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Dark Intentions

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Major Rogue/Remy & Scott/Jean. Life has grown hard for Remy LeBeau. The Acolytes have disbanded, he is in exile from his home, and sombody has placed a large bounty on his head by a mysterious indi...

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Sinister Secrets
Chapter 8: Dark Intentions


Jean Grey was still awake as the sun rose over the horizon in the early morning hours at the Xavier Institute. The Professor and Hank had been downstairs for hours and she was left to simply wait for whatever secrets they may uncover towards the whereabouts of her fiancé. They told her to rest, but she just couldn't...Instead, she had been up for hours on end drinking coffee. She had no desire to sleep...Not until Scott was back safe and sound. They had been through a lot in order to get to where they are today. They had to fight off Mystique, Magneto, Apocalypse, and the Phoenix...But in the end it didn't break their bond and their love stayed strong. After so many trials and tribulations she just wanted to be happy...She wanted to be with Scott, get married, have kids, and grow old together. Now this comes about and threatens to mess everything up. Again and again, she tried to search for him through their link...But wherever he was, the shielding was too strong. She hoped that he was alright wherever he was...And that he would come home to her safe and sound.

The young redhead soon became so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice Rogue enter the kitchen.

"Couldn't sleep could ya?" said Rogue as she sat down next to her at the table.

Jean shook her head as she turned towards her friend, who from the looks of it wasn't faring much better than her.

"No...I tried, but...I can't," said Jean, her lack of sleep definitely showing.

"Yeah...I couldn't either. I just kept tossin' and turnin' all night...Thinkin' that this is in some ways my fault."

"What makes you say that Rogue?" asked Jean with a tired look.

The southern belle just sighed as she went over what had happened and what could've happened like she had been doing for hours on end now.

"It's just...I should've done more to stop this Sinister guy. I mean...He was right there and I let him beat me just because I didn't think straight. I knew I could've done more...I knew I could've done somethin' to stop all this from happening. I could've convinced Remy to come here earlier where it would be safe. I could've told you all sooner about him bein' hunted like an animal. I just...I can't help thinkin' that somethin' awful is gonna happen to him and Scott and it'll be my fault for letting it get this far."

Rogue swallowed hard as went over everything that she thought she could have done, but didn't. She felt that it was because of her that Remy and Scott were captured and taken to a place that they couldn't find. And if something happened to them...It would be on her shoulders. Jean could sense this horrible feeling of fear that echoed through her mind like a wildfire. She knew that she was being too hard on herself, but that wouldn't change anything no matter how much she regretted it.

"Rogue, this isn't your fault and you know it," said Jean vehemently as she tried to stay strong for Scott and Remy's sake, "This is all because of that Sinister guy. There's no way you, or any of us for that matter, could have known about him. You shouldn't blame yourself because from what you've told me...There was nothing more you could've done."

"But still...If something happens to them, it'll be because I didn't say anything sooner!" exclaimed Rogue, still full of self-doubt.

"Rogue...Do you remember why you didn't say anything?" asked Jean, even though she had already been told the answer earlier.

Rogue managed to calm down somewhat as she answered her friend's question.

"Yeah I...I promised Remy that I wouldn't tell."

"And you kept your word...You can't blame yourself for something like that," argued Jean.

"But I..." however Jean soon cut her off, unwilling to let her fall back in to the pit of guilt that she had buried herself in.

"Remy put his trust in you Rogue...And you didn't betray that trust. I know you feel guilty about it, but you would have felt even worse if you went against his wishes."

"But it could've kept him from bein' captured by that psycho in the first place," quipped the southern mutant.

"Rogue...From what we've already encountered, it's clear that nothing would've stopped this guy. He'd have fought to get them either way, even if Remy did agree to come here. But we've just got to have faith that the Professor and Hank will find them before it's too late."

