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Searching For Theresa

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"No Theresa, listen to me. We need you back here! We have to fight an evil god of time; I bet we can handle this guy that's coming after you." Theresa shook her head and tears started coming down ...

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Ok, so I have this story back on track! So, say a BIG thanks to CompetitiveSwimmaChick!


"Archie, are you sure you can remember how to drive this thing?" Atlanta asked him and he got on his motorbike. Archie nodded his head and handed Atlanta the extra helmet. She took it and got on.

"Hold on." Archie said as he started the engine. Atlanta wrapped her arms around Archie's waist and held on tight as the vehicle suddenly lurched forwards. But after awhile, Atlanta relaxed and let go of Archie slightly.

"Do you have any idea where this Theresa girl could be?" Atlanta asked him as she looked for the girl. Archie shook his head. "Jay and that blonde boy Neil told us to look all around New Olympia, so I guess that's just what we have to do." Atlanta nodded and held on to Archie as he turned into a different road.

They were heading to what looked like the mall. They saw Jay and Neil there standing by a red convertible. "Archie, there are the other two." Atlanta said and pointed to the two boys. Archie nodded and quickly turned into the mall parking lot.

"Hey guys, any luck find her?" Atlanta asked as she pulled off the helmet. Neil came over to them. "Well, we found her car parked here. The keys are gone so Theresa must have them. We've searched the mall, but no sign of her." Neil said, looking really worried.

Atlanta jumped off the bike and walked up to Jay. He was searching the car for any signs of Theresa's whereabouts. "Jay, you find anything?" She asked. The boy shook his head. "She couldn't have gone far if she was walking, but what if someone kidnapped her. I'm so stupid; I should've paid more attention to her." Jay said and left Atlanta alone with the car.

She was about to walk away when she saw something white catch her eye. It was sticking out from the glove compartment of the car, but it was so small that only someone with a good eye sight could catch it and Atlanta being a hunter and all, managed to pick this up. She quickly opened the compartment and a piece of paper fell out.

Gone to my dad's

Atlanta ran to the others and gave Jay the slip of paper. "We have to go back to the school and check on Odie and Herry. Atlanta and Archie, keep searching, she couldn't have gotten far. She's still somewhere here in New Olympia."


Theresa sat on the outskirts of New Olympia. She ditched her car because she knew they could track her with it. Odie had just installed a tracking system in it.

Tears spilling down her face, she sat on a lonely rock. She could sense that he was coming and he had almost reached her. 'Please don't go after my dad, please don't go after him.' Theresa thought.

Her senses finally picked up the man she was running from. He was getting closer. Theresa scrambled to her feet and started running, away from New Olympia. She ran into the forest where she and Neil were once trapped when they went spying on Pan.

Theresa's heart started beating faster at the thought of Neil. She closed her eyes, but kept running. Her hunter was losing her and both of them knew it. She wouldn't let him get her now.

Finally, Theresa stopped running. She could not feel his presence anywhere near her. He was gone. Theresa sighed and leaned against a tree. 'What is wrong with me? Why do I feel this way about Neil now?' she thought.

Theresa started to think about Jay and she had the same feeling as she had when thinking about Neil. Theresa sat down on the ground. 'Why do I feel this way about both of them?'

Suddenly Theresa's PMR goes off. As a habit, she picks it up but regrets it when it's Neil on the other end.

"Theresa? Theresa, are you there?" Neil said. 'He sounds worried.' Theresa thought. She sighed. "Yeah Neil, I'm here." She could hear the other boy sigh with relief.

"Where are you? All of us have been looking for you. Atlanta and Archie are here and why did you run off to your dad?"

"Neil, I can't explain everything to you, but all of us are in grave danger if I stick around. Someone is after my dad, after him it's me and then you guys. I can't have him find you."

"No Theresa, listen to me. We need you back here! We have to fight an evil god of time; I bet we can handle this guy that's coming after you."

Theresa shook her head and tears started coming down her face again. "No Neil, it's better this way." And with that, Theresa turned off her PMR. She got up, but something grabbed her from behind.

"Hello, Theresa."


"Theresa? Theresa?" Neil said into his PMR. Jay grabbed it from him. "It's no use, she hung up on you." He said. They were back at the school waiting for Chiron to tell them what was going to happen with Odie and Herry.

"Ok, so we are starting to get our memories back now. We are 7 teens who live together and fight an evil god of time who is out to destroy us. We are descendents of heroes from Greek Mythology and there are gods who live in a secret wing in our school that only the 7 of us know about?" Archie said. Jay nodded.

Just then, Chiron's study doors burst open and out came Herry and Odie. Both were pretty badly scratched up, but other than that they were ready to do whatever it took to get Theresa back.

"Ok, so we know she was heading to her fathers house, but she ditched her car. That means she has to be somewhere in New Olympia or the outskirts of the city. Herry, you take your truck with Odie, Neil and I and drop us off at different pints in and outside the town. Archie and Atlanta, you go on Archie's motorbike and search the city again and the outskirts." Jay said.

Archie and Atlanta nodded and ran out the school. The others followed Jay outside to the school parking lot where Herry had left his truck. "Can we stop off quickly at the dorm so I can fetch some equipment we might need?" Odie asked. Jay nodded.

Archie and Atlanta started back at the mall. "The mall is in the centre of the city, she could've gone anywhere." Atlanta said. Archie looked all around the area that they were in. "I don't think she's here anymore. She's probably made it to the city outskirts already." Archie said and sped out of the town.

He stopped just outside a forest. Atlanta jumped off the bike and searched the area. "Archie, she's definitely here." Atlanta said coming back. Archie nodded. "But, I found two sets of footprints, she's not alone."


Ooh, what's happening? But first off, I want to see if you can guess who's after Theresa? It's a character mentioned in a previous chapter! Now, review! Peace out y'all! :D
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