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~!Chapter 16!~

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Getting ready for homecoming!

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I have been having a lot of problems writing this story. I keep forgettting the time of the story. So I figured it out, and all is well. So nothing is wrong.

"What time is it?" I asked him.

"About 10. We have plenty of time, to get our shit together. How about we go out for breakfast this morning and leave from there to go to Pete's hotel. Sound good?" he asked.

"Sound great. Well, all of my stuff is ready to go, and I have to do is changed." I said and then got up kissed Brendon on the forehead and walked over to my bag. I picked out a pair of paint splattered jeans, and a tight fitting black shirt, also some underwear, and a bra. I went into the bathroom and changed, when I came back into the room Brendon was ready to go. I grabbed my stuff and Brendon grabbed his and we went out to his car. He told me to get in the car and he was just going to go grab something he left inside. He came back out, got in the car and drove us to IHOP. Once we got there, I saw that not a lot of people were there, but I looked again and there was Ryan, Lindsay, Spencer, Payton, Jon, Becky, Pete, Patrick, Andy, and Joe. I was wondering why they were all here. Brendon smiled at me and led me to the table. Once we got to the table, Brendon got down on one knee; I had no idea what he was doing.

"Amber, we both love each other." He paused and pulled out a small box and opened it. It was a ring with a silver band, two crosses meeting each other in the middle, and where they met there was a small diamond. "I was hoping that you would take this promise ring with all your heart. Wear it till the day we get married. Amber will you promise to save yourself for me and only me." I started to cry.

"Brendon, I will promise to save my self for you and only you. I will also take this promise ring with all my heart. But, you have to promise to save yourself for me and only me." I said. I heard the rest of our friends giggle.

"I will promise to save myself for you and only you." He said as he put the ring on my wedding ring finger. He also put a matching ring on his wedding ring finger. He got up and we hugged and kissed.

"Ok, that was cute and all. But, I am hungry and I am not nice when I don't get fed." Spencer said. We all laughed. Brendon and I sat down next to each other. I picked up my menu and went looking for something good to eat. I was looking at the omelet's, and the Crab & Shrimp Omelets was looking the best, Lindsay got the same. Brendon, Jon, Pete, Payton, and Andy got Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Patrick and Ryan got the International Passport (2 eggs, bacon, sausage, and crepes). Joe, Becky, and Spencer got Stuffed French Toast Combo. We sat there talking about the dance, and we all thanked Pete and the guys. Once our food came, we all ate, and the guys played jokes on the girls. Like taking the whipped cream and smearing it on their faces. We all laughed when Payton toke the whipped cream from her pancake and smeared it all over Spencer's face. Then Spencer wiped it off and kissed Payton. We all finished our breakfast. Pete told us to go to his hotel because he had a couple surprises for us. I could not wait to get there. I love surprises. In the past couple of weeks I have had tons of them. So, Brendon and I got into his car and we drove to the store because I needed some girly items. He did not want to know more. Some times I have that time of the month. So once we had that we went to the hotel. Once we got there we saw everyone one already there.
"Why are you two the last to get somewhere?" Spencer said.

"We are always kissing each other." Brendon said.

"This time it was my fault. I had to get some girly things." I told them, all the guys got the look of I don't want to know more.

"So, girls I have a full day for you. And guys well, we have something fun for you." Pete smiled.

"So what are we doing today?" Becky asked.

"Well first I have all the girls getting a facial, their nails done, they hair done, and make up. And the us guys are going to go paint balling." He told us.

"Hey, I thank you for the stuff you are giving us, but I rather go paint balling and beat all of you guys butts." I told them.

"Amber, I know you are like sports and guy stuff, but you can not give up what Pete just gave us." Lindsay said.

"Well, it is up to you, you can skip the facial and nails, and go paint balling and then come back for the hair and make-up. What will it be?" Pete asked.

"I don't know. What do you think Brendon?" I smiled at him, he hated to be put on the spot.

"I think you should stay with the girls." He hugged her.

"Fine, but if you promise we will go paint balling another time."

"Fine, now you girls are set up for your facial in about half an hour. Us guys will be back about the time you are done with you nails. So have fun girls." Pete told us. All of the boyfriends kissed their girlfriends and then left for a day of fun with guys. Us girls were waiting around the room till we got a call telling us that is was time for our facial in the hotel spa. We went down and were showed into a room for each of us. In my room was a robe, which I changed into. I laid down where the lady told me to, and waited for the person to come in. Once the person came in she asked me what kind of sounds I would like, I told her anything but water sounds. She put on the sounds of the forest. She told me what she would be doing and told me to relax. As I laid there I thought of all the nice things Brendon has done for me. He was always there for me even before we started to go out. He was so nice to me. We had only been going out for about 3 months. After about an hour the lady told me she was done and that I was to go to another room to meet up with my friends to get our nails done.
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