Rogue still felt guilty about this whole thing...But hearing Jean say that made her feel a little better. Even though there was no way she could have seen this coming, she felt that there were plenty of signs. And whether or not it was already too late was just something they had to set aside for now. The past 24 hours had been really tough to say the least...But if they were to get better, they would have to stay strong. As the silence between the two young women continued...It was suddenly shattered when Jean decided to confront Rogue about something that seemed to be the source of all her guilt.

"You must really care about Remy," said Jean as she took another sip of her coffee.

"What?!" said Rogue, somewhat startled by this sudden comment.

"Come on Rogue, enough hiding. You do realize that you're talking to a telepath and you do realize that you've been projecting rather loudly since all this started."

Rogue was about to respond, but the non-believing look in Jean's eyes told her that lying about it wouldn't help. It was hard enough telling Logan about her secret relationship with Remy and she really didn't want to go through it again. But knowing Jean, she probably wouldn't react in the same angry manner that he had. Even though she had always thought of herself and Jean as being complete opposites, this was something that kind of transcended those differences in that they both involved their respective lovers.

"Yeah...I guess it ain't worth denyin' anymore," admitted Rogue with a sigh.

"Well it sure does explain why you looked so different when I first saw you yesterday."

"Damn...Am I that obvious?" said Rogue in a somewhat dumbstruck tone.

Through all this conflict, Jean actually managed to laugh slightly as she saw the look on Rogue's face that she knew all too well.

"Well...Let's just say, I've been there Rogue...And I recognize the signs," said Jean with an assuring smile.

This got Rogue to smile too as she felt a little better about having this out in the open for a change. And the more she thought about it, the more strange it seemed because of how much she denied it.

"Ya know it's kinda ironic..." said Rogue as she thought more about her situation with Remy.

"What do you mean?" asked Jean.

Rogue bit her lip, not knowing exactly how to tell Jean...But never the less, went through with it for the sake of clarity.

"I don't know if ya know this, but...I kinda had bit of a crush on Scott when I first came here."

"Really?" said Jean, not expecting to hear that.

"Yeah...Hell, I think all the girls did at some point. And I was no exception to say the least...But for me it was a bit more serious."

"Serious how?" asked Jean curiously.

"I don't know...I just thought of it more as a simple crush...Mainly because it was my first. But...He was just so hopelessly in love with you that he didn't notice it."

Jean felt a little awkward that Rogue was admitting to having an old crush on her fiancé. Even though as a telepath she knew most of the girls at the institute had been attracted to Scott at one point because of his looks, it was still somewhat surprising that the ever-so-reserved Rogue would be just as guilty of it as the others.

"Wow...I'm surprised I never noticed," said Jean in response.

"Well...Keep in mind you were just as smitten with him as well, so I don't blame ya."

"Yeah, that's true," admitted Jean, feeling kind of sheepish when she thought about it.

"But that's not the real irony here..." said Rogue as she continued to think.

"Then what is?" asked Jean, more curious than ever now.

Rogue just shook her head in amazement, for she just couldn't get over it.

"The real irony here is not that I had a thing for Scott...It's that I developed a thing for the guy's brother. Of all the men in the world that I could fall for...I fall for the biological brother of my first big crush..."

Upon saying that, Rogue couldn't help but laugh. As shocking as it was to discover that Scott and Remy had been brothers this whole time, it was still utterly ironic in the end. Jean started laughing as well, not considering that aspect of their discovery. As different as she and Rogue were, in the end they had one big similarity in the men that they fell for.

"I guess it is kind of funny when you think about it," said Jean as the laughter died down.

"Yeah...Weird ain't it?"

The two women then sat in silence as their thoughts drifted back towards Scott and Remy. As worried for them as they were, they knew that they were survivors. But neither of them would feel any better until they were back home, alive and well. The light from the early morning sun began to creep in through the window as Jean and Rogue continued chatting and drinking coffee to stay alert. The tension over the situation continued to mount with each passing second, but they managed to keep each other from sinking in to despair. Then suddenly, as both women prepared another round of coffee to keep them awake, a sudden voice echoed through their heads.

'Jean, Rogue...Report to Cerebro immediately. I think we may have a lead on this Sinister character.'


