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Meeting Mr. Sinister

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Major Rogue/Remy & Scott/Jean. Life has grown hard for Remy LeBeau. The Acolytes have disbanded, he is in exile from his home, and sombody has placed a large bounty on his head by a mysterious indi...

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Sinister Secrets
Chapter 7: Meeting Mr. Sinister


"Yes Remy...You and I are brothers."

Those words took several moments to process for Remy LeBeau as he sat on the opposite side of the wall from Scott Summers. They had both been kidnapped and thrown together in a small, cramped prison cell by an unknown man and his hired goons. The man, calling himself Sinister, had yet to give a reason for this act. He had only revealed to Remy the secret that had been revealed to Scott by the Professor back at the institute. And why he would want them is anybody's guess...But the fact that he also knew of their blood relationship when nobody else had was definitely cause for concern. Now, both young men were left to struggle with what they had discovered.

Remy rested his head back against the cold, hard wall as he let out an exasperated sigh.

"Wow...Who coulda seen that one comin?" said Remy as he looked back towards Scott with an equally astounded look, "So how'd you find out?"

"Blood tests...I didn't believe it a first but..." Scott began to trail off on that last part, but Remy seemed eager to know more.

"But what?"

"Then the Professor showed me adoption papers and DNA tests...And the results proved it."

A heavy silence fell upon the two men as they sad across from each other, trapped in this confined spell. Scott had a feeling that he was going to be here for a while. He only hoped that Jean was okay after the fight with Sinister's henchmen and that the rest of his friends back at the mansion would find him. But for the time being...He would just have to be patient and put all his trust in his friends. Now it was a chance opportunity to talk to the man who he had just found out was his only living blood relative. He had been an enemy in the past and now he was family whether he liked it or not.

"What about you Remy? How'd you find out?" asked Scott, as he decided to break the silence.

"The guy who brought me here, some guy named Sinister, told me everything. I didn't believe it either but...I don't know, homme...Somethin' inside me just kept tellin' me that it was true," said Remy in a somewhat dazed voice as he recalled the exact moments when her learned the truth about himself, "So...We're brother's Cyclops...What happens now?"

Scott had been asking himself that same question from the second he found out. He hadn't really thought of a definitive answer to that yet...But now that he was here and they were stuck together, he more or less stopped trying.

"Well...You could start by calling me Scott instead of Cyclops," replied Scott.

Remy couldn't help but laugh slightly at that as the tension between them seemed to waver somewhat.

"Sorry...But I guess ol' habits die hard," replied the Cajun.

"Don't I know it..." said Scott with a slight chuckle as everything finally began to sink in after so much confusion.

Another silence soon descended upon them as the initial awkwardness of finding themselves in each other's presence after learning the startling truth still hung fresh in their minds. But it was lighter now, and both men were just left to think in reflect on how their world had changed. It was kind of surreal in a sense when they both thought about it...But still confusing none the less.

"You know it's funny...I always knew that I was adopted," mused Remy, "But never once did I ask my adopted perè about where I came from or how he found me. Even Remy's adopted brothers never said anythin' 'bout it. I grew up thinkin' and wonderin' about it all the time, but...With all the crazy things that a mutant thief has to go through...I never got a chance to find the answers I wanted. Now Remy knows. And let me tell you Scottie...It really does a number yo' mind."

Scott managed to laugh at that last part, and so did Remy. The more they thought about it, the less shocking it became and the more ironic it seemed.

"Tell me about it," said Scott in response, "Well...I guess you had an advantage. I didn't even know I was adopted in the first place. My parents always treated me like a son...And I never once questioned it. I had no reason to question it in the first place."

"So what happen to yo' parents then?" asked Remy.

Scott let out a heavy sigh as he felt himself relive the whole terrible experience all over again.

"They died in a plane crash when I was eight..."

