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Theresa's Troubles

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"No! I thought he died long ago!" she whispered. The vision ended and she found herself on her knees in the parking lot. The others had gone in side. But Theresa couldn't follow them. She jumped in...

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Heya, I know you all want to know what is going to happen with Arch and Atlanta, but I'm still working on them! See, the next chapter that has to do with them is going to be the longest chapter I've ever written! So, here is just what is going on back with the others. It's a bit short.


Theresa walked out of the school and noticed that Odie had disappeared. 'I guess he walked home.' Theresa thought and got into her car. When she made it back to the Brownstone, she saw Jay and Neil standing at the front door, talking about something. 'Oh great. Just the two guys I was planning on spending time with.' Theresa thought with a scrawl on her face. She was starting to hate both of them very much, though she still loved Jay.

"Hi guys. Is Odie back yet?" Theresa asked them, hoping the answer was going to be a yes. Jay shook his head. Theresa sighed. "Though, Atlanta and Archie did stop by and then left again through one of Cronus's portals." Neil said and went back inside. Jay looked at Theresa. "Are you ok?" he asked.

She looked at him with disbelief. 'Ok? Am I ok? Well, let's take a look back at these past events. First, my best friend and my other friend lose their memories and threaten to kill me, I have two love struck boys chasing after me and we have a crazed titan trying to kill us! Yeah Jay, I'm fine.' Theresa thought.

"Yeah, sure, whatever." She said and went upstairs to her room, where once again she screamed in her pillow to release that pent up anger. Suddenly there was a loud bang and Theresa looked up. There on the floor lay Herry and Odie. "How'd you guys get here?" Theresa asked.

Odie sat up. "Cronus tried to kill us by sending us to a strange place. We have to find Atlanta and Archie; he might do the same thing to them." Odie said. Theresa got off her bed and walked over to the two boys and saw a big gash across Herry's chest and there was one going from Odie's elbow all the way down to his palm. "We have to get you to Chiron!" Theresa said.

Odie nodded and they helped Herry off the floor, but he was losing a lot of blood. "Jay! Neil!" Theresa screamed. Both boys came running to her room. Jay saw what Herry looked like and helped the others carry him downstairs to Theresa's car.

"Only one of you can come." Theresa said as Jay helped Theresa put Herry and Odie on the back seat. "I'll go with you." Jay said. Neil shook his head. "No, I'll go with her." He said. Jay turned to face the boy. "I said I will go with her." He said. Theresa rolled her eyes and pulled Jay into the car. "Neil, see if you can squeeze in at the back and if not, you're staying." She said.

The blond boy quickly hopped in the back, squished between Odie and the door. The younger boy had fallen asleep due to the past events that had happened to him and Herry had fainted due to the loss of blood.

Theresa put her foot down on the pedal and they were off. They made it to the school in no time. "Neil, quickly get Hermes to make a portal to the god's wing, there is no way we can carry both boys there." Theresa said. Neil nodded and ran off. Odie had woken up, but he was semi conscious. Theresa and Jay got Herry out of the car and used his shirt to try and stop the bleeding. Then a portal appeared and Neil stepped out with Chiron. The centaur picked up Odie while Jay and Neil carried Herry into the gods wing.

Theresa was about to follow when she had two visions. One was off Atlanta and Archie sitting in a house that looked like it belonged in the 80s. They were talking to a guy that looked like Archie. Then she got a feeling that their memories were coming back. That vision ended and then the other one came. It was of Cronus. He was muttering something in Greek and she saw a ghost rising up from the dead. Seeing the figure sent shivers up Theresa's spine. The ghost, or spirit, then slowly entered the light and he had a body. Theresa gasped as she saw who it was.

"No! I thought he died long ago!" she whispered. The vision ended and she found herself on her knees in the parking lot. The others had gone in side. But Theresa couldn't follow them. She jumped into her car and drove off. She didn't stop at the brownstone that might not be a wise thing to do with him out there now. But going to her father wasn't a good idea either; he knew where her dad lived. 'But he might go after Dad and kill him.' She thought and then remembered that frightful night. The night her mother died. The night her uncle died with her.


There you go, hope that will keep you busy while I work on the next chapter. It might be Jay and Neil, if you want to story to continue soon! The A/A chapter is seriously long, so just wait for it! In the mean time, rate and review!
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