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Chapter 4

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Liam had arrived yesterday (Thursday). We all had dinner over at the Maddens again to introduce Liam to everyone and for them to get to know him. Everyone loved him and made him feel very welcome. Everyone that is apart from Benji. He just ignored him giving one word snappy answers when he absolutely had to. Apparently according to Joel Benji didn't approve of Liam. He thought Liam wasn't the right kind of guy for me. What the fucks all that about 'not the right kind of guy for me'? Like Benji was. Anyway like I give a shit what Benji thinks.

It was Christmas Eve night at around 11:30pm. I had my house to myself as my mom had gone out with Robin and Liam had met up with one of his old friends who's was in town. I was enjoying myself relaxing I had just had a bath, opened a bottle of wine sat in front of the fire watching a Christmas movie. When I got the phone call no one would ever want to get.

"Where's my mom?" I asked running into the Maddens house. Benji unfortunately looked to be the only one in the house lay on the couch watching TV.

"Still out with my mom." He grumbled not taking his eyes off the TV.

"Fuck, what about Joel?" I sighed I needed to get to the hospital right now but I needed a lift.

"Out with Paul." He sighed shifting his spot on the couch for a more comfortable position on his side still not taking his eyes off the TV. I had no other option I had to do it.

"Can I borrow your car...please?" I said quietly but loud enough for him to hear it.

"Why?" he said getting irritated at my presence.

"Because I need to get to the hospital, now." I said holding back the tears that have been threatening to fall since I got the phone call.

"What's wrong with your car?" he spat.

"I leant it to Josh... just please, I'm desperate." I said my voice breaking at the last bit of my sentence and the tears beginning to fall. I tried to wipe them away trying not to let him see that I was actually crying, but as quick as I wiped them away some more fell. He sat up looking me over with slight concern.

"Why do you need to go to the hospital?"

"Because I do, just... please are you going to help me or not? You and I both know I wouldn't be asking you unless I was really desperate." I sighed giving up on wiping the tears.

"I will if you tell me why?" he said standing and walking over to me looking a little concerned. I sighed defeated if telling him would get me to the hospital any sooner.


"No." he said simply. I looked up at him shocked how could he be so heartless. "I'm driving you your not driving in this state..." he said looking me up and down he was right I was a wreak. "God knows what you'd end up doing to my car." He said the last bit trying to lighten the mood but it didn't. He quickly grabbed his coat and keys and the lead the way out the door towards his car.

I was silent on the way to the hospital, opening the window slightly so that I could smoke; I needed it to calm my nerves. I noticed Benji keep looking over to me concerned.

"You should give them up." he said noticing me pulling out my third cigarette of the short journey.

"Like I care what you think." I rolled my eyes lighting it and inhaling the smoke deeply.

Minutes later we arrived at the hospital and I rushed to the front desk with Benji following close behind me. I don't know why he was still here all I wanted was a way of getting here not a fucking babysitter.

"Liam Holloway." I said to the woman at the front desk. Benji joined me as she was checking her computer.

"The doctor's just finishing up with him now, but only family are aloud in at the moment." She informed.

"Fiancé." I said simply holding up my left hand so she could see the ring. She nodded.

"Take a seat the doctor will be through in a minute." She said motioning towards the waiting room. I went and took a seat in the corner Benji following me.

"You can go now." I told him.

"I'm not leaving you." he said looking a little annoyed that I didn't appreciate him being here but I didn't want company I learnt along time ago how to deal with my shit alone, he should know that. All I wanted was to see Liam.

"Well I don't want you here." I said smiling fakely.

"Well I'm not leaving you like this." He said smiling fakely back.

"Whatever just leave me alone." I sighed turning round in my chair so that I had my back to him.

It wasn't long before the doctor came in. "Miss Copeland?" he asked looking around the waiting room.

"Yes." I said standing and taking a deep breath hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

"We've done all we can for Liam there's still some severe internal bleeding but there's nothing more we can do to stop it." He said professionally, I looked at him waiting for him to explain further, all I wanted was to know if he was going to be ok or not. "Which means that the next twenty four hours are crucial if the bleeding stops on its own in this period of time he will make a full recovery within the next two weeks with just a broken leg and few cuts and bruises."

"And if it doesn't?" I asked already knowing what the answer was but I needed clarification. The look the doctor gave me told me everything. I broke down into tears. No way could I loose Liam, I don't know what I'd do without him. Benji stood and pulled me into a hug instantly but I pushed him away. I didn't want comfort from anyone especially him I just wanted Liam, alive.

"Can I see him?" I asked the doctor taking a deep breath.

"Yes you can take your friend in too." he smiled.

"No." I said giving Benji an emotionless look then followed the doctor to Liam's room. I hoped from that Benji had got the idea and gone home.

When I walked in the room I was shocked at the sight before me. Liam lay there eyes closed hooked up to all sorts of machines one breathing for him and monitoring his heart beat. He had a cast on his right leg and cuts and bruises all over him. I went and sat on the seat next to the bed holing his hand in mine just staring at him wishing him to wake up any second. I'm not sure how long I'd actually been sat with him but the next thing I know Benji was standing next to me offering me a cup of coffee. I looked at him his eyes full of concern. I took the cup off him saying a quiet 'thank you'.

"Your mom and everyone else is here they want to see you." he said quietly looking Liam over. I shook my head.

"Come on you need some rest and the doctors need to come in to do some checks." He tried to reason.

"Miss Copeland we do need you to leave the room for a few minutes, you are welcome to come back when we've finished but I would advise that you go and get some rest, he's in safe hands here and we'll ring you the minute there's any change." The doctor said walking into the room. I nodded and followed Benji to the waiting room where my mom, Robin, Joel, Sarah and Josh sat. I looked at the clock behind the reception desk that said 7am which meant that Liam had been out for seven hours and had seventeen hours left to recover if he was going to.

"How are you sweetie?" My mom said standing up giving me a hug as we entered the room.

"It's not how I'm feeling that matters is it." I said. I just felt so numb and in a daze. It was like I was dreaming, like none of this was really happening but unfortunately, it was. We talked for a little bit while the doctors finished doing their checks. I wasn't really listening I just sat in the corner silently thinking about Liam. All what he's done for me over the years. The Doctor popped his head in the room to announce that he was finished and that nothing had changed which meant that there was only seventeen hours left. I stood instantly to go back to Liam's bed side but my mom stopped me.

"Honey you should come back with us for a few hours to get some rest."

"No I'm not leavening him."

"Sweetie it's for the best just a few hours we'll bring you straight back..."

"Thanks but no thanks I'm not leaving here, didn't you hear he only has seventeen hours there's no way I'm going anywhere until I know he's safe." I trailed off at the last bit my voice barely a whisper realising that in seventeen hours if the bleeding hadn't stopped then he wouldn't be getting better.

"Ok but look after you self, make sure you eat something." My mom said giving me a hug and turning to leave defeated. She knew she could never win me when I put my mind to it. One by one Robin, Joel, Josh and Sarah also hugged me before leaving. I turned to see Benji still stood there looking at me concerned.

"I'm not leaving him." I stated.

"I'm not leaving you." he stated back. This confused me why was he pretending to care we hate each other if someone was going to stay with me I'd think it would have been Josh or Joel.

"Suit your self." I shrugged my shoulders then turned back to Liam's bedside.
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