Remy bit his tongue slightly, feeling as though he had asked the wrong question...But at the same time it was kind of shocking. Ever since he had encountered the X-men, he had this concrete image of Cyclops. While he was with Magneto, he had assumed that Scott was just this over achieving, all-American guy who didn't have a single stain on his being and couldn't possibly understand a guy like him. Now, in the span of only a few minutes he had learned otherwise. The hollow, pained look on his face was something he had never expected to see...But now that he seen it, he couldn't deny the error of his views.

"I'm sorry homme..."

"Don't be..." replied Scott, "There's no way you could've known."

The tension that had permeated from their arrival continued to melt away as they both finally stopped thinking of each other as Cyclops or Gambit, and started seeing each other as Scott Summers and Remy LeBeau. Overall, it was somewhat humorous that they turned out to be brothers...Because they had both believed each other to be complete opposites. Now, it seemed that they had more in common than just genes.

"If it makes ya feel better...I lost my adopted mère too when I was young," said Remy as he recalled the old memories he had with his foster mother.

"I'm sorry...I know how bad it feels," said Scott as he saw the expression on Remy's face shift from the mention of her death.

"Oui...She had a big heart. If it wasn't for her...I'd have probably turned out as the greedy, twisted, angry thief that everybody already thinks I am."

"It's funny because...That's kind of the guy I always figured you for. But then again, I've always had a problem with stupid assumptions," admitted Scott, feeling somewhat guilty that he drew such conclusions all the time, only to find out later how wrong he was.

"I don't blame ya Scott...I'm just as guilty because I always figured you for some uptight, straight-arrow goody two shoes. I guess we both have that problem," said Remy who couldn't help but laugh at their somewhat similar character traits.

"I guess so..."

Neither one of them thought in a million years that they would have something in common, let alone be brothers. But here they were, stuck in a prison cell learning more about each other than they ever could have imagined. They had things in common that they never could have realized. In actually talking to each other, both Scott and Remy actually began to accept the fact that they were brothers. The revelation had come to them so unexpectedly...Now it just seemed so ironic that they would end up like this.

As the newfound brothers continued to talk, a small image on a security screen was broadcasted to the main control room. Looking at the screen, Mr. Sinister watched the two former enemies converse. He couldn't help but laugh at situation as the fuzzy video image continued to amuse him. From the control room, Sinister stood in the shadows of many immense, complicated biological machines. They looked like something straight out of science fiction...But they were as real as night and day. A gentle hum echoed throughout the large central room as mysterious man stood ready to put these powerful machines to work after waiting so long for this time to come.

"How ironic it is that a simple kidnapping could turn in to an all out family reunion," said Sinister with a grin, "Too bad I have to end the party early for them..."

"Enough witty banter Essex!" yelled Omega Red as he stood behind the crazed scientist, "You got what you wanted, now what about our just rewards!?"

Gauntlet and Sabretooth stood alongside the Russian soldier with equally frustrated looks on their face. Sinister had promised them a great deal of money for their services, and now that they had finished the job they had been assigned, they were looking to collect.

"Patience comrade," said Sinister in a strangely calm tone, "You will be compensated in full as soon as the final preparations to my plan are complete. But for now...Take it easy...Because it's going to be one hell of a show!"


Back at the mansion the Professor and his friends began a frantic search for the missing Scott Summers and Remy LeBeau. It was proving to be a task of great difficulty because they had no leads other than the fact that Sabretooth, Gauntlet, and Omega Red were working for a guy named Sinister. Both Rogue and Jean were very worried about their respective lovers because from what Logan had told them about the three internationally wanted mutant terrorists...They meant trouble. But for Rogue, it was a bit more difficult since she had kept her relationship with Remy secret from everybody...Which did not go over well with Logan.

"So you've been sneaking off with Gumbo for over a year behind everybody's back...Rogue what the hell were you thinking?!" said Logan upon hearing Rogue tell him the whole story about how she got involved with Remy.

"He was alone...Hungry...And being hunted like an animal Logan! How can I not help him?" quipped Rogue as she and Logan stayed outside of Cerebro while the Professor and Jean did a search for Scott and Remy.

