joined us, Herry was dancing with some girl (not quite dirty dancing, not quite) and so was Odie, i could see Neil not far away from us with some blonde girl, they were dirty dancing like Crounos was gonna blow him up tommorow! The boy is sick and wrong! Theresa pointed Neil out to me "poor girl" she said meaning the blonde "ya" i agreed. Jay soon started to dance with Theresa, i must say, Jay can dance to! What is with this? The two who dance best are dancing together? Not fair! We need to spread the talent! While Theresa is blushing madly as she and Jay dance (not quite dirty, not quite) i go over to find Archie.
"Archie, come on!" i sayd to him as i find him at a table "no! I odn't dance Atlanta! Trust meon this one!" Archie aid esperatly "no, you are coming with me" i said dragging him off. I pulled the reluctant Archie to the middle of the dance floor, but we were stopped bya group of people, i looked over them to find a kinda dance competion going on! Neil and the blonde, Theresa and Jay, two people i didn't know and another two people i didn't know! The music picked up a beet and the dancing got faster, Neiland teh blonde gave up and went into some corner to make out. One of the couples dropped out leaving Jay and THeresa against the two others. Archie was behind me cheering for Theresa and Jay, Jay had seemed to really loosen up since the phone call when we crashed his wedding. Soon the other couple dropped out, Theresa and Jay won. Everyone cheered and i hugged Archie, just a reaction, Theresa came over and hugged me and shook Archie's hand, Jay was just smiling, not a kind smile or anything, it was more of a...teasing smile? No that's not the word, um, a half smile! There we go! Well we continued to dance, i convinced Archie to dance, he isn't so great at dancing, but he's as good as a lot of boys with wonky anckles. I checked my watch after what seemed like only 10 minutes; 1:33!!!! In the morning! We'd been there for 6 hours!!! I walked over to Jay "hey, you know that it's 1:30 in the morning" i told him, "crap, i guess we'd better go" he said, he sounded reluctant "another half hour! Please!" i said helping himout with his decition to stay longer "if we must" he said sarcastically with a brode smileon his face as he took Theresa's hand and the returned to dance. That god for wedding crashers! The boy can live again! A half hour later we were all outside the club and started to walk home, Neil had lipstick all over his face, neck and a trail doing down his chest! A girl had kissed his chest!!! And who knew how far down that lipstick mark was goin, eww dirty thoughts!! Get out of my head blasted dirty thoughts, that is sick and wrong! Herry looked happy (though that might be the 3 beers he had acting up), Jay was smiling calmly (as always, he like a guiny pig....calm like a guiny pig....sweet, shit, i'm comparing the guy Theresa likes to a guiny pig, she's gonna murder me!!!!),Theresa was smiling happily (she had one beer and she's as happy as Herry? wow, i'll never let her have more then one glass of wine...EVER!), Archie seems happy (he had one beer, but he isn't as happy looking as Herry and Theresa) Odie is almost asleep (Odie had one beer, and he took it HARD). The only people who didn't were me and Jay, were just to smart for that....well Jay is, i only drink coolers though, he-he, kidding, i hate alchol for reasons i shall not speak of.

Me and Jay helped Odie into bed. I then climbed into the bed i share with Theresa and started to write. We fought some more gargoyle butt, we finished them off today, were flying back home the day after tommorow. As i sit here on my bed, Theresa is starting to give me a look
"What's up Lanta?" she asks
"Just, stuff, howare you?" i ask
"pffff, fine" she says, though her voice said otherwise
"What's on your mind?" i ask
"Just, stuff i guess. This whole past twp days have worked me up" Theresa says
"What stuff Terrie?" i ask
"It's just, have you ever thought that you know someone, but it seems that their hiding and suddenly their not hiding, and your not quite sure why, but you never minded either one?" she asks
"You mean, the one with the mask and the one without the mask?" i ask
"ya" she says
"Your talking about him aren't you?" i ask meaning Jay
"You know Atlanta, i got so annoyed at 'him' before when he refused to loosen up and now i have what i want and i all seems to perfect, and i'm scared that it'll all blow up in my face as if it were all a" she stops
"An act" i finish for her
"exactly, it's been done to me before, and i want someone real, not someone who's doing what i want just to please me" Theresa said
"Theresa, 'he's' real, trust me, I think that phone call just let him...regain who he was outside of his little marrage" i tell her
"I don't know Atlanta, it seems too good to be true" she says
"Sleep on it Theresa, Jay loves you and he'd do anything for you, but he wouldn't change who he was for a girl, he's to smart for that" i thought back on what i said, crap! I said Jay 'loves' her!!!!!!
"what did you say? about eh love thing?" Theresa asks
"Jay loves you, er, but he isn't going to change his persona just for you, he wants you to love him back for him, not for someone you wnat him to be. Our Jay isn't far away now, he's just taking a backseat" i told her
"Man, i'm deep" i said after re-running what i had said.
"Yes, yes it was" Theresa said, she got up and sat on the balcony.

I hate seeing Theresa this way, it makes me feel bad for everytime i called her the 'resident drama queen' that's Archie's job! Well i think i shoudl sleep all this 'deepness' is making me mucho tired.

nighty night Gumm-da-man-in-da-house
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