Down in the depths of the institute sub-levels, Professor Xavier and Beast had been working through the night trying to find information as to the whereabouts of Scott and Remy. They worked tirelessly through the night trying to obtain whatever useful information they could based on what they knew. It was tough going at first, but after a long, strenuous night of computer hacking and database searching...They found a few snippets of info.

"This doesn't look good Charles," said Hank as he looked over what appeared to be old newspaper articles, "This man definitely has quite the track record in terms of questionable mental health."

"So it seems," conceded the Professor, "One can only imagine why, out of all the other mutants in the world, he would pick Scott and Remy. He must have some sort of connection with them...It's the only logical explanation."

"What kind of connection do you think it is?" asked Beast with a worried look.

"I don't know old friend...But I have little doubt that it will be just as shocking as the rest of our discoveries."

As Professor Xavier contemplated his own words; Jean, Rogue, and Logan entered the room.

"Professor, what did you find? Do you know where Scott and Remy are?" asked Jean immediately, not wasting any time.

The redhead made no attempts to hide the anxiety in her voice. Wherever Scott and Remy were, she wanted to get them out of there and back home before anything else could happen to them. But from the looks of it, the situation was a lot more complicated as the Professor took a deep breath and turned to face his pupils.

"Their location is still in question...But we may actually have some clues now."

The large computer screen then came to life as a large, ominous picture of a dark looking man now flashed before them.

"That's him..." said Rogue as she recognized that shadowy appearance, "That's they guy I saw take Remy."

"Yes...Apparently, that name you gave us earlier was the main clue we needed to find this image," explained the Professor as he changed the image on the screen to that of an old new article, "The man you see before you...Is Dr. Nathanial Essex. The man has quite a shadowy history to say the least and this data was by no means easy to get. Many years ago, Essex was once a highly respected researcher and an expert in the emerging field of biotechnology. His specialty was mutants. Much of the work he did was highly classified and light years ahead of it's time. His research drew a lot of attention from many government organizations...Including SHIELD."

"SHIELD?" said Logan with a grunt, knowing the kind of things that they got caught up in weren't always ethical. "This guy worked for those pricks?"

Another picture appeared on the screen, this time it was one with Essex standing in the presence of what looked to be a high ranking military general.

"Yes, before Nick Fury became leader of the organization, Essex worked closely with them and used many of their resources to further his research. It was their hope that he could create powerful regenerative medicines that could heal soldiers wounded in mid battle and greatly enhance strength and endurance. However, this seemed to be far from Essex's goals..."

"What do you mean? What were his real intentions?" asked Jean.

The Professor took a deep breath, for this was the part where things got more complicated.

"At first, few people bothered Dr. Essex with his work because he obtained results. However, when several major leaders saw the kind of experiments that this man was doing...They were so horrified that they threatened to pull his funding unless he returned to the primary protocols that he was given. This, of course, enraged Essex to the point where he pretty much disappeared without a trace. It's after that where much of the data about him vanishes in to thin air...As if he made it his mission for the rest of the world to think he was as good as dead. And it is here where I think he went from being Nathanial Essex...To being Mr. Sinister."

One last image of the dark man flashed upon the screen. The eerie, cold look in his eyes was enough to make anybody's skin crawl.

"This data...Was not easy to get," said Hank as the last few images flashed in a sequence on the computer screen, "We had to hack a lot of it out of old computer servers with archived data going back nearly 50 years."

"50 years?" said Rogue as she looked back at the picture of the man who kidnapped Remy, "How old is this guy? He looked a hell of a lot younger when I saw him. Is he a mutant or somethin'?"

"I'm convinced he is...Though I'm not exactly sure what kind of power he wields," said Xavier as he looked back up at the image, "From what you've told me, he must have some kind of hypnosis ability and being that his history goes back quite a ways, he must also posses some sort of healing factor."

"So we're definitely dealin' with another mutant," said Logan, not liking the prospects of battling someone who by all accounts sounded like a mad scientist.

"I'm afraid so," admitted Xavier.

