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Friendship is a Powerful Thing: Part 1

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He got off his chair and went to the kitchen. As he was walking in the hallway, he saw a picture frame hanging up. It was of the 7 of them fooling around in the park. Odie smirked at Theresa's and ...

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Ok, I think I might be confusing some people, so I'm just going to explain basically what is happening in the story. First, Cronus has complete control over Atlanta's and Archie's minds, making them forget things he wants them to and trust him. Secondly, go back to the second chapter and read what Cronus said about Neil liking Theresa. He is under a spell as well. But could it be possible that he does really have feelings for Theresa? Well, I'm not telling you, so I'm just carrying on with the story.


Odie was playing his virtual reality game again, to take his mind off of what was happening in the team. He knew there was something happening between the three friends, and he had a pretty good idea what it was about. Odie sighed and took of the helmet.

He got off his chair and went to the kitchen. As he was walking in the hallway, he saw a picture frame hanging up. It was of the 7 of them fooling around in the park. Odie smirked at Theresa's and Jay's red faces as he was holding her close, Atlanta's face so close to Archie's, smiling at the boy while he smiled back at her. Odie could see that he was blushing too and if you looked close enough, so was Atlanta. And then there was Neil, Sitting in the middle of all of that, looking in the mirror while Odie and Herry were pulling funny faces behind him and doing bunny ears to him.

Odie smiled at the picture. They were all together as friends. 'But how long will our friendship last? Long enough to defeat Cronus? If so, will we still be friends?' he wondered. He saw Theresa sneak down the stairs. "Is Jay or Neil down there?" she whispered to him. Odie checked around. "Nope, cost is clear." He said.

Theresa sighed and went into the kitchen where they found Herry eating a big tub of ice-cream. "That is exactly what I need." Theresa said. Herry passed it to her and went to find something else to eat in the fridge. Theresa and Odie sat down at the table, none of them saying anything. Then they heard footsteps coming down the stairs. "Hide me!" Theresa said. Odie looked around and saw the back door, but Theresa was one step ahead of him. She was out there fast enough to make Atlanta proud.

Jay came down the stairs. "Hey, have you seen Theresa?" he asked. Odie shook his head and Herry's mouth was full and he was still in the fridge, looking for more grub. Jay sighed. "I wanted to know if she found any clues as to where Atlanta and Archie are." He said and went back to his room. Theresa came back in. Odie looked at with a puzzled face. "Oh, I went out last night to look for them. Cronus has them, but I don't know where he has taken them. But the weird part was, they didn't remember who I was." Theresa said.

Odie thought about this. "Cronus must have put a spell on them to lose their memory. We should go to the school and ask Persephone about this." Odie said. Theresa nodded. "Odie, you can come with me. Herry, you have to stay here and make sure the boys don't follow me." Theresa said and ran out the door, with Odie behind him. "Yeah, whatever." Herry said and sat down to finish the ice-cream.


Odie and Theresa got to the school in no time in her car. They quickly ran to the janitors closest and they didn't have to make sure no on was watching as the school was empty for a long weekend. Theresa took off her necklace and put it in the lock. They quickly entered and pulled the string for the portal to appear. Once they were in the god's special wing, they ran to Persephone's solarium.

"Persephone!" Theresa said as both of them ran in. The goddess turned around to see the two of them running up to her. "Theresa, Odie, what is wrong?" she asked. Theresa then explained what had happened to Atlanta and Archie and what had happened last night. Persephone nodded and listened. When Theresa was finished, the goddess sighed. "I'm afraid that there is nothing I can do to get their memory back. Cronus took it away from them and now he controls them. Only he can give it back." She said.

Theresa frowned. "What, so he is keeping it in a special container or something?" The goddess turned to go back to caring for her plants. "Yes, if you are lucky. When you take someone's memory, you can take it for yourself. Let's just hope that Cronus decided to put it away for safe keeping." The goddess said.

Theresa looked at Odie. "So, we have to steal their memories back from him?" Theresa said. Persephone nodded. "But if he has them for himself, you cannot kill him, or they will be lost forever. There might be an alternative, but as far as I know, you cannot harm him or doom will befall your friends.


Atlanta woke up and found herself facing her purple haired friend. His name kept escaping her mind. 'Archie,' said a small voice. Atlanta sat up and found herself in a small room. She tried to remember how they had gotten here, and then remembered that meeting with the girl. 'Theresa. Hhm, I remember now! After we followed Cronus, he bought us here saying we have to be prepared for tomorrow.' She thought.

The Archie opened his eyes. "Morning." He said, also forgetting the girls name for a moment. "Morning Archie" she said. They both got out of their beds and were about to open the door, when Cronus appeared through a portal. "Ah, good to see you are awake. I have an important task for you; you must bring that girl Theresa here. She is a very big threat to you two. If you do that, then I will help give you your memory back." Cronus said.

Archie looked at Atlanta who looked at him. "Ok, but where do we find her?" Atlanta asked but then an image of the brownstone flashed before her eyes. She nodded. "Ok, so how do we get there?" she asked. Cronus stepped to the side and pointed to the portal. "After you." He said.

