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AxA's Hookup

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the title just says it all....

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heyy guys and galz!! This is now the second last chapter of this story....I hope y'all enjoy it and that i will write my last chapter very soon.....bye!!

Archie and Jay both fell asleep on two separate couchs in Chiron's study. He had pulled them out when Jay and Archie both refused to leave until they knew for sure that Theresa and Atlanta were okay. Jay had about a two hour struggle to get to sleep, but then he finally did when Chiron brought him some Nequil. Archie however, wasnt getting any sleep at all. He was tossing and turning but still could not get to sleep. He decided that he should probably get up and read a good book. He got off the couch and went over to Chiron's bookshelf. He found books on philiosophy, mythology, math, medical rules. He even had porn?! Archie finally found a Shakespeare book and he decided to read it until he fell asleep. He sat on the couch and began to read. He didnt read more than two lines of it; he was bored already. He tossed the book away and he rested his head on his pillow. He tried counting sheep.
"one sheep....two sheep....three sheep....four sheep....five sheep....Oh what the hell am i doing?! This isnt going to get me to sleep!! God dammit this is useless!" Archie was loudly cursing. Suddenly, he felt someone tap on his shoulders.
"Can you keeep it down Arch? I want to get some sleep." Archie turned his head and gasped. It was Atlanta! She was alive!! Archie jumped up off the couch and hugged her tightly.
"Atlanta! You're alive and okay! I'm so happy!" Atlanta smiled her usual sweet smile.
"I'm glad too....but I'm mainly happy about this." She handed him her hand; her missing finger had grown back! Archie looked at her confused.
"How did your finger grow back?" Atlanta pointed to the golden cloak.
"The cloak helped me get better and it got rid of all my pain and injuries. And it grew my finger back." Archie took her hand and then held her other one. He looked into her eyes.
"Atlanta....there's something that i wanna tell you." Atlanta looked at him, the same way he was looking at her.
"There's nothing I want to tell you too." Archie raised both eyebrows.
"What is it?" Atlanta smiled mischieviously.
"I could show you better than i could tell you." Archie stared at her as Atlanta wrapped her arms around his neck and she pulled him into a sweet passionate kiss. They were there making out for about ten minutes, until Archie broke it off. He looked at her and smiled.
"I love you Atlanta." She smiled back at him.
"I love you too Archie." They kissed once more and Archie picked her up.
"C'mon....let's get you back home." Atlanta laughed as they began to walk out of Chiron's study. Archie and Atlanta had each other now; thats all that mattered to them now.

hehe love the ending!! lol well look out for my next chapter....its the FINAL one!! lol bye guys i love ya
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