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Major Rogue/Remy & Scott/Jean. Life has grown hard for Remy LeBeau. The Acolytes have disbanded, he is in exile from his home, and sombody has placed a large bounty on his head by a mysterious indi...

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Sinister Secrets
Chapter 6: Aftershock


"Scott...Remy LeBeau is your biological brother..."

Those words echoed through Scott's head like a mantra. His mind was shot as he struggled to process everything that he had just been told. It was as if everything he knew about himself had been shattered by this revelation. Before today, he thought he knew who he was. He thought he was Scott Summers...The oldest son of Christopher and Katherine Summers and the brother of Alex Summers. He thought he had watched his real family die right before his very eyes...And was left alone in a hostile world. Now, he learned that he had always been alone to begin with. They had not been his biological family...He was not their real son. The more he thought about it...The more it hurt. But it didn't end there...It turned out that the only living family he had in the world...He had fought against as an enemy. Gambit had been a member of Magneto's Acolytes and the whole time he hadn't known that he was his biological brother.

"Scott..." began Jean as she motioned to place a comforting hand on his shoulder.

But Scott before she could...He turned around and ran out of the room. The look on his face was so troubled...And his world was in shambles once again. He was dazed, confused, and distraught by everything that was happening to him. He had to get away...So he just ran, hoping that his problems wouldn't follow him. His mental well-being was in ruin now, for his mind just couldn't process this information.

As he ran out, Jean went to follow him...But Hank held her back.

"I think he needs to be alone my dear...I think we need to give him time to come to terms with this new information," said Hank as he gave her a look of sympathy.


"Hank is right Jean...Scott's world has been terribly shaken by this. It...It's impossible to know how he feels...Having everything he knows about himself falling apart. Time will heal him..."

Jean could only shake her head in response, not accepting what they said in the slightest.

"Professor...He needs me...He needs us," said Jean, "You can't expect me to just sit by and let him suffer when he's feeling so alone."

"It's a lot to take in Jean..." said Xavier in response, "As shocking as it was to us, it was even more so for him."

"Be that as it may, I'm not going to let him go through this alone...I have to help him!"

The Professor was about to respond, but Jean had left the room before he could. Either way, he knew his words wouldn't dissuade Jean. It was obvious that she wanted to help him through this...But neither he, nor anybody else for that matter, really knew how. He and Hank just stood there in silence...Unsure of how to handle this unprecedented new development.

"So what do we do now Charles?" asked Hank, for he felt fresh out of ideas.

Charles Xavier looked back over at his friend with a defeated look.

"I wish I knew old friend. But...I'm afraid all we can do now is wait...And see what becomes of all this..."


Jean let out a deep sigh as she tried to put herself in Scott's shoes for a moment. Unlike him, she had always had a family that stuck by her and loved her. She never had to live with the pain of losing them or watching them die. She never had deal with being left isolated and alone. And if someone had told her that the people that she thought were her family had adopted her...She didn't know how she would take it. She didn't even know if she COULD take it. Scott had loved his parents and was forced to watch them die...Then, he had to learn that they were never his real parents to begin with. She could sense his turmoil through their link...But she could never truly understand how if felt to feel so broken and isolated.

But despite this feeling, Jean refused to sit by when Scott truly needed her. He was still her best friend, he was still her fiancé, and he was still the man she fell in love with.

'Scott?' she sent through their link hoping that he would talk to her.

But he didn't respond...All his mental shields were now up and he had pretty much locked himself away within his own mind. Knowing that he wasn't going to respond, she traced his presence to an area near the edge of the institute. It was a place that he had gone to since he had arrived at the institute. It was a place for him to be alone when the going got tough. He had invited Jean to this spot many times in all the years that they had known each other. They shared many hard times and tender moments here, and it didn't surprise Jean all that much when she traced his location to this spot.

When she finally found him, he was leaning back against the tree...Looking over the lake in the distance as the stars in the evening sky began to shine above. Through their link she felt confusion, sadness, and an overwhelming sense anxiety as he kept trying to make sense out of all this. Slowly, she approached him...Hoping not to upset him anymore. He didn't move or object to her presence, so she simply continued towards him. Eventually, she took a seat next to him gently placed a hand on his shoulder. It wasn't much...But there was little else that could be done.

"I...I can't imagine how you must feel Scott," said Jean softly as she looked in to the hollow expression on his face, "It must be awful...And...I wish I could do something to make all of this go away but..."

