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JxT's Hookup

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LAST CHAPTER!!! and the title just says the whole summary...

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OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! ITS MY VERY LAST CHAPTER FOR SAVIN' ME!! OMG!! well i wont make the whole story with the three words 'OMG' so here you guys go....I hope you all like it:)

Jay slowly opened his eyes and rolled off the couch. due to sleeping on a rock hard couch, his back was killing him. His back was completely stiff and felt like it would be like that for the rest of the day. He got off the couch and went to see how Theresa was, and if she was doing any better. He hoped she was okay and that she was alive. He still wished that it had been him who had suffered; not Theresa. It was unfair how the one he truly loved were the ones who had to suffer. Nothing seemed fair anymore.
Jay walked over to her bed and saw a freightening site; she wasn't there.
"Oh no....oh hell no....SHIT!!" Jay ran over to the bed and fell to his knees. He hoped that she wasn't what he thought she was....
"Theresa....please don't be dead....please don't be dead....goddammit why are you dead?" He lowered his head and began to sob. He had just lost the most beautiful redhead he had ever met. Just then he felt a gentle hand rest on his shoulder. He thought it was Chiron, there to comfort him.
"Chiron please go away. I don't want to be with anyone right...." Jay turned around to look at him, and his eyes widened at what he saw; it was Theresa! She was alive. She raised an eyebrow.
"I don't exactly remember my name being Chiron Jay. But it's nice to see you too." Jay jumped up off the ground and hugged her so tight, Theresa felt like she couldn't breathe.
"Oh Theresa! I'm so sorry! I promise i will never let anything like that happen to you again! I thought i almost lost you!" Theresa smiled to herself and she hugged him back.
"Jay please don't worry about it. I'm totally fine. See look at me; i have no more scratches, bruises, whip marks and my leg is no longer broken. I'm so fine....thanks to you." Jay smiled and then began to blush. He then took theresa's hands.
"Theresa....there is something i want to tell you." Theresa smiled at him and nodded.
"Okay tell me." Jay rested his head on her forehead and let out a sigh.
"I love you....since the very moment that i met you, i have been in love with you. My heart skips every time i'm with you....I love you so much." Theresa was silent for a moment. Jay thought that she didnt care for him the same way. Finally, she said something.
"I love you too Jay. You are the most incredible person i have ever known. I love you so much!" She titlted her head up and they both began to kiss ever so passionately. Finally after twenty minutes of kissing and caressing, Jay broke it off and looked at her with loving eyes.
"You wanna go back and see the others?" Theresa nodded with a smile.
"I would love that." They took each other's hands and walked out the door and went home. Home is where they belonged....home is where they were all safe at last.

well kiddies there you have it! it is finally done....i had fun doing this story and i hope you all enjoyed it...bye i love you all SO much
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