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I shall name this one: Girlfriend! God forbid I remember the number of this entry!

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Rallie's inthis chapter! Jay is partners with her in Science and Theresa is having a cow! Atlanta must not only protect Rallie form potential physical harm, but she must also figure out her feeling...

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Entry...god forbid I remember.

Okay, I haven't writen in...FOREVER!!!!! Okay, i am being over-dramatic...Like Theresa! I am so mean. Mouhahahahahahaha. Okay, we got home yesterday. We had a plane ride...It was funny...I choked...and laughed my ass off! Archie was vomiting his guts out along with Herry, Jay had his face in his hands trying not to watch. I was watching them and laughing. Theresa was green. Odie was sucked into an online game on his lap-top. And Neil was too absorbed in his reflection to notice. We are all pure random evil.

We came back to school. Yay (sarcasm). I passed my french test with an 89%!!!!!!!! I'M FAILING!!!!!! I am now getting a french tutor. Because i am a hopless french student. Theresa had a cow when Jay and some girl named Rallie (go and read '80's all over again' to find out who Rallie is or was) are partners in science and she is coming over to work on some gay project with him. Theresa is still fuming. She's actually ranting to me right now. It's messing up my writing. Man, she is such a drama queen.

As for mister england, I am so over him. He is like Tea-time-a-gogo-land is to me: It is behind me! The gargoyles were weird. I never want to fight stone creatures again! But for all I know we will be next week. Erlack! Anywho. Avril Lavinges new CD came out and I bought it! Don't tell ANYONE! Everyone thinks I am strictly Metallica fan. Not Avril Laving.

I have to go. I have to go tell off some Rallie girl with Theresa for 'stealing' her man. Yeah. Rallie just walked in the door and Theresa's in labour with her cow. She's on a mad cow rampage.
later Gummy
lots of luuuuuuurve
PS. Hey hey
you you
I don't like your girlfriend
No way
no way
I think you need a new one
hey hey
you you
I could be your girlfriend!

from me to you Gummy! I wanna be your girlfriend and get married to a book! Yay! Because books are so much less complicated then real guys. Guys are messed up cows with weird hormones. HA! Take that Archie! I will marry my diary not you! HA! Man, I am not in love with Archie...I am not...I am not...I am not...I am not...I am so gonna keep denying it...I will not give in...I do not like him...Grrrrrrrrr stupid hormones.
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