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Archie Remembers

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Archie shook his head. "That still remains a mystery to me too, but I can bet you it has something to do with Cronus." Archie looked back at Atlanta and saw her looking out into space. He decided n...

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Sorry for the short chapter, if it is indeed a short chapter. Hey, you be the judge. Anyways, this chapter first off focuses on Theresa and you find out who kidnapped her and then we move back to Archie. Happy? Yay!


Theresa awoke in what looked like a dungeon in an old castle. She tired to get up but she had chain on her ankles that bound her to the floor. She moved her arms but soon found they were also chained to the wall. An evil laugh filled the room and it echoed off the walls. Theresa shivered, she knew that laugh all too well.

"My dear Theresa, you have grown so much since a last saw you. But then again, you were just a baby, too young and innocent to know about the dangers that life gives you." Aid the voice. Theresa looked around the room looking for the owner.

"I may not have known about death at that age and I know about it now. I know what you did and the price you paid for it you murderer!" Theresa screamed, hot tears threatening to spill out of her eyes.

"You think I had a choice? Do you really think I wanted to kill your mother? No, I didn't. I was dieing and Cronus gave me a chance to live!" He shouted back at her. Theresa shook her head. "So how did you find Tartarus anyway? And why didn't you release Cronus all those years ago?"

"Stupid girl. Cronus found me. How, I do not know. I had to prepare for when the planets aligned and he could be set free. It had to be perfect, it only happens every 18 years you know."

"But you died on the job, now didn't you? 3 years before Cronus was released. Uncle, you are a monster! You aren't my family anymore! You killed my mother, your own sister!" Theresa screamed and felt the chains leave her ankles and wrists. He had released her.

"I don't want to be associated with you either." Tim stepped out of the shadows and a sword appeared in his hands. "Thanks to Cronus, I have powers over you. Let's see if your psychic abilities can get you out of this!" He yelled and charged at her. Theresa ducked and rolled over to the side.

"Don't you know Cronus is using you? He only brought you back to kill my friends and I and then he would rid of you too!" Theresa shouted as she dodged another attack from him. Tim shook his head, a look of pure insanity in his eyes. "Oh no Theresa, not this time!"

And he charged at her again. Theresa was cornered and there was no way to go, except up. Which is what happened, yet Theresa had no idea how. Tim looked up at her. 'That wasn't supposed to happen.' He thought.

Theresa liked the idea of levitating for awhile, but then she began to panic as she started to float back to the ground, right in front of her uncle. 'Not good!'


"Uh Jay, I think we've found where Theresa ran off to." Atlanta said as Archie picked up a red back pack.

"And?" Asked the anxious voice of Jay. Atlanta sighed. "She's not here, but we have a feeling she's been kidnapped. I found two pair of footprints here and we found her back pack. Jay, do you have any idea of who would be after? Like maybe a man, because they are too big to be a women's footprints."

"It must be Cronus! He's got Theresa!" Neil yelled into the PMR. Archie then came and stood next to Atlanta so he also could listen to the conversation. "Go, we've locked your co-ordinates. We'll get Odie and Herry and join you guys." Jay said and Atlanta switched off her PMR.

"And what are we supposed to do?" Archie asked. Atlanta sat down on the ground. "We sit and wait." Archie just nodded and leaned against a tree. He watched and studied Atlanta, memories of them hanging out came flooding back.

Atlanta noticed Archie watching her and looked at him. "What are you thinking about?" She asked. Archie just shrugged. "Memories, they're still coming back."

Atlanta got up and stood next to him. "It's the same with me. I'm slowly starting to remember my life now and some things that happened when I was little, but not everything. I can't remember how we lost our memories anyway. Can you?"

Archie shook his head. "That still remains a mystery to me too, but I can bet you it has something to do with Cronus." Archie looked back at Atlanta and saw her looking out into space. He decided not to disturb her, she was probably remembering stuff. Archie closed his eyes and let a memory come back to him.

"Hey Atlanta." Archie said as he sat down on the couch and stole the bowl of popcorn from her. She glared at him and grabbed the bowl back. "If you want some, go make your own. That is, it Herry left you any."

"Oh very funny. So, what movie is it tonight? Are the others joining us?" Archie asked. Atlanta shook her head and hit play on the DVD remote. They started watching Pirates of the Caribbean.

After awhile, both of them got bored of the movie. "Why's you take out the first one? We've seen it more than 50 times! The second one was the best." Archie said. Atlanta picked up a pillow and hit him across the head.

"What was that for?" He asked, reaching for a pillow. Atlanta stopped him by tackling him to the ground. "I'm bored." She said and soon they were wrestling each other. Archie won and he let go of her. Atlanta was about to get up off the gorund when Archie started tickling her.

"!" Atlanta said between giggles. This only made Archie tickle her more until she ran out of breathe. "Well, that was fun." He said. Atlanta rolled her eyes and pushed him off of her, neither of them really noticed how close they actually were.

"Yeah, you were right. I'm going to go to bed. Night Archie."

"Night Atlanta."

"Archie? Archie!" A voice screamed in his ear. Archie opened his eyes and saw the others crowded around him. "What?" He said.

"You were sleeping and we need to move if we are going to find Theresa." Jay said. Archie nodded and followed the others back to where he and Atlanta first found the footprints. But he wasn't focused on the task that they were doing, he kept thinking about the memory and why it seemed to mean something to him.


Archie's remebering more! Yay! I chose Pirates as the movie 'cause I just watched it for like the 50th time and it's really boring now yawn. Now review and I might give you a cookie! Or a chocolate cake. Actually hows about a chocolate bar 'cause I can't cook? (I'm only joking about cooking, chocolate cake and chocolate bar. Just review)
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