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The Final Experiment

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Major Rogue/Remy & Scott/Jean. Life has grown hard for Remy LeBeau. The Acolytes have disbanded, he is in exile from his home, and sombody has placed a large bounty on his head by a mysterious indi...

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Sinister Secrets
Chapter 9: The Final Experiment


Aboard the X-jet Jean, Rogue, Beast, and Wolverine sat anxiously as they scanned the heavily wooded area below them for any signs of the complex that Professor Xavier had told them about. It was their only lead towards finding Scott and Remy and saving them from whatever cruel intentions that Mr. Sinister had in store for them. Upon reading up on this guy's dark history, it was clear that his plans were most likely far from honorable. And it was still in question what connection he had to Scott and Remy. The answers to these mysteries would definitely not come easy, for Sinister had shown that he definitely wasn't stupid.

"Find anything Hank?" asked Jean as she repeatedly tried to search for Scott through their link.

Hank just shook his head as he looked over the navigation system for what seemed to be the tenth time.

"I'm afraid not my dear. All current maps, be they digital or paper, don't show any facility of any kind. The only place where the complex shows up is on older maps."

"Are ya sure that this place wasn't demolished like the others?" asked Logan.

"Yes...We're quite positive. There would have most certainly been a record of its destruction, which we did not find. It must still be standing," said Beast with certainty in his voice.

"Well for a laboratory it sure is hidden well," commented Rogue who still held a great deal of concern for Remy and Scott.

"Sinister must have some kind of cloaking device hiding it from nosy overseers...Not at all dissimilar from the one that this very jet uses, so that would definitely mark him as crazy, but not stupid. I guess our only bet is to keep searching and hope that the Professor finds more clues for us to use."

It didn't look very promising for the team as they kept seeing the same landscape stretching for miles over the horizon. There seemed to be nothing out there but trees and mountains, but they had no other clues as to where Scott and Remy may be. If they didn't find them soon enough, something terrible would happen...That was all too apparent.

"You think they're okay?" asked Rogue as she looked over towards Jean, who kept feverishly scanning for her fiancé.

"I don't know Rogue," said Jean with a sigh as she fought off her mental strain and kept searching, "But I know they're both survivors...We just have to have faith."


Mr. Sinister seemed to hold every conceivable advantage over Scott Summers and Remy LeBeau as he stood before the bewildered young men. The mysterious man that had kidnapped them had revealed more about them than they ever wanted to know. They had learned that not only were they orphans from birth...But they were both Sinister's experiment and he had created them himself. They were not "born" in a sense...They were grown in bio tank. As experiments, they were supposed to be the first stepping stone towards his sick goal of replacing humanity with a new race of super mutants. But the experiment was a failure...They were a failure. Their young minds struggled to process so many things happening all at once with such an unbelievable revelation. Their confusion seemed to amuse the mad scientist as he reveled in his domination over the two men.

"So you see my sons...I am in essence, your father. I created you both with my bare hands."

"NO!" yelled Scott, "You are in no way a father to ANYBODY! You're just a sick man with a sick dream! And I don't want any part of it!"

"My dream is one of true destiny my boy...I don't expect your young mind to be able to fully understand such things. But like it or not...You both are already a part of my one true goal..."

"You're crazy...You're fucking crazy!" said Remy angrily as he struggled with the metal restraints that still bound him and Scott.

"That's no way to talk to your daddy...Son."

"STOP CALLING US THAT!" yelled Scott, for he refused to accept Sinister's words, "You are not a father to either of us! You never have been! And you never will be!"

"Words can't alter reality my boy...We are who we are...And you must accept that," said Sinister in a strangely calm tone, "You can't go on living a lie. Now that you know the truth...You can never go back...Never. The lives you have built outside my lab are completely irrelevant now. They no longer have any meaning. Even if you did go back...How could you live? Both of you aren't 'human' or 'mutant' in any sense! You are nothing more than a couple of failed science experiments...Your DNA is nothing more than a bunch of artificially synthesized genetic code."

"No..." said Remy trying to filter out these words.

"Yes...You can't escape it," said Sinister with a snide grin, "You know the truth and it can not be changed. Even if you did go back...Would you ever be able to accept it? How do you think the world would see you if they knew you were nothing more than a lump of artificial flesh? And what about your friends? Do you really think they can ever see you the same way if they knew what you know now? And Scott...Do you ever think that pathetic little redhead will ever love a failed science experiment? Face it! You're destiny is with me now!"