Scott's head only sank lower as he felt himself fall in to the depths of uncertainty. Jean moved in closer towards him and rested her head against his shoulder. It didn't make anything go away...But it did calm him down. Now, he felt like such a mess. Gently, he took Jean's hand and held it tight...As if she was his last grip on reality. He didn't know what to think or how to feel with the fact that his parents had adopted him or that Remy was his real brother. But it didn't change his feelings for Jean...She was there for him in the same way she always had been. And she wanted to help...But she just didn't know how.

After a long period of silence, Scott finally spoke as he continued to look out to sea.

"No matter how much I lost in my life..." began Scott in a distressed tone, "No matter how many people that I cared about died...I always felt that at least I knew who I was. I always felt that at least knew my own identity. But now...I don't even have that..."

Scott's musing only made him feel worse as Jean tried to console him in his time of need. But this was something so complex that it seemed all but untreatable. But that didn't stop the redhead from trying.

"Don't say that Scott...You're still the same person...You're still Scott Summers. Nothing can ever take that away from you," said Jean as she looked in to his eyes through the obscured glasses that he was burdened with.

"I though I was...But now I'm not so sure," replied Scott as he shook his head in response, "How can I know who I am if I don't even know the blood that flows in my veins?"

"But you know who you are Scott!" said Jean as she desperately tried to get him through this tumultuous time.

"I...I'm just not so sure anymore Jean. I'm not so sure of anything anymore. It's like I've lost my family all over again even though they were never mine to begin with..."

"But they still loved you even if they did adopt you...You were still their son in every way that matters. And you're still Alex's brother in every way that matters as well."

"Be that as it may...That can never change the truth. Even if they did love me...No amount of love could ever truly make me their son and no amount of love can ever make me Alex's real brother. Now...I'm nothing."

Scott truly felt alone now as tears began to form in his eyes. Jean just held on to him tighter, keeping him from completely breaking down under the pressure of knowing the truth.

"Scott...I know this has been really hard on you and...I wish I could understand...But I can't. Just know that I'm still here for you...This doesn't change the fact that I love you. Nothing could ever change that. After everything we've been through...Everything we've helped each other with...You should never forget that you're not alone. You still have friends that care for you...And I still love you."

Jean's words were thick with emotion as she placed a gentle kiss on his cheek. He simply responded by wrapping his arms around her waist and hugging her close to his body. The shock of what he had learned had still not worn off and his world was still a mess...But Jean's presence and love helped. The look on his face just sank as he rested his head against the back of the tree.

"So what happens now?" asked Scott, still dazed from everything had just learned.

"I don't know Scott...But whatever does come to pass, remember that I'll be there to help you...I'll always be there...I promise."

Scott finally shifted his gaze back towards the face of his lover. And even though he was still struggling to deal with it all, he managed to smile ever so briefly.

"Thanks Firebird..." said Scott softly as he gently kissed her.

Jean smiled back as she leaned in to his warmth in order to help sooth his troubled soul. But as the young couple sat in the secluded area and watched the picturesque waters under the night sky, three ominous onlookers watched them from afar. Neither of them made a sound as they inched their way closer towards Scott and Jean. Like a predator waiting to pounce on its prey, the three figures drew closer as they prepared to strike.

Then...Jean got a reading and sensed the imminent danger and immediately became concerned.

"Scott...Something's wrong," said the young telepath as she struggled to get a reading through the powerful mental shields of the three aggressors.

"Jean...What's happening? What can you..."

Suddenly, Scott was cut off by an animal-like growl that they both knew all too well. It was that of Logan's old nemesis, Sabretooth...But he wasn't alone. Then, a mysterious man with large metal fists and a strange metallic uniform appeared before them.

"Well isn't this touching...Well kiddies, I hate to break up such a tender scene but we've got some business to attend to!" said Gauntlet as he approached Scott and Jean.

Immediately, the couple sprang up and prepared to fight off whoever this guy and his allies were.

"Who are you?!" demanded Scott, "What do you want?!"

Gauntlet just laughed as he moved in closer.

"It's not what I want...It's what my boss wants. And he wants YOU!"

