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All's Fair in Love and War

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He got up and started pacing the room. "But what if she loves Neil and not me?" he muttered to himself. 'All's fair in love and war.'

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Yay, I got the next chapter up before Thursday! But my fingers are killing me, so I'm just going to put this next chapter up.


Theresa's eyes flew open. She was lying on Neil's lap and the boy and a hand on her shoulder. She quickly sat up, scaring the boy a bit. She looked at Jay. He had obviously seen what had happened and was trying to forget it. Theresa sighed and then remembered the vision she had before they had gotten into the truck. "Guys, I have to tell you something important." She said.

But no one was listening to her. They had arrived at the brownstone and Jay got out the truck, slamming the door behind him. Herry shouted at him to be careful as he followed their leader with Odie behind him. Neil stayed behind to make sure that Theresa was fine. "Yeah, I'm ok Neil. Really." She said. Neil nodded and took out his mirror. Theresa sighed. 'Finally, he's doing something normal.' She thought but then saw he was actually looking at her rather than himself.

Theresa sighed and went inside and straight to her room. She threw herself onto the bed and screamed into her pillow, reliving herself from all the pent up anger. After doing this, she went straight to bed, having dreams about Cronus, Jay and Neil. The only thing wrong with these dreams, their faces kept morphing into each other. One minute she was kissing Jay and then Cronus! After this dream she woke up.

'That was just sick and wrong!' she thought. She looked at the time. 3 o'clock am. Theresa got out of bed and changed into normal clothes. She left a note on the fridge and got into her car and drove off, looking for her lost friends.


Archie and Atlanta found themselves in a park. They had no idea why they came here, but then again they had no idea where both of them lived. Archie led her to a bench where they sat down and watched the sun set. Both of them were trying hard to remember what had happened that day, but nothing came. Just then, Cronus walked up to them.

"Ah, I see you have made it safely here. Good, now come with me and I shall take you home." He said. Something in the back of Atlanta's mind told here that he was lying. But as soon as she thought this, it was gone. Archie nodded. Just then a man who was wearing a cap that had wings on it, came flying towards them. Atlanta rubbed her eyes. "He's flying!" she screamed. Cronus turned around.

"Ah, Hermes. Did Hera send you to look for these two?" he asked. Theresa then came following the messenger god. "No, I did." Archie and Atlanta frowned at the ginger haired girl. One word popped into Archie's head, 'Drama Queen.' Atlanta looked at the girl carefully. She had a strange feeling about her, but what she didn't know. The girl turned to them.

"Atlanta, Archie! Thank goodness you are safe!" she said and walked towards them. Archie jumped up and stood between her and Atlanta. "Go away, we know about your evil plan! Because of you, we can't even remember who we are!" Archie screamed at her. Cronus watched, hiding a grin. 'Things just keep getting better and better. Hhm, I think the third and final stage should go into action very soon.'

"Archie what are you talking about? Cronus was the one who took away your memory!" Theresa screamed, trying not to look at the evil Titan of time. If she looked at him, her nightmare would play back in her head. She shivered at the thought of it.

Atlanta then jumped up and was at Archie's side. "Go, or we will fight you. Cronus has done nothing wrong! He's helping us!" Atlanta screamed. But both teens then had a feeling that that statement was wrong. But, like all snippets of what they could remember of their life before the accident, it disappeared. What remained was anger for the girl who tried to kill them.

"You can't really believe him! Can you?" Theresa asked, getting scared now. 'What has Cronus done to you?' Theresa thought. Hermes was watching what was going on and didn't like what he was seeing. "Theresa, we have to get them to Chiron, now!" Hermes said. But it was too late. Cronus made a portal. "Come Archie and Atlanta. You can fight Theresa another day." He said and stepped through it, Archie following him.

Just as Atlanta was about to step through, she looked back at the girl. Slowly, a memory came creeping in. Cronus sensed this and made it disappear. Atlanta looked Theresa in the eye. "You won't live long, Theresa."


Jay woke up and went down stairs to see Neil there, reading a note. Jay glared at the blond boy. Neil sensed that there was another presence in the room and turned to see Jay. "Oh, morning. Just reading a note Theresa left." He said and put the note on the table. Jay grabbed it and quickly read what it said.


Couldn't sleep so I went out to find Atlanta and Archie. I had a vision last night about them. Don't wait up for me, but I should be back after 7.


Jay looked at the clock. It was 7! Just then he heard the door close and in came a tired Theresa. "You ok?" he asked. The girl looked up to meet his gaze. "Yeah." She said, trying not to sound too dreamy. She loved it when they shared these kinds of moments, but then her nightmare came back. She looked over at Neil. He was admiring himself, but again, Theresa caught him looking at her. She sighed.

"I'm going back to bed." She said. Jay nodded and watched her walk up the stairs. He turned to Neil. "Why do you suddenly like her?" he asked. The blond put down his mirror. "I've always liked her. You just haven't noticed. But it seems like I'm winning!" Neil said and followed Theresa upstairs.

Jay punched the wall. He let out a yelp as he realised how much pain that caused him. He glared at the wall and sat down on the sofa in the TV room. He put his head in his hands. 'I have to win Theresa back! But how?' he thought. 'Tell her! Teel her how you feel!' a voice said inside his head. Jay frowned. He got up and started pacing the room. "But what if she loves Neil and not me?" he muttered to himself. 'All's fair in love and war.'


Neil stood outside Theresa's room. He put his ear against her door and could hear her cry softly. Neil sighed and went to his own room. He closed the door and looked at one of his mirrors. 'Is there something wrong with me that makes Theresa hate me? What can I change?' he wondered.

Even though he loved Theresa, he still thought that he was perfect. But to Theresa, he wasn't. 'Maybe it's not my looks, but my personality.' He thought. Neil; frowned. He couldn't change who he was, but he could try and be a bit more like Theresa's ideal guy.

Neil sat on his bed, thinking about all of this. "I have to be better than Jay to win her heart. But how? Become a better leader? No, I can't do that. Maybe if I stop being so self absorbed? Maybe, everyone has been complaining about that ever since I joined the team." He murmured to himself. He opened his door and saw Jay going to his own room. "All's fair in love and war."


There you go, the plot thickens! So, only two remain friends, but how long will it last? Will Atlanta and Archie come to their senses soon? Will Neil realise something he never saw before? Well, that will all come later. All you need to do is rate and review!
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