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The Run

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Cronus knows their weakness, their friendship. So, he targets them one by one. After a scary dream, Atlanta goes for a run in the park with Archie. But, with Cronus around, you never know what migh...

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Here it is, the story most of you voted for yesterday. Not much to say about this first chapter, just introduces you to the first stage of Cronus's evil scheme!


She was standing in the brownstone. The others were around her. They were all having fun, being teenagers. They were living normally. But then suddenly Cronus and his giants barged in. Then she was moving away from her friends. She saw their faces disappear and then she forgot who they were. She felt herself fall into a black hole. All her memories were disappearing too. She forgot who she was. Then she heard the laugh.

"Atlanta! Wake up!" Archie said, shaking his friend. Atlanta opened her eyes and saw that she had fallen asleep on the sofa. The movie was over and so was the dream. She looked at Archie. "Sorry, but I found it boring so I guess I kinda dozed off. I'm going to bed." She said. Archie nodded and helped her off the couch. Again, she felt another jolt every time they touched. But Atlanta liked it.

She smiled at him and went upstairs with him behind her. When she was in the safety of her room, she thought about the dream. 'Is it possible to forget everyone?' she wondered. She sat on her bed and thought about it some more when she fell asleep again.

"Archie! Come back!" Atlanta screamed. But the boy kept on running. Atlanta tried to move her feet, but they were glued to the spot. "Silly Atlanta. They are not your real friends. They will forget you, as you will them as soon as you defeat me." Cronus said. Atlanta looked around for him, but could not see him. "Wouldn't it be better if you just leave before it causes you pain?" he said and emerged form the shadows. He looked her in the eye and muttered something in Greek. Atlanta screamed in pain and felt herself forget about everything again. But this time she only forgot the good times.

Atlanta woke up. She couldn't take this. Two dreams about her forgetting her friends. She looked at the time. 7 o'clock. She got up and changed into her jogging clothes. She went downstairs to the kitchen where Archie was, eating his breakfast. Atlanta smiled at him.

"You're up early. You want to go jogging?" she asked as she made toast for herself. Archie grinned. "Yeah. When you've finished your breakfast, I'll race you to the park. Loser has to buy the other an ice-cream later." She smiled. "Deal."


Theresa was sitting in a classroom with just her, Jay and Neil. The boys are looking at each other, anger seen on their faces. They are shouting things at each other, but Theresa cannot hear them. She tries to stop them, but is no use. Neil pushes Jay and Jay punches Neil in the gut. Theresa collapses to the floor until she heard the laugh.

Theresa woke up and looked at her clock. It was 7. Why was she up this early on a Saturday? She got out of bed and put on her fluffy pink slippers. That's when she had a vision of Archie and Atlanta screaming in pain. She shook her head. She walked down the stairs to find both of them in the kitchen.

She opened her mouth to tell them about her vision when Jay and Neil came into the kitchen. Theresa sighed. She knew the two boys were fighting over her. She got her favourite cereal out when Atlanta and Archie ran out the door. She had the vision again and dropped the bowl that she had in her hands.

Neil was the first to come to her side. She could see him shooting a victory look at Jay. "We have to stop Atlanta and Archie! Something bad is going to happen in the park!"


"I beat you again!" Atlanta cheered. Archie leaned against a tree. "Best outta 5?" he panted. Atlanta laughed and whacked him playfully on the shoulder, but he grabbed her wrist. "Hey! No fair!" she said and tried to get free from his grip. She felt the jolt go up her arm again. She twisted her wrist and was going to whack him with her other hand when he caught that one to. Atlanta then grinned and was going to kick him in his ankle when she lost her balance and fell to the ground with Archie on top of her.

She gazed deeply into his eyes. She knew he loved her and now she was certain that she loved him too. She opened her mouth to tell him when they heard a familiar voice. "So glad to see both of you here, though I only wanted Atlanta. Oh well, two instead of one is better." Cronus said. Before either of them could react, Cronus pointed at them and said some Greek words. Atlanta then felt that familiar pain she felt in her dream. She tried to fight it, but it was no use. She saw that Archie was also in pain.

"Archie!" Atlanta screamed before he closed his eyes. Suddenly, she felt her head explode. The last thing she saw before she blacked out was his purple hair.


Theresa, Jay and Neil got there just as Cronus entered his portal. Jay was about to jump in it when he saw his two team mates lying on the ground, unconscious. "Theresa, call Herry and tell him to bring his truck here. We have to get them to the hospital." Jay said. Theresa nodded and took out her PMR.

"Herry? Are you awake?" she said. "Huh? Oh, yeah, just woken up 'cause of the PMR ringing. What is it?" he asked. Theresa explained to him what had happened. "I'll be there soon." Herry said. Sure enough, within 5 minutes they had gotten both teens into the truck and were going to the hospital. Theresa touched Atlanta's forehead. She then had a weird feeling something was wrong with her.

She touched Archie's forehead as well. She got the same feeling. But what she didn't know was how major this was. What Cronus has just done to her two team mates could mean that he has won.


There you go, first chapter and the first stage of this story. There are a few thing to remember from this chapter, one of them being the last thing Atlanta saw. Next chapter might be up later today, if I have enough time to write it. If not, maybe friday because I have homework and sport for the rest of this week.Anyway, rate and review!
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