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~!Chapter 12!~

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Amber and Brendon are going strong. Even though Amber has done some stupid things. Those things have built there relationship to the better. REVIEW

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We all walked up to the door, and walked into my house. Once we were inside I saw that my parents were sitting there waiting for us.

"Oh, hun. Come sit down. Come talk to us, please" my mom said. I walked over to the couch and sat down next to my mom.

"We're gonna go." Brendon said.

"No, please stay. I want you to hear this, and afterwards I would like to talk to you both." I told them. They nodded and Brendon sat on the floor near me and Ryan sat in a chair next to the couch.

"Ok, hun. Please tell us, what happened." My mom said.

"Ok, well, I don't know if you know that Connor showed up in my room yesterday." They all nodded, so I took it as if Brendon told them. I wonder if Lindsay knows. We need to have a girls night soon. "Well, I am also taking that Brendon told you what happened once he got here." They all nodded again. "Ok, well I kind of blew up at them. I have been under a lot of stress, with Connor, and when the guys treat me like a fallen princess, I sometimes don't like it. I mean I love sometime when Brendon does it, but when they all do. I don't know. So I guess I just had a break down and took it out on them. So, I went up stairs and into the bathroom. I really didn't know what I was doing until Brendon came into the bathroom. I am really sorry I scared you all. I guess my mind was thinking something other then I was thinking. If that makes since." I finally finished. I looked at everyone, and could not tell what they were thinking.

"Well, I understand hun, I am glad that Brendon was there to help. And I think that maybe it would be good, if you were with someone at all time. I understand you might not like that but I think it is in the best interest for you hun. Do you understand?" my mom told me, I understood, but I did not like it. But, if it gives me an excuse to spend more time with everyone, then ok.

"I understand mom. But, can I talk to Brendon and Ryan now. In my room."

"That is fine hun, me and your dad are here for you." I hugged her and got up. Brendon had already got up and so did Ryan. I headed for the stairs, and the guys followed me into my room. I sat down on my bed and Brendon sat next to me, and Ryan sat at my desk.

"Ok, I have a question. What happened to Connor?" I asked them.
"Well, we toke him home, and told him that if he ever came around you again he would go to jail. We think that the best thing for you to do is to file a restraining order against him right a way." Ryan said.

"Ok, well how about Lindsay and I go file one tomorrow. I was going to call her and see if she wanted to have a girl's night anyways. How does that sound?" I asked them.

"That sounds fine hun." Brendon said.

"Oh, one more thing. I really would like a night with the whole gang, so what do you think?" I asked, giving them my puppy eyes look.

"Hey, no fair. You know my weakness! Our weakness." Ryan said.
"But, I think that would be a great idea. But before we execute that great idea. I have an idea, Ryan you know what to do."

Brendon said with a smirk. Ryan jump onto the bed and pinned my arms down and Brendon started to tickle me.

" on one...haha" I said well laughing. Ryan got off of me and Brendon pulled me into a hug. "That was soo where are we going to hang tonight?"

"Well, we can hang at my house. I mean my parents are not home and I know it will be ok. So Spencer and Jon, Ryan and Lindsay, and you and me." Brendon said.

"Sounds great, I will call Spencer, Brendon call Jon, and Ryan of course call Lindsay and tell them to meet at Brendon and bring some food or drinks, games or what ever. Ok?" I asked. They both nodded. I got out my cell phone and called up my Spen-bear. He said he was up to it, if he could bring his girlfriend. Since when did my Spen-bear grow up and get a girlfriend.

"Spencer is coming and bringing his GIRLFRIEND!" I said.

"Oh and Jon is coming and also bringing his girlfriend."

"Oh my, my lil' jon and Spen-bear, are growing up." I said laughing.

"And Lindsay is coming. So I am think we should get you some clothes and then go grab some food, and stuff, stop by my house and grab what I need and then head over to Brendon's" Ryan said. I grabbed some pj's, and some clothes for the next day. We went down stairs and I told my parents where I would be and then we got into Ryan's car. We stop at the store and grabbed some chips, Red Bull, ice cream, and some candy. We could not have a friend's night with out candy. Or it could have been that it was that time of the month and I was craving it. After we checked out, we stopped at Ryan's house so he could get some clothes and games. After about half an hour after we left my house we got to Brendon's house. No one was there so we went inside and put the food away and put on a movie. I hated Brendon for putting on a scary movie, it was getting dark and he knew that I was jumpy when it came to scary movies.
After about a half an hour into the movie people started to show up, first it was Lindsay and she just came in and put her food in the kitchen and sat next to Ryan. I got up to go to the bathroom, after telling Brendon I would be out in a couple minutes and I was not going to hurt myself. But, that is what I get for hurting myself in the bathroom. When I was in the bathroom, Spencer and Jon showed up with their girlfriends. I walked out of the bathroom and the hall was like pitch black. One thing I did not like about Brendon's house was that the bathroom was not near any windows. But, as I was going back to the living room, I head someone say 'Well, what do we have here' I did not know who it was because I could not place the voice. But, then they grabbed my arm and on instinct I screamed and tried to run away. I heard laughing and I knew who it was right away.

"Spencer, I hate you! You always do that to me." I slapped his arm and I heard everyone laughing in the living room. I marched out there and gave them a death look, and walked into the kitchen.

"Oh, come on hun. It was just a joke. Spencer was just playing." Brendon came into the kitchen after me and hugged my from behind, placing his hands on mine, which they were on the tummy. He kissed my neck and spun me around to where I was looking into his big brown eyes. He kissed me softly at first and then it turned into full on making out. We stopped when we heard someone clearing their throat. It was Jon, probably wanting to get something to drink. So we moved and he grabbed a couple of sodas and a bag of chips and when back in with everyone else. I grabbed a soda for me and Brendon and a big of my favorite chips (Chili-cheese Fritos) and we headed back and finished watching the movie.

I found out that Spencer's girlfriend was a girl from the track team, and she was a drama geek. I mean we are friends, he name is Payton. She was a great actor and singer. Also he is a great long distance runner. I also found out that Spencer and Payton have liked each other for awhile and Spencer got up the never to ask her out when she was over the see his sister. And Jon's girlfriend was one of my other friends from softball. She was the pitcher, I am still wondering how they met. Her name was Becky. But, I guess they hit it off, pretty well. Here we are all four couples, watching movies, kissing, eating junk food, and most importantly goofing off. We watched about 3 movie and eat almost everything we bought except the ice cream, because that was for me and Brendon. We put in the 4th movie and about half way through it I fell asleep in Brendon lap. I woke up later to the DVD of the movie playing over and over. I got up trying not to wake Brendon and saw that Ryan and Lindsay were fast asleep on the couch, Jon and Becky curled up together under a blanket on the floor with one big pillow under their heads. And then I saw Spencer and Payton cuddling under a blanket too. I turned off the DVD player, grabbed a blanket and went back and laid back down with Brendon on the big love seat. I curled up into him and pulled the blanket over us. And there was the night of the crazy couples.

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