"He's a thief and a conman Rogue...What part of that don't you understand?!" replied Logan sternly.

Rogue had taken enough of Logan's demonization of Remy, and he didn't even know the guy. Rogue had spent a lot of time with the Cajun and even though she kind of thought like Logan at first...She came to know Remy better than that and found something in him that she could truly connect with. However, as much as she knew Logan cared for her and everybody else at the institute, there were some things that he just couldn't understand.

"Logan...You know I was once a member of the brotherhood. And don't deny that you guys once considered me an enemy," said Rogue, not dissuaded by the Wolverine's gruff tone, "But ya got to know me...Ya gave me a chance."

"But you weren't some crazy thief, Rogue...You were just confused on who to trust. You never were really a part of the Brotherhood, you said it yourself," said Logan in response, still not giving in on this argument.

"Logan...Remy's a thief because that's how he was raised!" said Rogue in a strong, stern voice, "His entire adopted family were thieves...He grew up around thieves. His whole life has been influenced by crime in the same way your whole life has been influenced by Weapon X! Ya can't blame him for that. But I know he has a good heart because I've been around him for over a year Logan! He's not some greedy monster and he's not a murderer!"

Logan let out a frustrated grunt, knowing he was definitely losing this war of words with Rogue.

"The guy kidnapped you Rogue...And no matter how you sugarcoat it, he's still a thief!"

"He kidnapped me because he needed help and he knew you wouldn't do anything for an 'enemy.' Look me in the eye Logan and tell me you wouldn't have! Can you honestly say that he was wrong in assuming that?!"

Logan didn't say anything because he knew she was right. If the Gambit did come to them instead of kidnapping her, he knew he probably would've just sent him packing. Rogue knew it...And so did he.

"I know you think he's dangerous because he's a thief Logan," continued Rogue, "But there's one big difference between him and the rest of his family...He tried to get away. Why do you think he joined Magneto? Would you have accepted him if he came here? And I know he's tellin' the truth Logan...I've absorbed the guy before. I know he's more than just a thief. He's my friend...He understands me in ways nobody else does."

Logan didn't like where this was going...Because to him those last few words sounded like she had feelings for the guy that went a lot deeper than friendship. He was no expert on the subject, but he wasn't stupid. He tried not looking her in the eye because he knew that would just make him feel all the more wrong about this issue. As much as he disliked Gambit, he still didn't know a thing about him. Now, he had to think of the guy not only as Rogue's love interest, but Scott's only brother as well. Wolverine was never a guy who liked to admit defeat, but he wasn't afraid to say he was wrong. There were definitely some truth in Rogue's words, but there were still some lingering worries. Either way, he knew that nothing was going to stop Rogue from having feelings for Remy whether he liked it or not.

"Listen stripes," said Logan in a somewhat calmer tone, "I know I ain't all that familiar with the Cajun and I know I don't know him personally...But I'm just lookin' out for ya. I just don't want you gettin' hurt."

This finally got Rogue to calm down as well as she let out heavy sigh.

"I know you just tryin' to keep me from getting hurt Logan...And it means a lot to me...Really. But please...I know Remy...I know he's a good person...I know he has a good heart. Please Logan...Get to know him, sit down and talk with him for just a second. Learn that he ain't 'just a thief.' He's more than that...A lot more. Please...Give him a chance."

The wanting look in Rogue's eyes was always hard for Logan to ignore. One look at them and it was almost impossible for him to say no. He had been angry because Rogue had been deeply involved with a guy that he didn't trust. But he trusted Rogue...She had been with the guy for over a year now and if he hadn't hurt or broken her heart in all that time...Then maybe Remy LeBeau deserved at least one chance.

Logan looked back at the southern girl as she continued to look back at him with misty eyes. After a long, somewhat difficult silence, Logan finally gave his reply.

"Look Rogue...I can't promise ya anything. I still don't trust the Cajun...But I do trust you. I won't tear him to pieces when I find him...Unless he gives me a reason. And if you're this sure about him...Then I'll do my best, okay?"