Before any more words could be spoken, Gauntlet lunged forth towards Scott with his powerful fists. Jean immediately reacted by knocking him back with her telekinesis. But while she was busy keeping him at bay, two metallic tentacles whipped out from the tree above and wrapped her in a deadly embrace. She soon traced the source of these tentacles to Omega Red, who had been hiding off to the side while she was preoccupied with Gauntlet. Jean tried to use her powers to break free, but Omega Red just increased the pressure...Squeezing her tighter until she struggled to breath.

"Let her go!" yelled Scott as he prepared to take off his glasses and blast this guy away.

"I don't think so kid..." replied a deep voice from behind.

Then, before Scott could react, he was grabbed and bound from behind by the cat-like mutant known as Sabretooth. With his enhanced strength, he kept Scott from reaching for his glasses and stood behind him so he was out of the way just in case he managed to get off a shot.

"You're only making it harder on yourself and your girl..." grunted Sabretooth as Scott struggled to break free. "Stop struggling cause there's no way out!"

Scott looked over as Jean started to lose consciousness from Omega Red's hold. Because they had attacked her, Scott knew that he had faltered. So whoever these guys were or who they worked for, they knew him and his weaknesses. But despite this, Scott wasn't ready to let himself be defeated by this just yet. Summoning all the strength he could, he broke free of Sabretooth's grip and flung him over towards Omega Red. As he crashed in to his teammate, Omega Red released Jean and she fell to the ground.

"Jean! Jean, are you okay?" said Scott as he rushed over to her side.

Then suddenly as he knelt down beside her, Scott was hit by a powerful burst of electricity from a handheld taser gun. Immediately, he let out an agonizing yell before he fell completely unconscious.


Out of the shadows, Gauntlet reemerged holding the gun that had knocked Scott out.

"Wow...I guess Sinister's little gadgets really do work," said Gauntlet with a snide grin as he walked over and picked up Scott's limp body.

"Good work comrade," said Omega Red as he and Sabretooth got back up. "Now let's get back to base before any more X-men are aware of our presence."

Jean, who was still conscious, watched in horror as her fiancé was carried away by these intruders. As she felt her strength return to her, she got up and prepared to fight again.

"No! You leave him alone!" yelled the redhead as she prepared another round of telekinetic bursts.

"I don't think so..." said Omega Red as he took out another taser gun and blasted Jean with a painful round of electricity.

This sent her flying back and nearly knocked her out cold as the three men prepared to leave with Scott's unconscious body.

"Well that was easy...Come now, let's go before Xavier sends more of his troupes," ordered Omega Red as he and his comrades slipped away in to the night.

Through the pain of the shocks that she had endured, Jean struggled to get up. Her head was ringing from the electric burst that she had suffered, but she knew she had to stay conscious. The redhead tried to use her powers to find the three men that had taken her fiancé, but they had somehow vanished both physically and psychically. She tried contacting Scott through their bond, but he was out cold and she was too tired. Over and over again she tried...But was left with nothing more than painful emptiness.



The brakes of her car screeched as Rogue's car arrived at the front of the institute. Frantically, she got out of her car and dashed in to the house where she soon met Logan who was coming from the kitchen.

"Whoa Rogue, what's the rush?" asked Logan as Rogue nearly ran in to her.

"Logan..." said Rogue obviously out of breath, "Something's happened...I gotta talk to the Professor!"

Logan saw a great deal of concern in her expression as she tried to calm down. He knew Rogue was a tough girl and not many things could phase her this much, so this had to be serious.

"Okay, just calm down Rogue. Tell me what happened," said Logan as he placed both hands on his shoulders.

Rogue hesitated...If she told him everything, he'd know about her and Remy. And she knew Logan...She knew how he would probably react. Logan had always been very protective of the students at the institute since the beginning. And Rogue was definitely no exception. Ever since her powers went haywire, he had always taken it upon himself to look after her. And after the kidnapping incident a while back with Remy, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that he would be pretty apprehensive about the Cajun and her once he knew.

"Rogue...What's wrong?" said Logan, who definitely began to feel concerned with Rogue's silence over the situation.

Rogue took a deep breath, preparing herself for the inevitable backlash that would come from telling the Wolverine about her year-long relationship with Remy LeBeau.

"It's Remy...Somebody took him...Some guy named Sinister. Logan I gotta help him!"

Logan hadn't expected that. He hadn't even heard a mention of Gambit's name since Magneto broke up the Acolytes. A personal grudge still existed between him and the Cajun since he kidnapped Rogue. But now she actually seemed really worried about him. Logan had a feeling that he wasn't going to like where this led to.

