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Friendship is a Powerful Thing: Part 2

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Cronus scratched his chin as he watched Atlanta and Archie. 'Hhm, I need to get them out of there. But they can't come back here. Where shall I send them?' he thought and looked at the giants who w...

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Before I start, I need to answer some reviews. Yes, this story is about Atlanta and Archie, but Cronus is picking on them one by one. After this chapter it will be focused on those two, going back to the others as they find out how to get their memories back. Hope that answers your questions.


Odie collapsed to the ground as the Nemean lion jumped on him. "Herry!" Odie screamed. But the boy was no where to be seen. Odie looked around frantically for some way to get this beast off of him, but found nothing. He could hear Cronus laughing. "Herry, where are you?" Odie screamed again. Then the lion was pushed off of him as he saw his friend charge into it. "I killed you once, I can do it again!" he screamed and fought the beast. Like the last time, he managed to send the beast flying off the side of the cliff. Odie sighed.

"Thanks buddy. I owe you." He said. Herry patted him on the back. "No probs, you have to pay for my meals." He said. Odie nodded and followed the boy. The searched the city, looking for some way to get out of there. Suddenly the ground shook and the earth split open underneath them. Odie quickly jumped out the way, but Herry wasn't fat enough. "Hold on buddy!" Odie said and reached down to pull up the boy who was holding on to the edge.

"Let's see how you can save your friend while a bunch of harpies' come to fight you." Cronus said. Odie then heard a deafening screech and looked on the horizon. There were a flock of harpies heading their way. "Oh, no. Not good!"

"What?" Herry said, pulling himself up and looked into the direction that Odie was looking at. "Uh, I kinda forgot how to kill one. Can you remember?" Herry said. Odie nodded. "We have to find food to distract them. Follow me." Odie said. They both ran into a house, searching for something edible. "Nothing!" Odie cried in desperation. He turned to Herry. He also hadn't found any food.

"Uh, in case you two have forgotten, I sent you to the Forgotten City, meaning there is no food. And the harpies are on their way." Cronus said. Odie ran around the house, looking for a weapon or something that they could use. He found nothing. "Uh Herry, can you defend me while I quickly think up a plan?" Odie asked, picking up things he thought would be useful. "Sure little buddy." Herry said and braced himself for the flock of harpies who were 5 metres away.

Odie threw away the things he had. "Useless!" he said. He looked outside and saw Herry fighting the harpies. They were tearing Herry apart. He had scratches all over his arms and hands. Odie panicked because he knew Herry was going to freak because of germs. Odie ran and tired to push the bigger boy out of harms way.

"Well, this was disappointing. Oh, well. I can have fun with the other two." Cronus said. The harpies disappeared and so did the ground underneath Odie's and Herry's feet. They fell, both trying to get hold of the other one. "Herry, if we don't make it, I want you to know that you are the best friend I've ever had!" Odie shouted to him. Herry nodded. "You too!" he shouted back. Then they stopped falling and landed on something soft.


Cronus scratched his chin as he watched Atlanta and Archie. 'Hhm, I need to get them out of there. But they can't come back here. Where shall I send them?' he thought and looked at the giants who were standing there, doing nothing important. Not that they ever did do anything important.

"Let's see. I can't break Odie and Herry, but I've broken their other friendships. So, Atlanta and Archie shall be sent back in time, and they shall be stuck there until they can remember who they are. But that won't happen unless I give them their memories back. Yes, and the others I shall deal with later." Cronus smiled.

He took out an hour glass. "Let's see, where shall I send them? How about to the time when their parents were smaller?" Cronus said. He turned the hour glass over and looked at the two friends. Both then disappeared into his portal. "Now, what shall happen to the others?"


"No, no, no!" Atlanta screamed, holding her head in her hands. Too many things were going around her head. She had memories coming back to her and then leaving again. She tried to remember them but they were gone.

Archie looked at her and then he too was remembering things, mostly things he and Atlanta had done. Going boarding, hanging out in the mall. But they also disappeared and he also found himself with his head in his hands. Finally the headache passed. He looked up at the boy Jay. "Are you really our friends?"

The boy opened his mouth to say something when he felt something pulling him backwards. He looked at Atlanta who was being pulled by a vortex. "Archie!" she screamed. He grabbed her hand as she disappeared into the vortex, pulling him with her. As he went in, it disappeared.

"Archie! Atlanta!" Jay said and turned around to see that Herry had disappeared. "Where is everyone? Am I stuck here with Neil now?" Jay said to himself. As he said Neil's name, said boy appeared next to him. "Hey, where is everyone?" he asked. Jay shrugged. "I have no idea."


Hope you liked it. My weekend is going to be a bit hectic with homework to finish and I just got back from seeing 'Dream Girls' with my friends. That movie rocks! And I finished the book I've been reading that is kinda like CotT. Hehe. All I can say about that book is:
a) Ares in that book is HOT!!
b) Cronus is a stupid Titan again planning on taking over the world (not a big change)
c) Hades isn't gay, he's this freaky scary guy!

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