"Wait...What about Scott and Remy?" said Jean, remembering that they were still missing, "Do you have any idea why this guy would want them?"

"That my dear...Is what we've been trying to figure out," said Xavier, knowing this was where the extent of his knowledge stopped and speculation began, "Needless to say, this Sinister fellow is a few beakers shy of a chemistry set. Whatever he's planning, we must stop before he goes through with it. But as to the issue of why he would want Scott and Remy is anybody's guess. And there is no doubt that he is somehow connected with them...Otherwise I don't think he would have chosen them."

"How can you be sure of that?" asked Rogue.

"I can't...It's merely a hunch," admitted the Professor, "But I can say with an absolute certainty that Sinister has a plan that is much larger than we can hope to understand at the moment...Which is why we must stop him."

Xavier's words only helped confirm some of the main fears that had hung over Jean and Rogue since this whole thing happened. And knowing that the Professor's hunches were rarely wrong, it was clear that they would have to find Scott and Remy before Sinister begins whatever sick act he has planned.

"Do you know where he is? Where can we find this guy?" asked Jean sternly, now more eager than ever to get her fiancé back.

"I'm afraid we aren't exactly certain. Cerebro can't detect this man and wherever Scott and Remy are being held...It's quite heavily shielded. But we do have one lead..."

Then, out of a small printer port on the main panel of the computer, a single sheet of paper emerged with vast array of text on it. Hank handed it to the Professor and he looked over it in hopes that what it revealed would lead them to their missing friends.

"While Sinister was working for the military and major corporations, he conducted his research in eight major locations. Most of them were facilities in government labs in New York, Colorado, and New Mexico. And of the eight places where he conducted his experiments, seven of them have since been disassembled and demolished. The only other place where Sinister worked that is still standing, is an old, abandoned biotechnology lab located in upstate New York. According to current maps, the lab does not exist...But from what I've gathered, the structure is still there. That facility...Is our only possible location..."

A map then flashed on the computer screen, showing the area where the lab was. There were no major roads leading towards it and it was concealed by trees and small mountains. It seemed like the perfect place to hide someone...Namely Scott and Remy.

"Then we'd better prep the X-jet and head out..." said Logan.

And with that, both him along with Rogue and Jean quickly made their way to the hanger...Eager to find Scott and Remy and bring them back home.


"Get up!" bellowed Mr. Sinister as he stood before the bound Scott Summers and Remy LeBeau.

The madman's red, flashing eyes projected an ominous light through the small, cramped cell. The metal walls around them seemed to illuminate under their glow as the strange man who had kidnapped them approached. He was now wearing a white lab coat and behind him Omega Red stood watch incased they tried anything. Scott looked to Remy, unsure of what kind of plan he was going to carry out. He had spoken earlier that he would get them out of this place, but he didn't say how. The two men stood up, only to be enticed in a tight metal bind by the tentacles of Omega Red.

"There...Now you won't try anything..." said Sinister with a grin as he looked at the two men bound by Omega Red.

"What the hell do you want with us?!" grunted Scott through the tight hold that the Russian mutant had on him.

"All your questions will be answered in due time my boy...Now come, we have much to discuss."

Scott and Remy had no choice as they remained trapped by Omega Red. They were then led down a maze of twisting corridors through halls that resembled that of a hospital or a medical lab. Some areas looked like they hadn't been used in some time. There were no windows or any other way of knowing where they were. For now, they were both at the mercy of this man as he led them to what looked like the central lab area. There, Omega Red set them down rather harshly on the cold, metal floor.

"Leave us..." commanded Sinister to Omega Red as Scott and Remy struggled back up to their feet.

With an annoyed grunt, Omega Red did what he was told and left through the large door that they had entered through. As soon as he left, the chamber door slammed shut, and they were now sealed in this strange laboratory that looked like something straight out of a nightmare. Then, a vast array of lights came on and illuminated the entire room to reveal a series of strange, complex biomedical machinery. Scott and Remy both stood in a silent awe of this seemingly unreal technology. Their utter bewilderment only amused Sinister as he stood before the weakened duo.

