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If You Wanna Go Down In History, Then I'm Your Prince

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Sorry I have posted in awhile,I had academic bowl *gags*. this is the last chapter! pweese wate and weview! :]

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~Patrick's POV~
I awoke in a hospital room, the bright light against the white walls nearly blinding me. I looked around the room, surveying my surroundings. Micah lay in the bed opposite me. She lay there reading a magazine, as if all was well. I started to sit up but a sharp pain shot up my back, forbiding almost all movement. I sighed loudly out of pain and Micah looked up from her magazine and over to me.
"Patrick," she started.
"Micah listen, I'm sorry about all this, I really am." I told her, wincing as pain once again shot throughout my body.
"Patrick thank you. Don't be sorry, this whole thing with Rosalin, it's not your fault."
"Yeah it is, I believed her."
"Got me there, you're such a jackass." she said smiling.
"But I'm your jackass!" I laughed painfully.
"Are you ok?" she asked, genuinely concerned.
"Fine." I lied.
We lay there in awkward silence until a doctor came in.
"Micah, great news. We got your test results back and --" he paused.
"What?!" I asked rather rudely.
"We are able to confirm a heartbeat, your baby is fine." he finished, giving me the evil eye.
I was ecstatic. Micah said nothing but the look on her face told me she was too. The doctor left and we lay there once again, in silence, stupid grins plastered to both of our faces. The baby was fine. Maybe this'll be ok...

~Micah's POV~
Ok, at least one baby's ok. I couldn't stop smiling. I pushed the thought of the other twin out of my mind. Thank God one was ok. Suddenly, the door opened and Pete stood in the doorway, a worry-stricken look across his face. Immediately I felt a pang of nervousness in the pit of my stomach. I had had enough drama to last me a long time.
"Micah, Kaden and Elijah --" I cut him off.
"What happened?" I asked. I could already feel tears forming in my eyes, threatening to fall.
"They were in an accident. Kaden had gone to pick up Elijah to come up here and see you guys, and they were driving up here and they got hit head on. The guy that hit them was totally wasted." he said sniffling. I had never known Pete to cry, I'd only seen him do it a handful of times, and I've known him all my life.
"Are they ok?" I asked.
"They said Elijah's gonna be ok, he had a pretty bad cut in his head, he got about twenty stitches. But they don't think," a tear slid down his cheek, "They don't think Kaden'll make it."
"Get me a wheelchair. Now," I insisted.
"Micah you don't need to be --" again, I cut him off.
"Peter, my best friend needs me."
"You're not supposed to be moving around." he said flatly.
"Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the third if you don't get me a goddamn wheelchair I swear to Bob." I said, raising my voice.
"Alright. Damn," he said, turning and walking down the hall.
He returned a moment later pushing a wheelchair. I sat down in it and immediately pushed myself out the door and wheeled down the hall. I stopped at the nurses' station.
"Kaden Raynes?" I asked.
"Room 113A" a nurse responded rudely while shuffling through a stack of papers.
I wheeled back down the hallway towards Kaden's room. After weaving my way through tons of confusing hallways I finally found her room. Kaden lay there in the bed limply. Her chest rose and fell laboriously. Her vital signs became fainter and fainter.
"Come on Kade," I said, holding her hand, "You gotta hang on. You have too much to live for. You're supposed to become Mrs.Wentz and you're supposed to become a photographer and have little Wentz-lettes! Please Kaden you have GOT to be strong, for me, and for Pete. Please."
Andy walked into the room but I just ignored him.
"Kaden Marie Raynes don't you dare die!" I was crying now. I had seen a medical show once, and a doctor said that when someone's dying, if they have someone in there talking to them they have a higher chance of survival. I had just remembered that when suddenly I felt a very uncomfortable, wet sensation between my legs.
"Holy crap Micah did you just piss yourself?" Andy asked. Sometimes that boy's as dumb as a sack of rocks.
"No my water just broke. Dumb. Ass."

~Patrick's POV~
"Congratulations! You have a healthy baby girl!" a doctor cooed, handing a bundle wrapped in a pink blanket to Micah. I thought of the other twin, my heart dropped. I could tell Micah's did too.
"And the other..." Micah almost whispered.
"Is a healthy baby boy!" the doctor said, putting a little blue bundle in my other arm.
"Oh my God!" I jumped up and ran out into the hallway, screaming that I was a daddy. My back hurt like hell but I was way too happy for it to bother me. I turned around and saw a tear-stricken Pete walking towards me. He looked awful. He walked right past me and into Micah's room. I followed him inside.
"Con-congratulations guys," he stuttered as he started sobbing again.
"What's wrong?" Micah and I asked in unison.
"It's Kaden. We lost her. She's gone."

So in one night, we lost one person we care about, but we gained two. Seems fair. Not.

~Micah's POV~
Two months had passed since we had taken the babies home. Things were back to normal and I was getting my tiny figure back. We all missed Kaden, but we never talked about her or the accident. We just pretended it had never happened. The scar that now crossed Elijah's forehead was a painful reminder of that night but we ignored it.

"Patrick! Are you going to pick Lena up or let her slide off the couch?" I called from the kitchen doorway.
"Gotcha!" Patrick scooped up our daughter and set her in the playpen with her brother. I walked back into the kitchen and continued stirring the contents of a pot on the stove. Patrick walked up behind me and put his arms around my waist.
"Whatcha cookin?"
"Food." I replied.
"Oh well that's descriptive." he said, his voice just dripping with sarcasm.
"Dinner. That better?" I asked, matching sarcasm with sarcasm.
"Much." He turned me around and kissed me deeply. He finally pulled away and got down on one knee.
"Micah, will you marry me?" he asked, pulling out a little black box.
"Yes!" I said happily.
I grabbed his hand and helped him up. He kissed me again. I pulled away and playfully slapped his face.
"What was that all about?" he asked laughing.
"Well let's see, I live with you, I've flipping had your kids. It's about time!" I laughed.
He smiled and our eyes locked. I looked into his soulful green eyes and for once, everything was perfect. I saw in those beautiful green eyes everything I would ever need.
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