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Secrets Reviled

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Atlanta looked at Archie. There were still two more people who he hasn't spoken about. Aaron looked up at them. "Oh, and then there are the twins, Tim and Tamsin. Tamsin is the prettiest girl in sc...

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Wow, I'm on a roll today! I just finished this chapter and I've already started the next! Sadly, Cronus does interupt this chapter and after this chapter, Atlanta and Archie shall no longer be the only ones in danger.


Atlanta and Archie followed Aaron, Archie's dad. They found him following the group of girls. They soon found out why. Alex soon separated from the group and Aaron followed her. Alex stopped at a house and turned to see Aaron again. "I told you, we can't do this. Aaron, please." She said and was about to go inside the house when he stopped her.

"I can't stop thinking about you. Please, can't you give me one chance?" he asked. Alex shook her head. "Aaron I love you, but it won't work. It would break our friendship. Please, just leave me." She said, tears threatening to come down her cheeks. Aaron took a step back. "I'll love you forever Alex. One day we will be together. My love for you is too strong to forget it." He said and walked to the house next door.

Alex watched him walk away, the tears coming down her face. She ran inside and they saw her upstairs in her room, looking out of her window. Atlanta turned to Archie. "Ok, now that was weird. Our parents loved each other." She said. 'But my mom didn't marry that guy; she married my dad who has red hair, like hers.'

'My dad didn't marry that girl; he married my mom who had blonde hair and green eyes.' He thought remembering his mom. They then heard someone behind them call them, so they thought. They turned to see the blond girl, Nicky and the other girl Tamsin. "Oh, you're not my friend Alex. Thank goodness, I thought she had her beautiful hair cut off." Nicky said and then looked at Archie. She frowned. "Aaron? You dyed your hair purple?" she said.

Archie shook his head. "No, my name isn't Aaron, it's Archie and this is Atlanta." He said and pointed to his friend who had turned her attention back to the crying figure of her mom at the window. Nicky frowned and looked at Tamsin. "They look so much like our friends. Hey, are you new in town? We haven't seen you around before."

Archie nodded quickly. "Yeah, you could say that." And then he remembered what the old man had said. He looked at the other house that he had seen his dad go in. 'So we have to meet our parents? Maybe it will somehow help us get our memories back.' He thought. He looked back at the other two girls who were still standing there. "Uh, we are going to go now. Nice chatting to you." Archie said, pulling Atlanta towards the other house. Nicky nodded and both girls entered Alex's house. Archie walked up to the front door to his dad's house and knocked. Lucky for him, his dad answered.

When Aaron saw the two of them standing there, he almost fainted. Here were two people wearing these weird clothes, but the boy looked like him with purple hair and the girl looked like Alex, just with shorter hair. "Uh, hi. Can we come in? We have to ask you something." Archie said. Aaron nodded and took them to the living room, which was small. He stood there, looking the other boy up and down.

"Uh, this is going to sound strange, but we are from the future. While we were there we lost our memories and somehow got sent here. I think you and your friends can help us get back to the future." He said.

Aaron looked at the boy and girl. "What are your names?" he asked. This time the girl spoke. "Mine is Atlanta and his is Archie. We think that Archie is your son and that the girl Alex is my mom." She said.

This surprised Aaron. "So, why do you need my help?" he asked, sitting down. The other two also sat. They looked around the age of him and his friends. "You and your friends, I think they are the parents of these other teens that we know back in our own time zone." Archie said.

Aaron nodded. "Well, there is Jake, our leader as we say. He's very good at keeping the peace in our group. There's Oliver who is African American. Our small town isn't racist as some of those other towns, so we have a lot of African Americans here, in case you are wondering. Then there is Harry, who is a farm boy who lives out of town. We then have Nicky who goes to the big cities over the weekends with her parents for the latest fashions. Then we have Alex, my best friend and, I will admit, the girl who I love most in the world. Too bad I won't see her again. Tomorrow is graduation and then she is leaving to travel Canada while I'm going to the states." He said and stared at his feet.

Atlanta looked at Archie. There were still two more people who he hasn't spoken about. Aaron looked up at them. "Oh, and then there are the twins, Tim and Tamsin. Tamsin is the prettiest girl in school, according to most of the boys. After graduation she is moving to the states too. Tim is staying here for awhile and then he is going overseas for something. Don't know what, but he is going to be the downfall of our friendship." Aaron said and then put his head in his hands.

"Why do you say that?" Atlanta asked. Aaron removed his hands from his face but looked down at the floor. "Because he has caused too much trouble already. I don't know what he ahs done, but there have been fights between friends that he started. And now he is obsessed with Greek Mythology and keeps saying that it actually exists. Plus there is this one guy he keeps talking about. What's the name again? Oh, Cronus."


"I give up on these two! I send them to past to destroy them and I end up destroying myself!" Cronus said, banging a fist on the table. He looked at his giants that were cowering in the corner. "What are you doing? Go and bring me those other brats! I don't care who, just bring at least one here!" he shouted.

The giants jumped up and ran out of the room as fast as they could. Cronus sighed and rubbed hi head. "I think I need to get new minions. But, those twerps have given me an idea that I haven't thought of for sometime. I wonder if it would work." He thought and went to a door that was bolted close. He opened it and saw what could help him defeat the teens.

"Dear old friend, it is time for you to come back and destroy the children of your friends and your niece."


Atlanta's jaw dropped open. "Cronus was an evil Titan, father to the gods when they rose up and killed him. I know this because Tim won't stop talking about it." Aaron said and looked at Atlanta and Archie. Suddenly it all came back to them. They were both descendents of Greek heroes, those teens that they saw were indeed their friends, and they remembered what had happened in the park.

Atlanta then remembered what she was going to tell Archie. She looked at him. "I remember everything now!" she said. Archie nodded. "So do I, but we have to get back to our time zone before Cronus gets to them." He said and both of them stood up. Aaron stopped them. "Alex and I can help you, I think. Here, take this. I don't know what it is, but I have a feeling you might need this." He said.

Archie took the necklace out of his dad's hands. It was the one that opened the secret portal in the janitor's closest. His real one was in his room. "Thanks" Archie said and him and Atlanta ran out of the house to the high school. "Archie, what are the chances that the gods are behind our parents knowing each other when they were our age?" Atlanta asked, entering the school. "It's possible." He said and they reached the janitor's closest. Sure enough, there was the lock for the pendant on the necklace to fit into.

Archie put it in and the door swung open. Both of them stepped in and Atlanta pulled the cord hanging from the ceiling. They smiled as they saw the blue wall appear. "Well, nothing much has changed." Atlanta said and both of them entered the blue wall. Though, what they saw on the other side took them completely by surprise.


Ok, next chapter we shall go back to the other friends and see what will happen to them. Can you guess which teen that Arch and Atlanta meet is parent to which of their friends? Rate and review!
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