"Welcome to my world..." smirked the mad scientist.

"Cut the crap homme!" yelled Remy, who was beginning to get annoyed by this man's inherent mystery, "Why the hell did you bring us here?! And what exactly is this place?"

"Patience Remy...Patience," said Sinister in a strangely calm tone, "All your questions will be answered soon enough."

Then, the man computer in the center of the room began to come to life in a mantra of flashing lights. In front of the main control panel, two large glass chambers with numerous cable and wires coming out of them lit up in an ominous green light. It didn't look to promising in the eyes of the two brothers, for they could only imagine the purpose that these strange machines might serve. As more lights began to flash on the screens and panels around them, the mad scientist known as Mr. Sinister began to speak.

"Allow me to give you a brief history lesson boys," said Sinister as the final mainframe for the device began to boot up, "50 years ago a man pioneered a technology that hoped to change the world forever. At the height of the Cold War, this man reigned supreme as the soul authority and developer of the most cutting edge advances in the emerging field of biotechnology. Private enterprises and government organizations alike turned to this man for new theories and developments in a field of science still in its infancy. Even SHIELD and project Weapon X became interested in the potential of this technology. One man...Controlled the fate of a science that promised to lift mankind out of the Stone Age and in to the future...Not as premature apes, but as true masters of their domain."

"Let me guess...That man was you," said Scott.

"Smart boy..." said Sinister with a grin, "Yes...Indeed I was that man. I could have changed the world as we know it with my genius. I had a dream...A dream of engineering a new race of mutants that would one day replace humanity as the dominant species of this planet. You see...The conflict between humans and mutants is but a trivial matter in the real scheme of evolution. Humans are nothing more than apes without hair. It is a well known fact in the field of science that human and monkey DNA differ by a mere 3 percent. 3 PERCENT!!! That's all that's separating man from being a bunch of filthy dirty apes! Mutants have a bit more difference...But not much. Mutants, like humans, are imperfect. Nearly all mutants fail to attain the full potential of their DNA...And I'm not just talking about powers...I'm talking about so much more."

Then, on the large computer screens on both sides of the main control panel, a large image of DNA appeared before them. The madness in Sinister's voice was all too apparent as Scott and Remy continued to listen to this strange man's words.

"In the eyes of men like Magneto and Xavier, there is nothing more to mutants than their inherent abilities. As powerful as they can be, they are still but a small part of a much greater whole. I, on the other hand, see mutants as a key...A way of circumnavigating the incessant time it takes for evolution to happen in nature. To me...Mutants are merely a stepping stone to the next dominant species on this planet! And I will be the one to make it happen..."

"Mister...You are just plain fucking crazy!" said Scott as he saw the madness in this man's eyes.

"Ha! That's what those fools in the government said. My research was making so many advances on a daily basis and those simpleminded apes couldn't see the beauty of what I was doing. They claimed that my experiments were barbaric and inhuman...But they delivered results! They just wanted me to make weapons and medicine for soldiers fighting THEIR wars. It was in no way related the goal which I had dedicated my life to. For decades I worked tirelessly to create a new race of mutants...But in the span of a single day, that dream was nearly destroyed when those primitive monkeys pulled my funding! That day...Dr. Nathanial Essex died...And Mr. Sinister was born."

This man's life story sounded like something straight out of a science fiction novel. He truly was mad in a sense that he was using science in such perverse ways. But that still didn't answer some of the questions that remained.

"Well that is a very interesting story...It ought to make one hell of a movie. But I still don't see what in the hell this has to do with us!" yelled Remy sharply, who was definitely starting to get annoyed.

"This has everything to do with you!" replied Sinister in a harsh tone as he walked over and slapped the Cajun across the face, "The both of you are the main core of this whole glorious lab that I humbly resurrected from rubble."

Then, a slow, steady grin spread across Sinister's face...For this was the moment that he hoped to relish.