"Jean..." said Scott as her image briefly flashed before his mind's eye.

Scott swallowed hard at the thought of Jean seeing him as nothing more than an old science experiment from a sick man that went wrong. Neither he nor Remy were "born" in a sense...So did that even make them human? What exactly were they? And would Jean ever marry somebody like him? His heart began to ache as he kept thinking about Jean and if he would ever see her again. Yesterday he and Jean were lying in bed together, talking about their wedding...Today, he was at the mercy of a mad scientist that had revealed so many dark secrets about himself...Secrets which he didn't want to know.

"My creations were not meant to have such pitiful human emotion...They were meant to be on such a higher level than that," said Sinister, "Your incessant emotions were nothing more than errors on my part. Human emotion makes you weak...Human emotion is a menace!"

"Yeah, like I haven't heard that one before!" shot Remy who had heard that kind of nonsensical babble from Magneto many times before while he was working for him, "Emotion don't make anyone weak...A lack of it will!"

Remy spoke from experience, for emotions had kept him alive while he was on the run from everybody after Sinister placed that bounty on his head. Emotions...Like love...Had kept him strong. These feelings, which had always centered around Rogue, kept him going and made him stronger...She gave him strength. Sinister seemed to pick up on this and continued to speak.

"Oh you have quite the flare for the melodramatic Remy...But don't worry, that little quark will be done away with soon enough. Emotion...Human emotion...In many ways always leads to conflict. Hate ultimately leads to violence...Happiness to ignorance...And love to greed, jealousy, and hurt. Every emotion is like a brutal cycle that burdens mankind and holds them back from true advancement. Positive emotions lead to negative ones...And Negative emotions simply lead to more negative ones. It's a complete lose-lose situation...And I am offering to free you both from it!"

"Not interested!" said Scott, "I already went through that crap with Magneto's enhancement machine...And I quickly came to regret it! Without emotion, life isn't even worth living...And I don't want end up being alive on the outside, but dead in every other way that matters!"

"Scott I would be insulting you if I was offering to simply redo what Magneto did with that laughable device," replied Sinister with a laugh, "His machine was flawed...For it only produced effects that were temporary...And incomplete. He only numbed emotion...He did nothing to erase it. You think that Magneto was crazy, but he wasn't crazy...He was stupid. You can't suppress something and expect it to fade away...You have to erase it directly or it will always come back with a vengeance."

Then, Sinister proceeded to walk over to the control panel where he started flipping switches and typing feverishly on the keyboard. Soon, the two large bio chambers began to hum and bubbles began to come up from the strange, green liquid that filled the inside. The deranged scientist proceeded to launch a computer program that seemed to increase the level of activity among the vast, complex machinery throughout the room.

"You see my sons...I gave you up because I hoped that one day I would attain the capabilities finish what I started on that fateful day. For 20 years I have worked tirelessly through countless obstacles and developed technology undreamt of by the rest of the world. Every wire, every device, every machine was created through my own blood, sweat, and tears...Until finally, I had the technology to succeed where I had failed. And now...I intend to rectify my mistakes. That is why I bought the two of you here...That is why I made it known that you were brothers...That is why I watched and observed you for so many years."

"I'm flattered..." said Remy, his words dripping with sarcasm, "But Remy wants no part in crazy dream o' yours!"

"You're too late my boy...For you are already a part of it!" laughed Sinister as he approached the two men once more, "These machines are a part of what I call the bio-mutagenic manipulator. It doesn't just accelerate the growth of the X-gene...It assimilates it with each and every gene in one's DNA! The very core and structure of every cell in your body is reconstructed and enhanced with a new set of superior genes...Finally purged from the impurities of humanity! When you go in to this machine...You go in a man...And come out a god!"

"I don't care what that hunk of junk can do...I'm not going in there and you can't say anything to change my mind!" yelled Scott.

Sinister proceeded to approach Scott and forcibly grab him by the jaw so that he could see in to his glowing red eyes.

"Daddy knows best Scotty. And I'm not asking you...Or offering you my boy...I'm telling you! You both are going in to that tank!" yelled Sinister.

