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Please read this!!! Very important! YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!!!(Ok, maybe not)

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Dear Readers

I know, I know, it's not an update! I have a very good reason for that, which will be explained later. I just want to say that when my three ongoing stories are finished, I'm leaving FicWad coz the Class of the Titans fandom has slowly faded and there are other things that I would like to write about.

Ok, so reason for no update now and for awhile, I just got out of hospital. Actually, I got out of hospital on Thursday, but I still feel as if I've been hit by a train (no, that's not the reson why I was in the hospital), so I don't have the need to write anything. I feel terrible (sp?) right now, so until I feel better, you won't hear from me.

Just want to thank all the people who reviewed almost all of my stories: HoneyBee, twiinklestar, Ace_Fan_12, CompetitiveSwimmaChick and Draykor (or DJessie). Thanks guys, I'm always looking forward to your reviews!

So, I'll see y'all later with an update, though that will be awhile.

~T.J (just out of curiosity, who knows what my real name is? I never told y'all what it was coz everyone just calls me by mt middle name.)
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