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~!Chapter 15!~

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A lot of things happen at once!!

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(I am going to skip forward to a couple days later. You didn't miss much, Brendon and I just spent the rest of the weekend together and so did the other couples. (A/N: I am going to clear things up for everyone. It is about the 2nd week in October and homecoming is coming up.) Pete had called Sunday afternoon to tell Ryan that he had the paperwork done and he would be coming back out to have us sign it in about a couple of days. Ryan told him any day was good as long as it was not next Friday or Saturday. Ryan told him that was the homecoming game and dance and we were all going. Pete had a great idea and he told us that our homecoming was on him, and Fall Out Boy would play at the dance. Once he told us this, the next day I went to school and told the prom committee that Fall Out Boy will be playing homecoming. At first they did not believe me, but then I called Pete (He gave me his number, if there were any problems, with them playing at homecoming.) And once they talk to him, everyone was so happy. Pete flew us out to LA the weekend before homecoming, so the guys could sign the papers, and then he bought all of us girls our dresses, and then got the guys tuxes. I had asked Pete why he was doing this, and he said that he missed his senior homecoming, and he wanted to show his new band that he can be a cool boss. The dresses that we got were so cute.
Becky got a really cute short black dress.
Payton got a burgundy color bubble bottom dress.
Lindsay got a long sky blue dress, which had flower design on it.
I got a long coral color strapless dress.
The guys all got about the same tuxes but Brendon got a coral shirt, Ryan got a sky blue shirt, Spencer got a burgundy shirt, and Jon got a silver shirt. I still can't believe that Pete did this for us.)

Once the weekend was over went home and went back to school for those who were in school. In school everyone kept coming up to them and asking them if they really knew Pete Wentz. We always said yes, and they were no. So the week went fast for us and before we knew it the homecoming game was here. Oh and I forgot to tell you, I was voted Homecoming Queen. So tonight at the game, at half time I have to walk down the field in my dress with the captain of the football team. Pete and the rest of Fall Out Boy decided to come and see me at half time. They wore layers and hats, and the guys kept them well hidden. It was easy to hide them at a football game, so many people, not everyone is looking at you. I was in a SUV waiting to be told to get out and get to the side lines, so we could do half time. I was waiting in my dress under my jacket. I was trying to hide my dress, until I got out on the field.

Then came the time to be led onto the field by Brett (the homecoming king), Brett knows what happened with me and Connor and used to be a really good guy friend. I can't help but think I was only picked because of what happened with me and Connor. Even if it was last year. Well, once we got to the middle of the field the rest of the homecoming court came and stood next to us. Girls on my right and guys on the left of Brett. We heard them announce our names, and everyone cheered. I was brought a bouquet of flowers, and a crown was placed on Brett's and my heads. We got the signal to walk back and once we were done, all the girls were looking at my crown and dress. They loved them both. Once I was told I could go, I met up with Lindsay and we jumped up and down. We went back to where everyone else was. All of the guys (Fall Out Boy included) told me I looked very beautiful. After a while we got bored and we all went our separate ways. Pete, Patrick, Joe, and Andy went with me and Brendon to their hotel. Pete told us to have everything we needed for homecoming and be at their hotel at 11am tomorrow. We told him that we would call everyone else and let them know. We thanked him again for everything he has done for us. Brendon and I left for his house. My parents were out of town again. I am beginning to think they don't care about me. But, I put that out of my mind. On the way home, I called all the girls and told them when and where to be tomorrow before homecoming. They were all really happy about tomorrow. I also told them to tell the guys. Once Brendon and I got back to his house, we saw a car we have not seen in the drive way for a long time. It was his parents, they were home for a couple of weeks. I was really happy to see his mom, I have met his parents for the first time about the time he asked me out. But, his dad traveled a lot after that, and his mom was home. His mom and I hit it off, and she though Brendon and I were the cutest thing ever. So, when we got inside I saw his mom sitting on the couch and his dad was somewhere in the house. Once we got inside his mom gave us both a hug, and went back to watching the show she was watching. (A/N: I know Brendon's parents were not into Brendon not going to school to do music. But, I thought I had enough drama in this already, so if parents are ok with it...............oh and I will have people talking soon...I am just out of things for them to talk to. Ok...on with the story.)

We stopped by the computer room to see that was where Brendon's dad was. So we said hello, and night. We went into Brendon's room and we changed for bed. I did have a change of clothes that were mine, but I also had a pair of Brendon's boxers that he let me have to wear when I was over at his house. I also stole one of his shirts. I loved the smell of his clothes. So we both got changed into a pair of his boxers and I put on the shirt I toke from him and we went to bed. We laid there with my head on his chest listening to his heart beat. He was playing with my hair and we just laid there listening to music and I was falling asleep fast. And Brendon playing with my hair was not helping me stay awake. I fell asleep and the next thing was I was being woken up but Brendon playing with my hair again and whispering 'wake up'. I looked up and kissed him.

A/N: I hate my fillers are jam pack of info and events!! Hope you like!!
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