"Gambit...What the hell does he have to do with anything?!"

"It's...A long story Logan. I ain't got time to tell you, but..." but she was soon cut off.

"Like hell you don't! I got all the time in the world. Now answer me...What are you doin' hangin' around Gumbo?"

Logan's gruff voice, however, did not have the desired effect. Rogue only began to feel irritated by his complete and utter contempt for Gambit. But she knew him...And he didn't. And she was going to save him even if Logan didn't want to.

"Look Logan, yer either gonna help me or not! I know ya don't like him, but I'm gonna help him! You wouldn't understand because ya won't just stop and listen...Now get outta my way!!!" yelled Rogue as she shoved a very shocked Logan aside and headed down the hall in search of the Professor.

Logan had never seen her like this before. He had seen her angry, but never this angry. It was all the more confusing because it involved her and Gambit, something that didn't sit right with him at all. But there did seem more to this than meets the eye. There definitely was something about her involvement with Remy that he didn't understand. Maybe it was because she knew he wouldn't. Either way it did leave the Wolverine feeling anxious as he went off in pursuit of Rogue.


Professor Xavier and Beast remained in the lower levels of the institute debating on what to do with the new knowledge that had profoundly affected Scott. They knew that he would probably want to know more about this, but for the time being they were stuck with what they had.

"So do you think we should contact Remy and tell him about this?" asked Hank as he let out an exhausted sigh from all the tumultuous events that had transpired within the past several hours.

"I don't know...I think we'll have to let Scott decide on that. But either way, I think Remy has a right to know just as much as Scott does. And we must also consider Alex as well."

"Well Alex is one matter...But what about Remy? Do you know where we can find the old Cajun?" inquired Beast, "I thought he disappeared after Magneto broke up the Acolytes."

"Indeed he did old fried...So much so, that even I haven't been able to keep track of him even with Cerebro."

"Do you have any clues as to why that is?" asked Hank.

"I'm afraid not...But one thing is definitely certain. If Gambit doesn't want to be found, he will make sure of it. But we must locate him...If for anything, for closure."

Hank looked back at the folder containing the information that had caused so much conflict within such a short period of time. It still seemed so unbelievable even after all the times he looked at it.

"I suppose your right Charles...I just hope this doesn't lead to anything even more severe."

As they continued their discussion...Suddenly, Rogue came rushing out of the elevator.

"Professor...Hank...You gotta help me! Something's happened!" said Rogue as she tried to catch her breath.

"Rogue my dear, calm down. Please, just tell us what's wrong," coaxed Beast as he went over to her.

Rogue didn't know if they would help Remy since he was still technically an "enemy." But she had to try. She knew that the Professor was a little more understanding than Logan and since he had given Colossus a chance, then maybe he would do the same for Gambit.

"I...I was out with Remy and..." but as soon as she said this, Hank cut her off.

"Wait...What do you mean...Out with Remy?"

"It's...Nothing I just...Somebody kidnapped him! Some weird guy calling himself Sinister."

Upon hearing that name, the look on Xavier and Hank's face became deeply concerned. They were aware of Logan's meeting with Nick Fury and the only information he had given them was a name...Sinister. Now this happens in wake of the discovery about Scott.

"Did you say...Sinister?" asked Xavier, surprised to hear that name when he had only become aware of it a few hours ago.

"Yeah...Why? Do you know the guy?" asked Rogue anxiously.

"No...But are you sure about this Rogue? Perhaps you heard wrong."

"I know what I heard!" yelled Rogue in response as she felt her frustration grow, "That's exactly what the guy called himself. He had these weird eyes that just...I don't know, paralyzed me as if I was under some kind of spell. I think he was a mutant, but...Professor we gotta find him and help Remy!"

This was definitely big...Omega Red showing up in Bayville and now this new presence, known as Sinister shows up and captures Remy. There were so many unknowns, but it was clear that there was more to this than meets the eye.

"Calm down Rogue, we'll find him. Whoever this Mr. Sinister is, he is most certainly a threat. We just learned of his name a few hours ago from SHIELD and now that he has Remy it's clear that he's up to something...And I fear what exactly that may be."

"Then we'd better help him!" said Rogue, still eager to find Remy.

"Wait..." said a gruff voice from the direction of the elevator, "Before we do, I think you have a little explainin' to do Rogue."