Rogue finally managed to simile ever so lightly as she gave Logan a small peck on the cheek. Although he was never one to show a whole lot of emotion, his sincerity towards her was definitely clear.

"Thanks Logan," said Rogue as she went back to anxiously awaiting the Professor and Jean's search results.

Logan stayed silent and knew that there was nothing left to do but wait.

'I hope I don't regret this,' thought the Canadian mutant as he hoped for the best.

Then, the Professor and Jean came out of the vast room containing Cerebro. Neither of them had a hopeful look on their face...Especially Jean. She had come back to the institute with Scott hoping to have a nice relaxing summer...Then this life-changing news comes about and Scott gets captured soon after. Needless to say this wasn't the nice summer she had in mind...Now it was quickly turning in to a nightmare.

"Find anything?" asked Logan, even though the looks on their faces were a dead give-away.

"I'm afraid not old friend," answered Charles, "Whoever took Scott and Remy knew how to cover their tracks. We haven't found a trace of them or the ones that abducted them. Wherever they are now...It must be very heavily shielded to avoid Cerebro."

"So how do we find them?" said Rogue, not liking the prospects one bit.

"...I don't know," said the Professor in a defeated voice. "We have no information about this Sinister character and we don't know where to find him...And if we can't find him we can't find Scott or Gambit."

"So I guess that means where back at square one," grunted Logan, "What about Omega Red and Gauntlet? Have ya tried looking for them?"

"Yes we have...But it appears they too have disappeared along with Sinister."

A heavy silence fell over the small group of mutants as they contemplated what to do next. They didn't know what Sinister would do to Scott and Remy or why he wanted them to begin with. It was strange that they were abducted soon after it was discovered that they were actually biological brothers.

"I just don't understand why this Sinister guy would want Scott and Remy in the first place," said Jean with a anxious sigh, feeling the strain of the disturbing possibilities that surged through her head, "Do you think he knows what we know? Do you think he knows about Scott and Remy's connection?"

"That's definitely a strong possibility Jean. I can't see why else he would focus on those two...He must have known."

"But how? I thought..." but Rogue soon trailed off, still feeling the strain after everything that had happened on this day.

"I don't know...This Sinister fellow is too big of an unknown to make a sound judgment. We just need to keep searching for the connections...I know they're there, we just have to find him."

Nothing else was said as they considered their next move. Whoever Sinister was, he was already many steps ahead of them. They didn't know where he was or what he intended to do their friends and teammates. They knew that there had to be a reason for his interest in Scott and Remy, but it was just too unclear to contemplate at this point. Then, as all seemed lost, Rogue suddenly had an idea.

"What about the other name? Did ya check that out?" asked Rogue.

"What other name? We didn't get another name," said Jean as Rogue's comment quickly sparked her curiosity.

"Rogue...What are you talking about? Do you remember something?" asked the Professor intently as all eyes were now on the southern belle.

Although the fresh memories in Rogue's head were fuzzy at best, there was still one key thing that stuck out in her mind...

"There was somethin' else...Somethin' he said to me before he disappeared. He called himself Sinister...But he also used the name Essex...Nathanial Essex."

"Nathanial Essex?" said the Professor with a hint of intrigue, "This is definitely something worth looking in to..."

"Why didn't you tell us this earlier Stripes?"

"I don't know...It guess it just slipped my mind. But I saw the guy with my own two eyes, I know what he looks like and I know he's trouble!"

"We'll find them Rogue...Just have faith. Hank and I will check in to the name, but I think it would be best if the rest of you get some rest."

"No Professor!" replied Jean vehemently, "I want to help! I won't just sit by while..."

However, Xavier soon cut him off before she got too hysterical. He knew she was worried for her fiancé, but in her state it wouldn't do the search any good. She needed to rest and prepare for the worse if and when it happened...