"Fuck you!" said Scott in response, but that only caused Sinister to laugh as reached in his pocket and pulled out a small remote control.

"Ha! With all the power of an alpha class mutant and all the enhanced mental and physical features I gave, still the best you can muster is fuck you?! Nothing will keep me from correcting my most illustrious blunder...Nothing! I have waited too long for this moment and neither of you have a choice! It is I who control your fate now..."

Then, Sinister proceeded to push one of the buttons on the controller and suddenly Scott and Remy keeled over in pain. A paralyzing surge had come from the metallic shackles that bound their arms behind their backs and now they could barely move. Every muscle had been shocked in to paralysis, but they both managed to stay conscious. The excitement in Sinister's expression only grew as he stood before the two downed mutants that he had created all those years ago.

"It is time my sons...The time of destiny has finally arrived!"

Soon, the mad scientist bent down and lifted Remy up with surprising ease and proceeded to place him the chamber that would prepare him to enter the main bio tubes. Scott soon followed as their minds continued spinning from the pain of the electric shock that they had endured. Soon, they the glass door slammed shut and both men were trapped in the massive machine. Sinister started up the preliminary programs as his anticipation continued to grow in preparation for the moment he had waited so long for. Both Scott and Remy lay motionless in glass tube that fed in too the main bio tank. However, unknown to Sinister...something else was going on in the tank that held to two young mutants.

Remy LeBeau's head was still ringing from the shock of the jolt and the information that had been revealed to him within the last few hours. But it was now clearer than ever that Mr. Sinister was a madman...And he had to break out. Remy had told Scott that he would get them out of this place...And he was always a man who stayed true to his word. He may have been a criminal...But he wasn't a monster. Sinister had taken everything from his pockets to make sure that he would have nothing to threaten him with. However, Remy being the expert thief that he was, there was something else he had in stored for just such an occasion...Something that Sinister had missed. While he was keeled over on the ground from the shocks, Remy had used the opportunity to reach into his shoes and retrieve a small metal tool. He had always carried something like this with him for when he ended up having to make an escape from handcuffs or jail cells. He hid it in his shoe to keep it from being taken and even though he was exhausted both physically and mentally...He began working feverishly to unlock the mechanism. Time was running out and Sinister was about to set his final experiment in to motion.

'Gotta break free...' thought Remy as he struggled to stay aware of his surroundings, 'Gotta get mon frère outta here...Gotta see...Rogue...'

The Cajun thief kept trying as the though of Rogue and his brother pushed him onwards...Then suddenly, both he and Scott were hit with an unexpected jolt.

Suddenly, both men were thrust from their glass chambers and in to the bio tank with the ominous green liquid. They could both see the dark look of insanity on Sinister's face as he prepared to launch the main program. Remy had almost lost his lock-picking tool in the abrupt transfer, but he managed to hold on to it as he continued to work the lock. He felt he was close...But from the looks of it he would have to hurry.

"Now my sons...Accept your fate! Become the new species that will dominate humanity and wipe them out for good!" said Sinister as he activated the final sequence of commands.

Remy worked feverishly on the lock and was almost there, then suddenly...A powerful wave of energy surged though both him and Scott. It felt as thought they were being torn apart from the inside and both men let out an agonizing yell of pain that faintly echoed through the glass tube.

Sinister simply reveled in their yells, for they were clear signs of his triumph. He was so close now that he could feel it...The anticipation that had been building up in the old man for so many years was about to burst as he awaited the main transformation.

"Don't bother fighting it...The process has already begun!"


Out over the skies of upstate New York, the rest of the X-men continued searching feverishly, yet unsuccessfully for any signs of the lab that was believed to contain Scott and Remy. Tensions ran high with each passing second, hoping that Sinister wasn't doing something horrible to them. The search continued...When suddenly, Jean felt something powerful echo from the depths of her mind...


Suddenly, Jean keeled over in pain and clutched her head as a wave of agony surged through the dormant psychic link that she shared with Scott. She felt his cries...She felt his pain...Something horrible was happening to him.

"Jean!" yelled Logan as he and Rogue rushed to her side.

The look on Jean's face was one of pain and tears began welling up in her eyes as she seemed to feel every bit of it that Scott was feeling. She struggled to catch her breath as Logan and Rogue helped her up and tried to find out what had caused this.