Logan then made an appearance. He had followed Rogue to get some answers...And judging from the looks on his associates' faces, they may not be that easy to accept. Rogue just sighed, knowing there was no way out of telling them about her involvement with Remy LeBeau.

"It's a long story...I..."

But before she could even begin, someone else joined the group. As they turned around to see who it was, they were greeted with the sight of a visibly distraught Jean Grey.


"Scott's been kidnapped..." said Jean, still suffering some of the lingering effects from the fight between her and the intruders that took her fiancé.

"What?!" exclaimed Logan as even more confusion gripped him and his friends.

"We were out near the lake..." said Jean as she struggled to get air in to her lungs, "Then...Three guys, one of them Sabretooth, jumped us and took him!"

"Sabretooth..." grunted Logan upon hearing that name, but that wasn't all that would shock him.

"Who...Do you know who else attacked you?" asked Xavier as he wheeled over to his one-time student and attempted to console her.

"I don't know...I had never seen these guys before. One of them had these weird metal tentacles and the other had these fists that..."

"Omega Red and Gauntlet!" exclaimed Logan as immediately recognized them from Jean's description.

"You know them?!"

"Yeah...We've met," replied Logan, not wanting to go in to any more detail.

"First Remy, now Scott...Something big is definitely going on here," said Hank as he began to draw some conclusions, knowing why Scott and Remy would be targets.

"Wait...What do ya mean by that?" asked Rogue, who didn't get what Hank meant by those enigmatic words.

"Yeah, why would anybody want Gumbo and Cyke?" asked Logan.

Professor Xavier, Jean, and Hank just looked back towards Rogue and Logan, for they did not know the shocking data that they knew. As Jean looked back at the Professor, he simply gave her an understanding nod...Indicating that they would have to know the truth to understand the gravity of the situation.

"Logan, Rogue...I think it's time that we let you in on a rather disturbing discovery..."


Scott Summers felt himself falling in world of darkness as he slowly began to return to consciousness. His head was pounding like a drum and every bone in his body felt like it weighed a ton. He tried to move his arms...But he soon found out that they were bound by metal shackles. Scott also noticed a strange metal band that was secured tightly around his neck. As he became more aware of his surroundings, he found out that he was in some kind of prison cell. It wasn't very big and it felt cold and sterile like a hospital. But it didn't stop there...He suddenly realized that he was not alone.

"Hey homme...You okay?" said a deep, Cajun voice.

As Scott's blurry vision cleared, he saw the second occupant in the cell. He had the same collar around his neck and shackles on his arms. Scott felt a strange feeling of confusion as he looked in to the red on black eyes of his only biological brother, Remy LeBeau.

"Yeah...I'm fine."

A fury of mixed emotions surged through the mind of Scott Summers as he took in the situation. His world had been turned upside-down only hours ago...And now he was in the presence of someone he once considered and enemy, who was now the only blood relative he had on face of the planet. Somehow...Somebody had taken him and Remy and put them in to the same room. Why them? Who else could know this? Many questions surged through Scott's head, but his train of thought was broken when the Cajun mutant spoke up.

"So is it true?" asked Remy in a low, somewhat distraught tone.

Scott didn't need to decipher what he meant.

"You mean you know?"

Remy was silent for a moment, hinting that he was just as conflicted about this as Scott was. He must have just found out as well. How he learned, Scott didn't know...But he knew now and so did Scott.

"Yeah...So is it? Are you and I really brothers?" asked Remy, as he felt the same confusion that had paralyzed Scott after he first found out.

When Scott had first learned the startling truth about his bloodline...He didn't want to accept it. He kept telling himself that it wasn't true...That there had to be some kind of error. But now...As he sat in the presence of his only living blood...It finally sank in.

"Yes Remy...You and I are brothers."


AN: Well, Scott and Remy now both know their blood relation. I know that it's kind of unbelievable and is definitely something that you wouldn't find in the comics or show, but I just thought it would be interesting to write. And it's not over yet! There's still the issue of Mr. Sinister and his involvement with the both of them. There is still more story to tell, so if you want to see how everything turns out in the end, stay tuned! There is still plenty of Romy and Jott to come! I hope you all have enjoyed this story thus far! Please tell me what you all think! Like it? Hate it? Tell me! Send your reviews to me directly via email or post them on the fanfiction website! Either way, please send me some feedback! Thank you all for reading my story and I wish you all the best!

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