"Jean...I promise we'll find them. But you need to rest and be prepared in case we find something that demands immediate action. If Scott and Remy are in peril, we'll have to be strong in order to save them."

Jean was tired...She couldn't deny that. This night had been one big mind job after everything they had just discovered. This summer vacation wasn't going as she had planned to say the least, but she wasn't about to let some psycho take away the man she loved. She had almost lost him once before...She wasn't about to let it happen again. So with a defeated sigh, Jean finally consented to the Professor's request.

"Okay Professor...I'll rest, but if you find anything..."

"Don't worry Jean, we'll let you know...I promise."

And with that, Xavier returned to Cerebro along with Hank to find what they could about this name, Nathanial Essex.


Scott and Remy didn't know how long they had been in this tiny cell. They had no way of knowing if it was night or day. They had no idea what the exact hour was and they had no clue as to where they were. All they knew is that they were stuck here and at the mercy of a guy calling himself Sinister. Whoever this guy was, he was no ordinary kidnapper. This guy obviously showed mutant abilities and had some rather elaborate resources based on the power dampeners and the high-tech cell they were being kept in. However, tried not to worry too much about it as they remained in their mysterious prison...Passing the time by learning about each other now that they were brothers.

"So what happened after that?" asked Scott as he listened to Remy's story on how he ended up in Bayville, hooked up with Rogue, and was later captured by a madman.

"Well, I decided I was gonna leave Bayville for good and go back to driftin' like before...But I guess Sinister beat me to it," said Remy as he let out a deep sigh upon reliving how he got to this rather uncomfortable situation.

"Yeah...But what about Rogue?" asked Scott, not feeling as though he told all parts of the story.

Scott noticed how Remy seemed to flinch at the mere mention of her name. It reminded him of how he acted around Jean before they got together. The familiar sight made it clear as night and day that Remy's feeling for Rogue were a bit more complex than he was willing to admit. It almost made Scott laugh in a sense because of how it kind of reflected his relationship with his fiancé...And it made him all the more determined to break out of her to hold her in his arms again. And although he didn't openly admit it, deep down Remy felt the same way.

"Well...I guess that was Remy's downfall," admitted the Cajun mutant as the fresh memory of his capture flashed again before his mind's eye, "I decided to call her and have her meet up with me before I left. I...Wanted to say goodbye to her...One last time. I wanted to see her again because I didn't know if I'd ever come back...Too bad Sinister had other plans."

"It sounds like Rogue means a lot to you...She must if you were that willing to risk seeing her again," commented Scott.

"No, no...It ain't like that homme," denied Remy, "Rogue's just a really good friend...She's Remy's only friend."

"Keep telling yourself that," quipped Scott with a smirk not believing that for one moment.

"Come on Scottie...I know how she feels. Remy ain't the one she wants."

"I don't believe that. From what you told me, I think she definitely likes you. Otherwise I doubt she would have come to see you time and time again despite the risk."

"Naw...She don't like Remy in that way," mused the Cajun as his old feelings of self-hate began to surface again, "She can definitely do way better than this ol' swamp rat."

"Don't sell yourself short man...I know Rogue. I lived under the same roof with her for a year..."

"Well did ya know she kinda had a thing for you when she first came here?"

"What? No way!" said Scott, definitely sounding surprised.

"Yeah, she told me herself...She had quite the crush on you homme. But she said that ya were so smitten with the redhead that you never noticed it."

As Scott thought about this, he couldn't help but laugh. Looking back on it, he never would have guessed...But then again he was always usually so preoccupied with Jean that it was unsurprising that it hadn't really registered in his mind.

"Yeah...I guess I was kind of preoccupied at the time. Damn, now I feel bad about being so oblivious to it."

"Don't worry...She got over ya. She stopped tryin' when ya made it clear that you had no interest in anybody else other than Jeannie."

"Well I guess that's what love does to you...It makes everything else in the world mean precisely dick."

"Tell me about it..." said Remy, obviously speaking from experience. "Ya know it's kind of funny...Rogue havin' a thing for you for so long until she ends up hangin' around a guy who's the complete opposite."