"What happened Jean?" asked Rogue as she looked at the teary eyes of the young redhead.

"I...I sensed him...I sensed Scott...He was in pain...So much pain..." said Jean as she gasped for air.

"You sensed him?!" said Logan, surprised that she had been able to detect him when the Professor couldn't even though he had a good idea why.

"Yes...he...Oh god...I know where he is!" exclaimed Jean as she felt a new feeling of strength come over upon feeling Scott in her head again, "Hank turn the jet around! I know where to go!"

"Right!" responded Hank.

Not wasting any time, the jet sped off in the direction that they hoped would lead them to their lost friends.


Sparks of electricity and the loudening hum of the machines filled the room as Scott and Remy struggled to fight against Sinister's heinous device. The pain was almost unbearable as both men continued to yell and struggle in agony. Remy's grip remained firm on his lock-picking took, but he couldn't focus anymore. He felt his insides churn as if every cell in his body was on fire. But as he struggled to regain his composure...The Cajun mutant's eyes met that of Mr. Sinister...The man who had made his life a living hell for the past year. He had put a bounty on his head, turned everyone against him, and forced him to live a life of horrible poverty. An overwhelming feeling of rage gripped the young man as he saw the sickening grin on this man's face. Forcing himself to fight through the pain, Remy gripped the small tool intently and jammed it in to the lock. Suddenly...loud 'snap' echoed through the chamber and he was now free from his hands were now free.

"What the..." began Sinister as he noticed the activity in Remy's chamber, "NO!"

Sinister frantically began running emergency programs while Remy proceeded to rip the power dampening collar off his neck. Armed with his powers, the Cajun mutant touched the glass, charging it so it would dissolve and rupture. Soon, the pressure from the strange green liquid caused the glass to burst and Remy promptly collapsed to the ground trying to catch his breath.

"You little piece of swamp trash! What have you done?!" bellowed Sinister as he was forced to take a step back from the control panel as sparks began to fly from the computer terminal.

"Apparently...y'all don't know the first thing about thieves and handcuffs homme..." said Remy with a smirk as he returned to his feet.

Sinister was definitely mad now as the red glow in his eyes grew brighter and brighter with each passing moment. Remy knew he had to act fast, so using the same technique as he had on his cell, the Cajun mutant freed Scott. The liquid from the shattered bio tank only worsened the damage to the machinery as Remy helped Scott back up to his feet.

"You okay Scottie?" asked the Cajun as he removed his collar and shackles with his powers.

"Yeah..." said Scott as he took a few deep breaths, "Thanks Remy...I owe you one."

"No ya don't..." said Gambit as he turned back towards Sinister, "Remember what I told ya before...I promised that I'd get ya outta here. Now ya gotta follow what Remy said earlier...And get the hell out of this place while I take care of Sinister."

Remy LeBeau had found his only living blood relative hours ago...And there were a lot of things he wanted to do now that he had a real brother. But he knew that Sinister was a madman and he wouldn't let that be easy for any of them. And if either of them deserved a chance at a life outside this heinous lab, Scott did...For Remy believed that he was just a washed up thief and a sacrifice for his brother would be a rare act of redemption. However, Scott didn't want to just let him walk in to a suicidal battle just so he could live...Thief or no thief, this guy was still his brother...And losing something that big was not an option.

"I'm sorry Remy...But I can't let you do that," said Scott as he felt his powers return.

"Don't do this homme...Yo' gotta get outta here! Don't argue with Remy!"

"We're in this together Remy...Like it or not, this concerns the both of us. And I'm not going to let you fight it alone," said Scott strongly.

But as this argument came to ahead, Sinister had returned...And was ready pay these two men pack for destroying his life's work.

"Neither of you are going anywhere!" bellowed the mutant scientist with rage in his glowing red eyes, "You destroyed my glorious machines! I spent a lifetime perfecting this technology...Working towards my ultimate goals! I will not let two failed science experiments ruin it all!"

Both men stood before the angry Mr. Sinister as he looked ready to tear them apart limb from limb...But Scott and Remy remained undaunted by this man's rage.

"You're forgetting one thing Sinister..." reminded Scott with small grin on his face, "We're YOUR mistakes!"

This only enraged Sinister further as he prepared to attack...But then he hear a loud voice over the intercom disrupt the tense scene.

