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Back From The Past

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"No freaking way." Archie said as he and Atlanta walked down the hallway. Their memory was still returning to them, and Archie seemed to recognise the hall. Just, it didn't look like a two year old...

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I finally updated this story!!!! Yay me!! (I sound like London Tipton now!) This chapter, back in the present but there are new complications.

Warning: A bit of fighting between Jay and Neil.


You two better go, I can take care of these two. You need to find Atlanta and Archie, with only three of you left, Cronus could attack at any given moment." Chiron said. Jay and Neil nodded and ran out the school, to an empty parking lot. "Where did Theresa go?" Neil asked.

Jay shook his head. "She ran away from us. Neil, why do you suddenly like Theresa?" He asked. Neil frowned. "I've always liked her and she likes me." He said, a smile growing on his face. Jay tried to remain clam and to not punch the stupid smile off his face. Jay turned around and started walking back to the Brownstone. Neil followed him.

"I mean, she hangs out with me the most. Always going shopping with me and whatnot. It's a match made in heaven I tell you." Neil said, sighing just to make Jay angry. It worked, but he didn't expect the leader to react the way he did. The next thing Neil knew, he was on the ground, his jaw hurting from where Jay had punched him. Neil got up.

"Oh, you are so going to pay!" Neil said and punched Jay in the gut. Jay winced, who knew Neil was that strong? "That's it Neil! This ends now!" Jay said and the two were on the ground, fighting one another. Not knowing how by each passing second, each of their friends were losing a piece of the friendship that they all had.


"No freaking way." Archie said as he and Atlanta walked down the hallway. Their memory was still returning to them, and Archie seemed to recognise the hall. Just, it didn't look like a two year old had painted the pictures. Atlanta shrugged. "We're in the 80s; they painted that sort of stuff." She said.

Archie shook his head. "So, are you an expert on the 80s or something?" He asked. Atlanta opened her mouth to say something when they ran into a group of adults. Both teens recognised them as the gods, but they looked different. They wore bell-bottoms and these really colourful t-shirt. 'Must be trying to keep up with the trends. But that looks like it's from the 60s!' Archie thought.

Hera, at least they guessed it was Hera, turned to face them. "How-how did you get in here?!" She said. Persephone (who looked her usual self) smiled at them. "I knew you two would be arriving soon. Hera, these two teens are from the future. I cannot tell you any more, it might destroy the space time continuum." Persephone said. Hera nodded and looked at the teens up and down.

"What are your names? I presume that you need help getting back to the future?" She asked. Atlanta and Archie nodded. Hera then turned and walked towards her solarium. "You came just in time, if you waited another day you would be stuck here forever. The gods were going to leave to go back to Greece tonight." She said and showed Atlanta and Archie in, Persephone right behind them.

"So, we need to get you back to your time before it's too late." Hera said. They nodded, but they felt like there was something she wasn't saying. "Right, so Persephone, can you please help me with this?" Her a asked. Persephone nodded and joined hands with Hera. "Ok, it might hurt a little, but time travel does that to you." Hera said.

Both goddesses started to mutter some Greek words. Atlanta and Archie felt like something was pulling them down. It was tugging at their feet, forcing them to fall through the floor. Both teens looked down and saw that there was a vortex right underneath them. "Archie!" Atlanta screamed as she was sucked in. Archie grabbed hold of her hand and was dragged down with her.

Both of them had their eyes closed, pain soaring up their sides as they hit something hard. Archie opened his eyes and saw that they were in the park again. Archie sat up and looked over at Atlanta. Her eyes fluttered open. "My head hurts." She groaned and sat up. Archie helped her onto her feet. "What now?" She asked. Archie shrugged.

"We have to find the other teens, they can help us get the rest of our memory back." He said. Atlanta nodded and they started walking in the direction of the school, when they came across two boys on the ground, punching each other. Atlanta and Archie recognised both boys form the group of teens that they were looking for.

"Ok, break it up, break it up!" Archie said, grabbing hold of Jay. Atlanta grabbed the blonde boy, who looked surprised to see them. "But you're not supposed to be here!" He said. Archie let go of Jay who turned to face him.

"What happened to you two?" Jay asked. Archie explained everything that had happened, the encounter with their parents and meeting the gods. Jay nodded and turned to Neil. "This fight isn't over, but we have to find Theresa. Archie, can you remember how to drive your motorcycle?" He asked. Archie thought for awhile. "Yeah, I guess so."

"Good, take Atlanta and go search New Olympia for Theresa. You do know who Theresa is, don't you?" Jay asked. Atlanta nodded. "Good, now let's go!"


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