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A Blast from the Past

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Atlanta opened her eyes and found herself lying on an open meadow. She sat up and looked around. All she could see was grass, but in the horizon she could make out a small town. She heard someone m...

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Next chapter, all about Arch and Atlanta. Just so you know, the town that they end up in is what my hometown looked like long ago when there was only one school and a few houses, though this was when my mom was my age and she told me all about what it looked like, so I have a pretty good idea. Here it is!


Atlanta opened her eyes and found herself lying on an open meadow. She sat up and looked around. All she could see was grass, but in the horizon she could make out a small town. She heard someone mumble something and looked to her left where she saw Archie, sleeping.

She smiled and shook him. "Archie! Wake up!" she said. The boys eyes shot open and he sat up. "Where are we?" he asked, rubbing the back of his head. Atlanta shrugged. "No idea, but there is a town over there. Maybe someone can tell us there." She said and got up. Archie followed her and within 10 minutes they were in the town.

They passed a small shop that was selling newspapers and saw an old man with green rimed glasses sitting by a table. Atlanta glanced at the newspapers, reading the date. September 16, 1982! "What? That can't be right! I might have lost my memories, but I remember that we were in the year 2007!" Atlanta said to Archie. The old man sitting by the newspapers heard all of this, but said nothing.

Atlanta then looked to see what town they were in. "New Olympia?" she said. The old man was now looking at them. Archie looked at him, getting a bit creeped out. "I see that you are not around these parts?" he said. Atlanta looked at him. "Yeah." She said, also getting creeped out. The old man nodded and looked back down at the newspaper that he was reading.

"To find what you seek,
You must meet,
Someone important from the past,
For else you shall not last." He said.

Atlanta and Archie frowned at him. "What did he just say?" Atlanta whispered to Archie. "Beats me." The boy replied. The old man, however, heard this. "If you want to get back to your own time, find the meaning of the riddle. That is all I can say." He said, and for the last time turned to read the newspaper.

Atlanta grabbed Archie's hand and pulled him away. "Let's go find someone to help us that doesn't speak in rhyme." Archie nodded and allowed the girl to pull him to their next destination, a school. It was a small one, yet they seemed to recognise it as the one that the girl Theresa and the smaller boy had gone into when they were back in their own time.

They heard the bell go and saw a stream of kids come out, but one caught their eyes. It was a girl with long fiery red hair who looked a lot like Atlanta. She frowned. "Who is that?" she said. Archie managed to put two and two together before Atlanta. "Maybe it's your mom!" he said. Atlanta looked at him. "You could be right. But I have a feeling I wasn't born and raised in New Olympia." She said. Archie shrugged. "But that doesn't mean your didn't"

Atlanta thought about this until she saw a boy walking behind her 'mom'. He looked a lot like Archie, just that he had black hair instead of purple. Yet, their hair styles were the same. "I'm guessing that's your dad." Atlanta said.

Archie looked to see the figure following the girl that looked like Atlanta. "Yeah, you could be right. But it looks like he is...... stalking your mom or whoever that girl is."

Atlanta turned her attention back to the two teens. Yes, the Archie look alike was indeed following the girl who looked like her. 'Strange." Atlanta said but then saw the other girl turn around and laugh at the boy. "Aaron, there you are! Why are you hiding behind that tree?" the girl asked.

Aaron blushed and walked up to her. "Hello to you to, Alex." He said and looked at his feet. Alex frowned at him but soon saw a group of teens up ahead. "Come on Aaron, or they'll leave without us!"

Atlanta and Archie followed the two of them to the street corner where they saw 6 more teens. There were 2 more girls and 4 more boys. 'That guy looks like that Jay guy who we were talking to outside that house.' Atlanta thought. Archie scanned the faces until he saw one of the girls and the boy standing next to her looked a lot like her.

"Hey Atlanta, do you think those two are twins or something?" he whispered to her, pointing in the direction. Both boy and girl had orange colour hair, the girl with long wavy hair and the boy with short, neat cut hair. Both had emerald eyes. "Yeah, I guess so."

"Finally, you two show up! What took you so long?" asked the Jay look-alike. Alex pushed Aaron into the circle. "Ask him. When school was over I spend the whole time looking for him. Finally I gave up and found him behind a tree."

Aaron smiled at the group and took a step back so he was standing next to Alex. "Sorry Jake, but I had a meeting with, uh, the teachers. I then went to wait by the tree." He said and smiled at Jake (the Jay look-alike). The older boy just smiled at back at him, not believing a word he said. "Well, if we are all here, can we go now?" said a blond girl that was admiring herself in a mirror which was gold and had the letter 'N' on it. Alex rolled her eyes.

"Fine Nicky, You, Tamsin and I will go to the clothing shops and the boys can go to where ever they want." She said and the two girls, along with the twin girl Tamsin, left. Jake turned to the remaining boys. "So, what are we going to do for our Friday?" he asked. Aaron shrugged. Jake looked at the other boys. "Oliver? Any suggestions?" he asked and African-American boy. He shrugged and looked at his friend, Harry. He also shrugged. Jake looked at Tim, the other twin. "Let's just go do something on our own." He said and walked off. The others nodded and also wondered off.

Jake sighed. "He is going to be the downfall of our friendship." He said and he also walked off. Atlanta looked at Archie. "Ok, now this is seriously weird. I wish we could remember who we really are so this could all make sense!" she said. Archie nodded. "Yeah, maybe then it would all make sense."


"Oh, this grows tiring. Maybe if I give them memory of their childhood?" Cronus said. He then searched through their memories, finding nothing. "Well, that is taking up space. I still need to get the others memories later. Let's see now what is important and what isn't"


Archie and Atlanta had moved to the park where they found one lonely bench. The park was very small, compared to the one they had been in that night when they met Theresa. Suddenly, memories from her past came to Atlanta. She saw her mother and her father. Her dad taking her on hunting expeditions. But what she wanted to know was if that woman she saw was her mother. She got her answer soon enough.

Archie's memories were also coming back to him. He remembered that he had a fear of water because when he was little he had fallen into the pool and almost drowned. He saw what his mom and dad looked like. "Atlanta! That guy is my dad!" Archie exclaimed. Atlanta looked at him. "Yes and that girl is my mom! Somehow we got sent to the past when our parents were small. But, do you think that those other teens with our parents are the parents of those other kids that Cronus said tried to kill us?" she asked.

Archie shrugged. "I guess so. And I have a feeling that Cronus lied to us the whole time. I always had a feeling that those other teens weren't foes and that Cronus was just playing with our minds." He said.

Atlanta nodded. "So let's find a way out of here and back to our normal time so we can get the rest of our memories back."


"Agnon! You idiot! I wasn't supposed to give them their memories back, and now you had to go and ruin my perfect plan!" Cronus screamed at the giant and started throwing things at him. The giant then fled to the safety of the other rooms. Cronus banged his head against the table. "It's ruined!" he cried.

But then he quickly pulled himself together. 'No, the two mortals are still stuck in the past. You can still get rid of the others while they are there. And besides, you still have their other memories.' He thought


Nothing really to say, except can you guess who that old man was? The next chapter will still just be Archie and Atlanta, no interuptions from Cronus, but the chapter after that will be how their friends are going to save them. That's as far as I've gone, but there will be more chapters! Going to update 'Sleepover' now. Rate and review!
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