"What do you mean?" asked Scott.

"I mean at first she's drawn to a clean-cut, upstandin' leader fella...Then she ends up comin' to a washed up, dirty thief. What a difference, non?"

Scott was silent for a moment as he felt somewhat conflicted...Not because of what Remy said, but because of what he thought. It was clear he still saw him as the boy scout that the rest of the X-men saw him as most of the time...But in retrospect, his views about him were just as flawed as Scott's views were towards him before this day.

"Funny...I don't see that much of a difference," commented Scott.


"I'm not a boy scout Remy...Far from it. Not many people know it, but you and I really aren't that different when you get right down to it."

"What do you mean?" asked Remy with a new sense of curiosity.

"You're not the only one who stole things in the past...You're not the only one who's had to resort to crime to simply live to see another day."

"You?! No way..." said Remy, not believing what Scott was getting at.

"I know...It may seem hard to believe...But it's true. I already told you that I lost my family in a plane crash when I was eight, right?"

"Oui...But what's that got to do with it?"

Scott took a deep breath as he prepared to talk about something that was never pleasant for him. Few people other than the Professor and Jean knew about it, but he felt he owed as much to Remy for revealing things about himself that he weren't easy to admit. It helped Scott see him in a new light, now the least he could do is return the favor.

"Well it mainly has to do with what happened afterwards. Not many people know about it because I don't like talking about it...But after I came out of a three month coma with brain damage, I got sent to an orphanage. And it wasn't very uplifting to know that nobody wanted to adopt a broken, emotionally traumatized boy. I got sent to some pretty lousy foster homes before I just couldn't take it anymore and ran away. Out on the streets...Stealing and hustling is the only way to survive. I can't remember how many things I stole just to get money for food and it was rough having to make deals with guys twice my size. But luckily...The Professor found me before I went down a path that would have just led to more suffering. He gave me an opportunity to be something more so I took it...And never looked back."

Remy LeBeau took in Scott's story with undue shock as he listened to the life he had lived. Like him...He had been a thief. Like him...He had been on the streets. The more he talked to him, the more in common they seemed to have. It was surreal in a sense because now that they knew they were brothers, they found out that they were more alike in many ways other than blood.

"Well...At least one of us got lucky. You had an opportunity that Remy didn't...And at least ya got outta the game before it came back to haunt ya," said Gambit.

"Yeah...I never liked that way of life. I guess that's kind of why I get so apprehensive about guys like you, Lance Alvers, and Magneto. It makes me see what I once was...And what I could have become if I hadn't gone with the Professor."

As much as Scott hated talking about this subject, it was somewhat therapeutic to get it out in the open. It helped him not think of Remy as an enemy anymore...And more of a lost soul, just as he once was. He was living the life that Scott had lived before Xavier took him in...And in the end, it was clear that it was a life that didn't want to continue.

"Well I don't blame ya homme...It ain't a pleasant thing to have floatin' around in yo' head."

"Yeah...I know..." said Scott as he rested his head against the cold, metal wall behind him.

They were both tired, anxious, and bruised from the fights that bought them here. However, they knew they had to stay alert or they may miss their window for escape. Even though they didn't know exactly who this Sinister character was, they were not at all eager to find out.

"You know...This summer was supposed to be my time away from it all," mused Scott as he tried to keep himself from nodding off, "I was looking forward to a long...Relaxing vacation with Jean. We were just going to spend days on end by the pool...Go out on romantic dates...And wait announce to everybody that we were getting married."

"Married?" asked Remy.

"Yeah," said Scott as his thoughts drifted back to Jean, "I proposed to her a month ago...We were planning on getting married this Christmas. But now...We may never make it to the altar."

Scott let out a defeated sigh as he remembered the glowing look on Jean's face when she accepted his ring. Her eyes were so full of life...The aura around her so radiant. He fought off the tears forming in his eyes as the memories of her warm embrace made him fear the outcome of this whole situation...And how he may never make it back to Jean so they can get married and find happiness with each other.

