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Another A/N

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Hola, guess who might be coming back?

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Ello, ello. Long time no see, eh?

I know, it's not an update and that it's been a year since you guys have heard from me and I'm so sorry, but Class of the Titans hasn't exactly been my thing lately. I know, sad.

This note is for two things...

1) I'm coming back soon! Like, I'm going to finish off this story and then be on my way, if you guys haven't give up on me.


2) Advertising my new forum. It's... Class of the Titans role playing! Yeah, to help me get back into the CotT fandom. Please join! It's going to seem weird, coz I've given the characters celeb lookalikes, but I tried my best with celebs that look like the characters. I'm just having a hard time with Herry, Theresa and Archie, is all.

So join, its http:// classofthetitans . proboards83 . com/ index . cgi

Just take out the spaces.

And check me out on Fanfiction dot net!!! I'm active there.

Catch you guys later and hopefully, see ya on the boards!
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