"Scott Summers and Remy LeBeau," began the mad scientist with the dark grin never leaving his face, "Two men who by all accounts appear to be complete and utter opposites. One is the prominent leader of the X-men and the protégé of Professor Charles Xavier. The other is a lying, cheating thief from New Orleans who has spent the vast majority of his life stealing loose change from ignorant city dwellers. And until today, those assumptions seemed true. Then...You discovered something big...Something major...Something that would shatter your world like it was the most fragile of glass. Through a simple, yet ironic accident...You learned the truth. You learned that despite all your differences...You ended up discovering that you both were biological brothers all along! This accident...Played nicely in to my hands."

"Wait...You played a part in that?!" said Scott as he pieced together the puzzle from what Sinister was getting at.

Sinister just shot him a snide grin, seeming all too amused by the young man's frustration.

"How else do you think Xavier got the paperwork that had been kept under lock and key for over 20 years?"

"You son of a..." but that's as far as Scott got as he was suddenly hit by the strange tasers that Sinister had kept by his side.

"Oh don't be so melodramatic my boy...The secrets of your blood are far deeper than you can ever hope to understand..."

"Deeper?! You mean there's more?!" exclaimed Remy, not knowing how much more secrets he could take.

"Oh there's more...Plenty more," said Sinister in an ominous tone, "My story doesn't simply end after my funding was pulled...In fact it's only the beginning...You're beginning to be precise."

"What beginning are you talking about?" said Scott as he struggled to get back up from the shock of the tasers.

"After my research was abruptly halted, I disappeared in to the shadows of obscurity and began working for myself instead of some needle-dick government agency. I was through being a mere errand boy for the highest bidder...And henceforth focused all my energy towards my most coveted goal of engineering a new species of mutant."

Several images then flashed on the computer screen. Most of them were pictures of DNA maps and depictions of several mutant powers. The glow from the screen illuminated the ominous face of Mr. Sinister as he turned towards Scott and Remy. His expression was that of true insanity...But at the same time it was apparent that there was a great deal of excitement in his eyes, as if he had been waiting for this day for a very long time.

"25 years ago, I began working towards the dream that had been put on hold for too long. I dedicated my self completely to my work and threw every ounce of my genius in to what I called, 'The Second Genesis.' However...For all my dedication and hard work...There was still one major problem..."

"Ya lacked the resources didn't ya?" said Remy, knowing he was right judging from his story.

The Cajun's remarks only made the mad scientist laugh in a sickening tone that caused the very air around him to become as cold as ice.

"Not bad for a dirty thief...But you're right," conceded Sinister, though without a whole lot of disappointment in his tone, "I lacked the chemicals, money, and machinery to accomplish my goal. The technology was still in its infancy...And much of processes had to be performed by devices that did not yet exist. However...I persevered. I used what little legitimate earnings I had to set up a primitive lab right here in New York. I had to make most of the machinery from junkyard scrap metal and I was plagued with insufficient computing power due mankind's inherent slowness when it comes to technological advances. However, in the end I managed to create the facility I needed...Now all that was required was the DNA...And this is where you two came in."

This now drew Scott and Remy's complete and undivided attention, for they could tell that this man knew something major if he had gone to this much trouble to bring them here and tell them his enigmatic story.

"You see...In addition to being a scientific genius...I am also a mutant," said Sinister as his eyes flashed red in order to emphasize the point, "I have the power to change and manipulate every cell in my body as I see fit. You see me now as a near-middle aged man...Yet I am in reality...Much older. Time has only given me strength and knowledge while it weakens the rest of the pitiful masses of apes that infest this world. And with that knowledge, I used my power to construct the DNA code for what I hoped to be the first of my new species of superior beings. It took over four years of steadfast dedication using rudimentary scientific equipment to create two distinct strands of DNA that would be the prototype for all future creations. These two strands both possessed an Alpha level X-gene...Each with abilities that would be highly destructive and useful in many ways. The rest of the code was thrown together using enhanced sequences that would yield the organism distinctly advanced human attributes in terms of appearance, endurance, and mentality. Oh I was so proud when the day finally came...That fateful day when I took each completed sequence of DNA and inserted it in to two genetic incubators not unlike the ones you see before you now..."