"Well don't worry mon frère...You ain't gotta worry about yo' wedding," assured Remy as he noticed the distraught expression on Scott's face, "You're gonna make it outta here...You're gonna go home to yo' girl."

"What do you mean?" asked Scott, not know what he was getting at.

"I mean, I'm gonna get ya outta here Scottie...You have my word."

"But how? In case you haven't noticed, we're a little tied up here," said Scott emphasizing the metal restraints that bounded their hands.

"Don't worry about that homme...Just leave it to me. I don't know if this place is bugged, so I can't tell ya too much...But I'm gonna get ya outta here and back to yo' future wife...Thieves honor. I just need ya to trust Remy."

Scott didn't know what he was planning...But the look in the Cajun's eyes was one of raw seriousness.

"Look...I know we ain't been brothers more than a few hours...But ya gotta believe me. And you gotta promise me one thing..."

Whatever Remy was planning, it didn't sit well with Scott one bit. It sounded like something extreme...But something that Remy seemed completely willing to do.

"What are you talking about Remy?! I don't like where this is going..." said Scott in a more urgent voice.

"...I know ya don't...That's why I can't tell ya what exactly I'm gonna do. But once I do it...You'll have a chance to get outta dis shit hole, and ya need to take it."

"Me?! But what about you?"

"Don't worry about me...It doesn't matter what happens to me because I'm an ol' washed up thief. If I escape...Where in the hell am I gonna go? I'm nothin'...I'm nobody. I've been lookin' for a way to repay my sins for a long time now...And here's my chance."

"Remy...This is crazy! What are you saying? Are you just gonna throw yourself at this guy and hope for the best?! That's suicide!" exclaimed Scott.

"It'll be a decent act of kindness for once on my part...Believe me, I'm way overdue. You got a reason to get outta here Scott...You got friends who care about ya...You got a home and a future to look forward to...And you got a girl back home waitin' to marry ya. Remy's got nothin' like that...I don't even have a home to go back to..."

"That's not true! What about the X-men? We can help you!" said Scott as he tried to break Remy out of this self-hating rut.

"I don't deserve their help...I don't deserve any of it..." replied Remy sternly.

"If you had told me that before today...I might have actually believed that. But I know you now Remy...I know you were dealt a bad hand in life. I was too...And I once thought that I was also beyond help. But I took a chance...And it changed my life. Just give it a try Remy...Don't let an opportunity to turn it all around pass you by..."

Remy was silent and the look on his face stayed the same...But Scott wasn't done just yet.

"And what about Rogue? From what you've told me...She really does care about you if she was willing to help you all this time. Just think of how she'll feel if you do something that'll make all her efforts to keep you going in vain."

The mention of Rogue's name definitely struck a chord...Though Remy tried not to show it. Scott knew that she was the key to breaking him out of the shell he had sealed himself off in. The way he talked about her...The way his demeanor changed every time he was forced to think about her made it clear that he had feeling for her. Scott didn't know what Remy planned to do...But whatever it was, he wanted him to seriously think about it before he went through with something that he may end up regretting.

"Look...I can't make your decision for you," continued Scott, "And I can't make you any promises...I'm just asking you to stop and think before you do something drastic that you can never undo. Think about how it's going to affect you, me, and especially Rogue..."

An ominous silence soon fell upon the two young men. Remy was forced to process Scott's words despite all his self hatred. Now all he could think about is Rogue...And the plan he was contemplating that may tear him away from her forever. If it hadn't been for her...He might not have survived as long as he had. Part of him wanted to believe that she felt something for him...But his self-loathing side kept telling him that she could never love a dirty Cajun thief. Remy LeBeau continued to fight with his heart and his mind as time seem to stand still in the small, cramped cell. But as this inner struggle continued in the young Cajun's head...The thick steel door to the chamber opened up...And Mr. Sinister entered the room with an ominous smile.

"It's time..."


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