"Sinister..." said Omega Red over the speakers, "It's the X-men! I don't know how they found us but they're here!"

This only caused Sinister to grow angrier as everything he had planned seemed to be falling apart around him.

"Looks like we're not the only ones ya underestimated," said Remy as a slow smile spread across his face.

Sinister just grunted bitterly in response as the thick smell of smoke began to fill the air around them.

"Omega Red...Terminate those lousy intruders! I will not be denied!" yelled Sinister as his focus remained on Scott and Remy.

"Face it Sinister...It's over!" said Scott as his machines continued to short circuit all around them.

"No...It's only over for you...My sons!"

Then, in one swift motion Sinister took the taser blaster and aimed it directly at Scott and Remy.

"GET DOWN!" yelled Remy as he and Scott used lightning fast reflexes to hit the floor and avoid the electrical blasts.

Although the shocking surge of electricity missed them, the bolt ignited the green substance that had burst out of the bio tanks. Immediately the lab was consumed by flames as several machines around them began to explode.

"You cannot hide from me!" yelled Sinister as the flames grew, but did not cause him to falter in the slightest, "You will both burn for your disobedience!"

The heat in the room continued to rise as Sinister prepared another round of bursts from the taser blaster. But before he could hit them again, Remy took action as he grabbed one of the two discarded metal shackles that had bound him and Scott and charged it. In a diving move, Remy flung the explosive device towards Sinister and it blew up right in his face, sending him flying backwards. In the process he dropped his weapon, which ignited more fires because of the sparks, but that didn't stop Sinister. Remy had just about had it with this man who had made his life a living hell for over a year. He had been improvised, hunted, and kidnapped along with his brother...And this man had to pay. Using Sinister's temporarily stunned state to his advantage, Remy sprung in to action and tackled the mutant madman to the ground where they both immediately started to fight.

"It's payback time homme! Yo' gonna pay for the hell you put me through!" yelled the angry Cajun as he landed several punches on Sinister as the fire around them continued to grow hotter.

"I did not put you through anything Remy...You chose your own path...All your misfortune is because of you! All because you were just too scared!" yelled Sinister as he soon regained the upper hand and used his superior strength to quickly knock Remy back, "Now you can take comfort in knowing that you will finally be put out of your misery...For good!"

Remy attacked again, but this time Sinister was ready for him and countered with a fury of aggressive punches that knocked the Cajun to the floor. He tried to get up and fight back, but he was soon stopped by the force of a hard kick that nearly knocked him out cold.

"You've played your last game Remy...It's time to fold! I hold all the cards now! Face it son...You lose!" said Sinister as he prepared to give Remy another kick.

However, in the fury of the fight...Sinister seemed to forget about the other captive that he had abducted. Scott had not left like Remy had wanted him too...He refused to stand by and let his newfound brother make a suicide run to stop this madman. As Sinister prepared to deliver another devastating blow to the downed Cajun, Scott took aim with his lethal eyesight.

"Hey Sinister..." said Scott as he removed his glasses, "Hands off my brother!"

And with a single powerful optic blast, the mutant madman was sent flying and crashed in to the thick steel walls. The fires were now getting too intense to bear as Scott ran over to help Remy up.

"I thought I told you go without me homme..." grunted Remy as he fought through the pain and returned to his feet.

"And let you have all the fun...Yeah right!" grinned Scott, "Now let's get the hell out of here!"

"Sounds like a plan Scottie!"

Using his powers, Scott blasted a hole through the thick metal door as fires began to spread from the main room throughout the entire complex.


AN: Well, I'll leave it at there for now. Things are getting quite intense. Now all Scott and Remy have to do is escape, but that's a lot easier said than done. And don't worry! There's still some good Jott and Romy material ahead! So for all you eager readers out there, just sit tight! So what do you think? I know the concept is a little odd to grasp because of Scott and Remy begin brothers in this story, but I hope it at least provides a decent story for all to enjoy. Remember that this story is AU! I wrote this because the idea had been floating around in my head for quite a while and I really wanted too take a stab at a Romy fic after finishing "Darkness and Light!" This is my first story that's more centered around them, so forgive me if I mess anything up. Other than that, I how did you all like it? Please send me your thoughts via email or post them on the fanfiction website! I urge you all to review! Thank you so much for reading my story! I wish you all the best!

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