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Theresa's Fight

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But she was ready. She turned quickly on her heels and blocked a punch whish was aimed at her face. He smirked at her and was about to kick her when she blocked that too. Theresa winced in pain, he...

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Here is Theresa fighting and showing off that girls rule!! Sorry, just had to say that! And if this chapter goes well, then I might add some more battle scenes. Oh and a warning, there's going to be a lot of Greek in this chapter, translations will be at the bottom author's note in order as I put them.


Theresa was still levitating above the ground, but Tim had a better shot at her. Theresa swerved to the side and found herself backed up against the wall. Her feet touched the ground and she stayed on guard, he had gone back into the shadows.

"You can't run or hide from me Theresa. I am everything and more powerful than you can imagine." He said and made a move for her left side. Theresa sensed this and quickly fell to the ground and rolled out of the way. Tim then went back into the shadows.

"But how long will it last? Do you really think Cronus would let you keep these powers? He's just using you and very soon he will kill you, like you killed my mother." Theresa said and took a fighting stance. She heard metal connect with the stone floor, he had dropped his weapon.

"Enough. If you want to be brave and fight me like man, oops, I mean woman, then so be it." Tim said. Theresa stopped herself from saying a comment about him calling her a man. "Prepare for battle." Tim muttered and charged at Theresa's back.

But she was ready. She turned quickly on her heels and blocked a punch whish was aimed at her face. He smirked at her and was about to kick her when she blocked that too. Theresa winced in pain, he was definitely strong and that hurt her arm.

"I see that you are not as strong as you want to be." Tim said and grabbed Theresa's wrists. Theresa was about to kick him where it hurt when he grabbed her leg. He let go of her and she fell to the ground.

"You are pathetic Theresa, just like your mother." Tim said and spat on her. Theresa's eyes started to glow purple and Tim backed up, this was not supposed to happen. Theresa rose from the ground and started to levitate again. Her hair was going wild behind her. "Th-Theresa?" Tim said. He might be invicable, but he could tell that this power was far more powerful than him, even Cronus would be weak against her!

"Åßóôå ìéá áðåéëÞ óå ìå êáé Ýôóé ôï üðëï óáò èá äéáðåñíÞóåé ôçí êáñäéÜ óáò" Theresa said. There was a ratteling behind Tim and he spun around to see his sword come flying at him. Before he could say or do anything, he felt his body become cold. He looked down at his chest and saw the sword sticking out of it. Blood trickled down his shirt, he was dying for the second time.

Tim looked up at Theresa, who was still watching him with her purple eyes. He slowly fell to the ground and soon his vision became black. 'So this is how an immortal dies.'


Cronus smiled from his seat just above the arena. His plan was still going strong, with Theresa in the state she is in now, nothing will her from destroying everything in her path. Not even that fool Jay.

"I knew it was a wise choice to go after the girl he loves, even if she doesn't love him anymore." Cronus said and smiled as Theresa's powers got stronger by the minute. She was in a dungeon that had special gems that fed off the power that Theresa was giving off and feeding it back to a living person. The living person being Cronus.

Now he could tap into her thoughts and found out who she loved the most. "Surprising that it is him." Cronus said and continued to watch the angry Theresa. She was slowly rising into the air and Cronus saw the gems all along the walls start to grow red.

"Good, she's getting to her maximum potential and soon she will be completely under my control." He muttered. But he didn't count on what Theresa did next. "Ôïß÷ïò ðåôñþí, èß÷ïõëï óôï Ýäáöïò" Theresa said. The room started to shake violently and Cronus had to hold onto the pillar he was standing next to. Dust started to fill the room and he had to cover his eyes.

When it had quietned down and he could look again, Cronus saw that Theresa was flyinh out of a hole she made in the wall. 'Time to see if the gems worked.' Cronus thought. "Ç ÔåñÝæá, Ýñ÷åôáé åäþ" He said. Theresa stopped flying and turned to face him.

"Yes master?" She said. Cronus smiled. 'Excellent.' "Ðçãáßíåôå êáé êáôáóôñÝøôå ôïõò ößëïõò óáò" He said. Theresa bowed her head and nodded. Cronus smiled as she flew off into the dark night.


"Guys, are you even concerned on finding Theresa?" Jay said. Everyone was getting agitated and annoyed at Jay. "Yes Jay, but if you keep pushing us like this, we're going to die before we find her!" Neil said. Jay whirled around and faced the blonde boy.

"Do you care about her as much as I do? Do you Neil?" Jay said, his temper rising. Neil put his hands in front of him. "Jay, we all care about her and I care about her just like you do. Can't you see what you are doing to the rest of us?" Neil said and pointed to Atlanta, Archie, Herry and Odie. They had been searching the forest for any signs for hours and all of them were tired.

"You can stay here but I'm going on." Jay said and continued to walk forwards but Neil put a hand on his shoulder. "Jay, you're killing yourself. Theresa can look after herself." He said but Jay shrugged off his hand. "I don't need anybody's help." He said and left.

Herry and Odie were watching the fight. "They've changed." Odie said. Herry nodded in agreement and the other two looked at them puzzled. "Neil normally doesn't care that much about anybody else but himself and Jay would listen to us. We're falling apart because Theresa isn't here." Herry explained to them.

"How would Theresa being here make this easier? I mean, for one we wouldn't be looking for her." Atlanta said and looked at Archie. Odie sighed and put his hand through his afro, a habit he picked up from Archie.

"Theresa is like mayonnaise. She keeps the sandwich together." Odie said and started to smile a bit. Archie and Atlanta were still confused but Herry had a smile on his face. "I could use a sandwich now."


And I'll leave you there! I'm sorry, but the whole chapter was so serious that I had to add something with Herry and food in it! The thing the Odie says about Theresa being the mayonnaise, I didn't make that up. I got it from a book I read. Anyway, here are the translations in order of they appear in the story. I know they aren't very imaginative, but whatever:

You are a threat to me and so your weapon will pierce your heart
Stone wall, crumble to the ground
Theresa, come here
Go destroy your friends

I got the translations from a website, which is disappointing for me as I have now forgotten how to speak Greek! Yeah, I'm like Greek/South African/Texan/Danish. Wow, that's long, but I don't know much about the Danish part of my family. Anyway, gotta jet.
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