As Sinister continued his insane story, a cold shiver went up and down the spines of the two men. They had a bad feeling where this was going one bit.

"I then watched and waited...For nine tortured months. I watched each and every day as a small organic mass began to take shape. I monitored every conceivable aspect like a hawk...Anticipating the new life that I was creating. No feeling could ever truly describe the emotions that went through my mind...It felt like I was God creating the first man on Earth. Then...The day finally came...And all my hard work and genius had yielded two infant boys. Oh I can't tell you how happy I was that day...I felt like the father of a couple of newborns and I couldn't wait to see my little creations in action. Those two boys...Those two perfect little babies that I synthesized from scratch...Are now standing before me over 20 years later..."

A cold feeling overcame both Scott and Remy as Sinister revealed this dark secret that had been kept from them for so many years. The mutant scientist reveled in shocked expressions on Scott and Remy's face. They truly didn't want to believe it. It was hard enough finding out that they were family, but now this had to happen...But Sinister wasn't done just yet.

"However...There was a problem with those two infant boys that I created all those years ago..." said Sinister as his tone became somewhat lighter in spite of the shocked looks that Scott and Remy continued to show, "Apparently I had overestimated my abilities and the primitive machines that I had entrusted in this task. I can't tell you the disappointment I felt when put my beloved creations under a microscope to realize...That the experiment had failed. Because of all the unknowns involved and the weak biomedical devices that I used, both boys proved not to be the new species that I had hoped to create...They were just ordinary Alpha class mutants. I discovered this when I found out that the X-gene that they wielded wasn't active and wouldn't become active until puberty. It was such a devastating blow because I had such high hopes for my creations. Apparently, I had thrown together too much of your DNA without fully unleashing what I wanted...In essence, I simply created a couple extra mutant humans with the same faults that the rest of the population of this pitiful world shares. My failure due to my lack of resources had come back to haunt me because in the end you both were simply too human to be what I wanted even though you possessed the X-gene. So...I decided to give you both up rather than face my failure each and every day. I sent you both to homes with occupants that were both carriers of the X-gene so that you would be around other mutants with. It was the reason why you had siblings that possessed similar mutant powers, such as that of young Alex Summers. It also served as a means to placate any suspicion you might have about your past. I left you both up for adoption...And continued my work on project 'Second Genesis.'"

Sinister had taken the world as Scott and Remy knew it and shattered it in a single blow. This revelation was almost impossible to process. They had been creations of this heinous man in order to further his sick dream. A feeling of resentment and anger soon came over them as they looked in to the dark red eyes of Mr. Sinister.

"No..." said Scott in a coarse tone, "Its not possible...It can't be true..."

"But it is Scott..." said Sinister with a smirk.

"NO! Yo' full of shit Sinister! YOU LIE!" yelled Remy with rage in his eyes.

"Say all you want you two...It won't change the truth. Do you think that it is a mere coincidence that both of your powers involve energy manipulation? Do you think it is a mere coincidence that both of your respective X-gene affects your eyes? Do you think it is a mere coincidence that you both share similar looks and physical attributes? Face it...You both are my creations. You were not...Born in a sense...You were synthesized! In scientific terms...You're not even human! You both are a couple of failed science experiments...Science Experiments that I orchestrated. So I guess it's safe to say...That I am your father."


AN: Man, I've seen Star Wars one time too many! Sinister being Scott and Remy's father is like the whole Darth Vader speech again...Oh well, that's what comics, movies and video games will do to you! So what did you all think? Do you like what I did with this story? I know some of you probably hate the notion of Scott and Remy being brothers and Sinister being their father, but remember that this is AU! It's just a story that I wanted to tell because I thought it would be interesting. I'm eager to know what you all think about "Sinister Secrets!" Please send me all your feedback via email or post it on the fanfiction website! I love getting reviews and I'm open to constructive criticism! Thank you all so much for reading and I wish you all the best!

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