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He woke up looking at a hospital ceiling. He frowned. 'How'd I get here from........ wherever I was before.' He thought. He looked around the room and saw a girl lying on a bed next to his. She had...

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Theresa frowned. There was something seriously wrong with them, and only Chiron could fix it. She looked at Jay. "Why don't we take them to Chiron?" she asked. Jay looked at her. "He's not at the school. Hera said he had to go somewhere and now all the gods went to the Underworld for something important. Why, what is wrong with them?" he asked, worry starting to spread on his face.

Theresa looked down at Atlanta's face again. "I don't know what, but there is something strange happening. I wish I knew what Cronus did to them." She said. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned her head to see Neil's hand there. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Jay trying to contain his anger.

"We're here!" Herry said. They all got out of the truck and Herry carried Archie while Jay carried Atlanta. As they entered the emergency room doors, the nurses came rushing with wheel chairs. They then wheeled the two teens away and told the others to sit at the waiting room. Herry left to go fetch Odie, leaving Jay and Neil with Theresa.

She was very worried about her two friends, but she was also worried about the two boys sitting on either side of her. 'Why do both of them like me? Why couldn't it just be Jay? Wait, when did Neil start liking me?' she wondered.


Cronus watched as his plan was unfolding on the teens. "Ah, it's so good to know how to make love potions. And better yet, know how to get rid of memories. Soon, there will only be 5 and then none." Cronus said, mostly to himself as Agnon and the other giants were on the other side of the room, playing a card game.

Cronus waved a hand over the pool of water and the image changed to Herry and Odie. "Now, it's your turn. But not just yet. I want to see the others fall first." Cronus said and then laughed.


He woke up looking at a hospital ceiling. He frowned. 'How'd I get here from........ wherever I was before.' He thought. He looked around the room and saw a girl lying on a bed next to his. She had red spiky hair. He frowned. 'Do I know her?' he thought. Then her eyes fluttered open.

She also looked around the room, until her eyes fell on the purple haired boy lying in the bed next to her. For some reason, she recognised his hair. She frowned. "Do I know you?" she asked him. The boy shrugged. "I don't know. What's your name?"

She thought about it, but nothing came. Only an image of the boy's ridiculous hair colour stayed. "I have no idea what it is! What is yours?" she asked. The boy also had to think about it. "I don't know either!" he exclaimed.

Just then the nurse came in. "Glad to see you two are awake. Well, there is nothing wrong with either of you two, so you may leave. Your friends are waiting for you outside." She said. She wrote something on a clipboard and left the room.

The girl looked at the boy. "Friends? Something is telling me we should leave." The boy nodded. "Yeah, but what if they are our friends! What if they can help us find out who we really are!" he said.

The girl frowned and then looked at the door an older man walked in. He had slick black hair, with a bit of white along the sides. He had a scar on one of his cheeks and his eyes glowed red, so both thought. "Ah, so glad I made it before the others did. Do not listen to what they tell you, they are not your friends. They are the reason you ended up here." He said. He kept looking from the girl to the boy, a grin spreading on his face.

The boy frowned. "I recognise you from somewhere. But first, who are we?" he asked. Cronus smiled. 'This is going according to plan! But, let's have some fun with both of them, shall we?' he thought.

"Your name is Archie and yours is Atlanta." He said, pointing for the right person. Both of them nodded. "The others that tried to kill you want to take over the world. They also tried to kill me and you two are my 'bodyguards' shall we say?" Cronus said, his smile broadening.

Both teens nodded believing exactly what he said. But they had no choice; Cronus had control of their minds. "So we must get out of here before the others come?" Archie asked. Cronus nodded and left. "I will come for you when I need you." And with that, he left the room.

Atlanta looked at Archie. "Let's get out of here now, before they come." Archie nodded and helped Atlanta off her bed. When her fingers touched his, she felt a jolt go up her arm. She frowned. 'Do I like this guy or something?' she wondered. But she had no time to think about it, the people were coming.

They ran out of the room and ducked behind a nurse's desk. They saw 5 teens enter the room in which both of them had just been in. There were 4 boys and 1 girl. One of the boys was tall and muscular with brown hair and he was standing next to a short African-American boy who had a afro and wore green glasses. Then there were the other two boys who were standing on either side of the girl. One of the boys looked to be the leader and had brown hair while the other boy had blond hair and looked like he was so full of himself, unless he looked at the girl. She had ginger hair which was long and wavy.

Both Atlanta and Archie got the feeling that they were not foes, but the feeling quickly passed. Both of them snuck out of the hospital and were on their own form then on out.


"Where are they?" Theresa said, looking around the room. Archie and Atlanta were gone. The nurse came in. "They left; I just saw them using the front entrance. They probably waiting for you outside." She said and ushered them out of the room. The five teens went outside to Herry's truck, but saw that they were not there.

"Strange, but perhaps they walked home?" Neil suggested. Jay shook his head. "I have a feeling Cronus is behind this." Neil rolled his eyes and took Theresa's hand. "Listen Jay, it's late. Let's just go home and if they aren't there we can look for them tomorrow." He said and pulled Theresa to the truck. Theresa didn't object to this. Not because she liked Neil, her heart belonged to Jay. But because she was having another vision about her friends.

Jay, seeing all this, exploded. "What do you think you are doing?! We have no idea what Cronus did to them!" Jay shouted at the blond. Neil turned to face their 'fearless' leader. "Jay, can't you see everyone is tired! It's been a long day! Atlanta and Archie can look after themselves, how many times have they told you that?!" he shouted back. This took everyone, especially Jay and Theresa, by surprise.

None of them thought he cared that much about anyone else. But, Neil always surprised them. Theresa looked back and forth between the two boys. 'It's my fault.' She thought. 'But how is it your fault? For being beautiful?' another voice said. Theresa shook her head and pulled her hand out of Neil's. Both boys looked at her.

"Neil is right Jay. It has been a long day. Let's just go home." She said. Theresa saw Neil shoot Jay a victory look. She saw that there was something strange with Jay's expression. He looked..... hurt. Theresa looked down at the ground and followed Odie into the truck. She sat between the smaller boy and Neil while Jay sat in the front with Herry. Theresa closed her eyes and she fell asleep.

She was in the park, walking up to a bench. Someone was sitting on a bench and her heart did a flip. Was it the boy she loved? She walked up to the bench and tapped the person on the shoulder. He turned his head and she saw Jay's face. He stood up and pulled her closer to him. He was about to kiss her when he changed into Neil. Theresa was about to scream when he kissed her. When she pulled away from him, she saw Cronus's face, laughing. "Good bye Theresa."


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