Atlanta went through first, followed by Archie. They were back in the park. Archie looked at her. "I take it you know where to go?" he said. She turned, looking for any sign telling her which direction to go to. "Yeah, pretty much." She said. Archie watched her, feeling differently towards her. I felt weird to him; he couldn't remember experiencing these emotions before. He noticed everything good about her features; how some of her hair would always be in her face, how her hazel eyes sparkled in the sun light and how the sun seemed to make her face glow. Atlanta then started walking in a direction.

"Do you know where it is?" he asked catching up to her. She shook her head. "But, I saw that girl park her car outside that school, with another boy." She said. Archie nodded. Both of them crept into the building, Archie going first. Now Atlanta seemed to be having these weird emotions. She noticed how the sun had made his purple hair look brighter, which she thought was cute. But she snapped back into reality when they saw both Theresa and the boy standing out side the janitors closest.

Both of them snuck up behind the two, watching what they were doing. Theresa took off a necklace with a round thing on it. She put it into the lock and saw that it was a key to open the door. Both Theresa and the boy stepped inside and closed the door behind them. Atlanta walked up to the door and touched the lock. Suddenly she remembered opening this door. Archie was standing behind her, also realising that they had been there before.

"But how is that possible if they are our enemies?" Archie thought out loud. Atlanta pulled her hand away from the lock and ran out of the school. Archie chased after her, but for some reason couldn't keep up with her. She was running too fast for him and she just looked like a red blur. Finally she stopped outside the building in which Cronus had told them to go to. "Are we going to go in?" he asked her. Atlanta looked at him.

"I don't know. They might be able to tell us who we really are, but what if Cronus is right? What if they really are trying to kill us?" she said. Suddenly the front door burst open and there stood a tall boy with brown hair and had an ice-cream container in his hands. "I knew you'd come back! But does anyone listen to Herry? Nope, no one does!" the boy (who they guessed was called Herry) said. He then ran to hug them, but then the other boy with brown hair, but slightly lighter, was standing behind him, tapped him on the shoulder. "Can I speak with them before you hug them to death?" he asked.

Herry nodded and went back inside. The other boy stood there, looking at the confused looks on their faces. "Who are you?" Atlanta finally said. Now it was Jay turn to look confused. "What do you mean Atlanta? I'm your friend, Jay."

Archie looked around at the brownstone, some memories coming back to him. "Do we live here?" Archie asked. Jay nodded. "Yeah, we are a team. What has Cronus done to you?" he asked.


Odie was sitting on the steps outside the school while Theresa told Artemis and Ares what had happened to the two friends. He kept thinking of a way that he could save them himself. Before he knew it, he had walked to the park. He sat down on a bench and started to think some more when Cronus appeared.

"Ah, yes Odie. Just the teen I was looking for." Cronus said, a wicked grin spreading on his face. Odie glared at the god. "What do you want? You've already taken two of our friends. Which by the way, can we have their memories back?" Odie said between gritted teeth. Sure, he wasn't the strongest but he had the brains and could out smart this god. Cronus, however, knew this too well.

"Oh, yes, Atlanta and Archie. Sorry, but no. They are under my control now. You and I shall now play a little game. Let's see how your friendship with the descendent of Hercules last?" he asked.

Odie shook his head. "I'm not playing any game with you!" Odie shouted. Cronus sighed. "I here I thought you were going to be difficult. But, you don't have a choice in the matter. In fact, neither does Herry." And with that Cronus made a portal appear behind Odie and pushed him in. "Tell Herry I say hi!" Cronus shouted as he watched the boy fall.


Odie braced himself for the hard landing when he landed on something soft. "Urh, Odie can you please get off of me?" Herry said. Odie jumped off his friend. "Sorry. How did you get here?" he asked. "Cronus" the other boy said, looking around.

Odie also looked around their surroundings. They were in an abandoned city. Houses were falling apart and it looked like no one had lived here for a long time. Suddenly a voice boomed across the plains of the city. "Welcome Odie and Herry to the forgotten City! Here we shall test your friendship. Can both of you make it out alive? Or will you end up killing each other?" Cronus said.

Herry turned around, looking for the source of the voice. He had his hands in a fist. "Bring it on Cronus!" Herry shouted. Odie looked at his friend. 'I hope you do make it our alive, we don't even have any weapons!' Odie thought. Cronus laughed. "Are you ready for round 1? Let the games begin!"

Odie heard a roar and turned to see something in the shadows. Whatever it was, it was stalking him. Suddenly, it jumped out of the shadows, gliding through the air towards Odie. The boy had closed his eyes, so he didn't know what was attacking him. He braced himself for the attack.


I think that is the longest chapter I've ever written. Any way, this is only part 1, part 2 you will find out what will happen to Odie and Herry, if Atlanta and Archie will remember and will they fianlly figure out why Neil suddenly has this major crush on Theresa? Ok, so not all those questions will be answered in the next chapter, maybe in the next 5 chapters! Hehe, I'll see what I can do. Rate and Review!
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